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--- Quote from: Shadowjack on ---Emailed support a week or two ago, no response. This is sadly how things used to go in the past and why I stopped ordering from them directly, but my Prime Runner Edition of crossfire has a damaged tray, missing dragon clips, and I ruined some character screens by using dry erase markers as the book said I'd be fine to do. Then I buy High Caliber Ops and the stickers are not the appropriate size of the Prime Runner Edition character screens. This is so discouraging. The game even advertised laminated runner screens and I don't have those either.

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Unfortunately, the Catalyst Store does not come to the forums. My only suggestion is to keep contacting them. I'll send off a message to see if there's anyone to reach out to in particular.

It seems like the Store got really busy recently and they fell a bit behind on Customer Service. They should be getting back to you soon.

I've got an issue with them also, over a measly $2.99 novella.  :-\  I bought/paid for See How She Runs by Jennifer Brozek on 22 April.  Even now it still has my order listed as "Unfulfilled", when it's an electronic format item.  There is NO physical product for them to box up to ship to me, thus nothing to "Get Ready".  Just used their "Contact Us" form for the Third time a few minutes ago.  At least if it had been available as POD via Amazon I could've had it by now.   :'(   I've never had a problem getting my BattleTech items, and even when the "Clan Sibko" shirts came out back in March I got the 2 SR Enamel pins I'd ordered with the shirts.

Is CGL Store having problems with accepting orders? I've been trying to order Sixth World Companion, but the site keeps coming back with 'card declined' - but the expiration date is well ahead.

Also, there was some mention a while back about them losing staff, and thus taking longer than normal to fullfil orders? I've had an order placed and paid since late April, it still comes up as 'Unfulfilled'.


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