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>>>>>[Didn't mean to come off that way. I'll admit, I've been guilty on a few occasions of such things.]<<<<<
          -- Predator (02:32:05/01-09-2074)

>>>>>[My dad taught me that the only people worth quoting were Kermit the Frog and Yoda.  Everything else is just cereal box philosophy.]<<<<<
          --  Tauren (02:42:33/01-09-2074)

>>>>>[I'm putting a team together to kill Humanis Policlubbers at this news. They're getting their own medicine.]<<<<<
          -- Chrona (07:41:09/01-09-2074)

>>>>>[Why bother killing them? It's just a waste of ammo to kill someone like that. Pity them instead for their ignorance.]<<<<<
          -- Predator (02:47:44/01-09-2074)

>>>>>[Because there should be consequences. I expect those good at info, social, etc stuff to pound away at them in they're own field too.]<<<<<
          -- Chrona (07:53:05/01-09-2074)


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