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Wow, and I thought my experience was bad. I'm still waiting on my preorder of Chrome Flesh, but this is just nuts.

I did get a response to the very first email I sent, which resulted in my order being permanently stuck in "Re-Processing" status. Since then, I've sent a few more emails to try to get things moving, but all have been ignored. I'll try again with their new email address.


February 2nd: Sent email (in evening) to Jason Hardy,, and AJ. Jason Hardy responded quickly about addressing customer service with higher-ups the next day.
February 8th: Sent email (6:52 PM PST) to Jason Hardy,, and AJ. =


February 9th: Received 3 reply emails from (one of which cc'd several others including Jason Hardy)  the core of which is a planned Wednesday ship date (with my correct home address in the email to the distributor).

kafka would be proud


February 10th:
•Received email from distributor that:
"Order 141880 – both London and Manhattan shipped with a tracking number [number].  It came over on a spreadsheet on 6/10 with a bunch of other spreadsheets from [Name] that were not previously delivered (I can forward if necessary) it was processed and posted on 7/11 and delivered on 7/17 at 3:09pm. 
Order 141804 – both the LE and regular edition of  Data Trails.  It came over on 7/1.  It was processed and posted on 7/6 and delivered on 7/6."
•Received 2nd email from distributor indicating they had differing address and that they are "going to hold off on sending anything until this address can be confirmed.  Please confirm which address to send the missing books to."
•I replied to "all" with attached screen captures from my account showing the original (and correct) shipping address for all four orders which, for three of them, differed from the billing address.
•Distributor replied with attached csv file showing they had only received the other, billing, address and that "Before I can re-ship the two orders that were previously sent and received (although not by you) I need to have approval from someone at Catalyst."
•I replied, again to "all," with "No worries. I understand. This seems to be the core (but not the totality) of the issue: the website is passing on the billing address as the shipping address (it also defaults the order status as "shipped" immediately upon placing the order and then [via a person on the website-side?] is switched to "processing," as can be seen in the screenshots)."


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