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January 25: Emailed Jason Hardy, the customer service email, and AJCarrington asking for updates. No reply as of this post.

I dislike being a naysayer, but I would start contacting your payment handler (paypal, credit card, other) to see what options you have in getting your money back as you are into month 8 on this.

Main problem is usually they expect you to contact them within 3 months of payment date if there are problems, but as you have your log of messages and the shop can not show any attempts at delivery, you may have a possible case for recovering your funds.

As a small business owner myself, I really dislike chargebacks but you have given the company more than sufficient time to address the issue.

If you get your funds back you can then try another supplier like dtrpg, might not have all the solid books you wanted, but you could at least get the pdfs of everything.


January 28: AJCarrington sent an email follow up (the email had gone to my spam folder this morning which is the first time that happened).

Side note: I'm the guinea pig, the lab-rat, in this experiment to work out (and fix) the issues with the orders. I'm neither angry nor happy about it, but hopeful, patient, and still wanting the hard copies. And, since we're about 8 months into it, it has officially hit the absurdly silly.

Credit to your patience Fizzy.
This would have driven me INSANE.

Sorry, thats just ridiculous and shamefull.


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