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About the Game
The Basics: Shadowrun Anarchy, set in New Orleans 2080. I’m not too familiar with New Orleans as of 2080 outside of the Streetpedia, so some things may get a bit loosey-goosey with the canon. Both CC and the SR:A core rules are acceptable for character creation. I’ll be posting at least 2-3 times a week. I’m a bit new here, and I’ve only been playing SR for a few months- please let me know if I’m missing something or need to change anything here. If you have good sources for up-to-date New Orleans info, please let me know!

Mechanics Information: Story > Rules. There’s a lot of things in the book that don’t have particularly clear rulings (Such as Clairvoyance), or that have deliberately GM-fiat rulings (Grenades). We’ll go with whatever makes the most sense and is the best story. If there’s controversy about the ruling, I lean towards whatever ruling helps the players more.

As for Narrations order in combat- I think we can keep it looser. Rather than having the set order, we will alternate between “player turn” and “GM turn,” simply to speed things up for the PbP process.

On dying- the “Don’t Count Me Out Yet” option is in effect (p. 44), but not the others. Only changes are that it uses up all PP and you can use it with only 1 PP if you need to.

Wired/Improved Reflexes- you can separate when you do each of your “Attack Actions” (So you could do the first before player A goes, and the second one after). In the spirit of keeping the game moving, all actions must be during the “Player Turn.”

The “GM turn” will be one post- if you are spending a plot point to interrupt part of it, simply indicate which part you are interrupting. I will avoid adjusting other things after the interruption, unless it wouldn’t make sense to keep it. If you throw a Molotov cocktail at a car, the mooks probably aren’t going to get into it and start driving.

Roleplaying Information: “Yes, and-“ is king. The "Building Street Cred" chapter of the SR:A book honestly has a lot of good information on this sort of thing.

Morality-wise, it’s a bit easier to keep a group working together if they tend towards the “hooder” side of the spectrum rather than the “backstabbing mercenary” side. Support your fellow players.

Character Creation: Standard Street Runner, no additional starting karma. If you want an ability that fits within the ruleset and balance of the game, but is not developed in these books, simply mark it on your sheet. If it’s balanced, we’ll keep it. Honestly, SR:A is pretty easy to reskin and meddle with, so definitely feel free to play around with things, especially custom Shadow Amps. Go into as much or as little detail about your character's personality and backstory as you'd like, it's alright to develop these things "in-play."

Once characters are picked, we will collaborate on a fixer. I also recommend having some background with one or more of the other characters.

Indicate any preference you have for tone (Mohawk to Mirrorshades, Grimdark to Noblebright, Cinematic to Realistic, Apples to Apples, etc).

Initial Contract Brief
City Council ⚙ Paydata ⚙ Big Game Hunting ⚙ Swamps

Context: Your fixer’s called you up with a job- apparently, someone wants dirt on one of the City Council members. They want a group of runners to break into the member’s private office and steal the video footage for the last 24 hours. However, the fixer already sent a group to get that data. The runners got it, but botched their exit plan and had to book it, all the way out into the swamp. Neither the fixer nor the Johnson’s heard from the group. The fixer just wants you to get the data, to salvage their reputation. The reward for the job’s all yours if you deliver the data to the Johnson.


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« Reply #1 on: <08-24-19/2016:32> »
Alas, there doesn't seem to be any interest...

To those of you who read this and moved on, would you be willing to share some advice to get players interested in a PbP game here in the future? Is it just an edition thing, or is there something I can do to improve the "pitch?"


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Hey, I'm just now seeing this.

First and foremost, don't take the silence personally. There's a lot going on that's affecting this without your knowledge.

The good: Your "About the Game" write-up is great. You covey all the necessary information and give the sense that you know what you're doing. This looks like a good game. Don't feel the need to change the premise or alter the pitch.

The bad: If you look at the activity in the Play-by-Post thread, you'll notice there basically isn't any significant activity for most of this year. These boards have had significant stability issues over the past 1-3 years which have made them unattractive for PbP games. The boards would often go down, sometimes for two days, sometimes for two weeks, and when they came back they would be missing posts. As a result, almost all the PbP activity migrated to different sites. So, case in point, I'm on this site every day but it still took me almost 4 weeks to see this because I don't bother checking the PbP board anymore.

The uncertain: Anarchy definitely doesn't have the same level of adoption as other editions. If you look at the Anarchy board, you'll see that there hasn't been a post in almost six weeks. So the level of interest in Anarchy is not as high as in 5E or 6E.

I GM'd an Anarchy game here, before The Troubles, and I thought it went fine. If you want to review it, here are the threads:


If you like, I'm happy to swap notes with you about what worked and what didn't work.

For your next steps, I would recommend shopping this around on some other sites. and are two of the most common for PbP games; there are others out there as well. If you post a 5E game on RPoL then you'd get 20-30 applications within a day. The desire for Shadowrun is absolutely there; it's the lack of GMs that's the constraint. I don't know how many applications you would get for Anarchy but I imagine you should be able to find 4-5 players.

Good luck! Happy to discuss it more if you like.


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« Reply #3 on: <08-25-19/1728:01> »
Thanks for the response! I did indeed start looking at RPG Crossing, I'm working on a bit of prep for that before I start an old-school 2050 Anarchy game.