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>>>>>[So has anyone heard from MacCallister lately?  I've been down in Amazonia with some friends for the last few months, but got back into Seattle yesterday and was supposed to meet up with him, but he's not answering his commlink.]<<<<<
     -- Chaos (20:45:13/01-06-2074)

>>>>>[Way I heard it, some Humanis thugs hit a bar he was at in the Underground. By rights, he should be dead, as I heard they made a big enough blast to put a hole in the world. As is, all I heard is that he needs to regrow a few limbs.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (09:00:02/01-07-74)

>>>>>[Does anyone have any idea what Humanis is up to? I hear about weapons shipments vanishing in the Barrens, a troll shaman (follows gator, go figure) told about how Humanis have run metahumans out of a neighborhood and now that area has the stench of humans. I understand some of what he said, and took no insult about the stench of humans, but it sounds like maybe Humanis planning something big. Besides blowing up an ork bar, I mean. Funny, they didn't try that at the Big Rhino. Anyways, if anyone gets wind of a job against them, drop me a line. ]<<<<<
--Ferret(18:17:56/ 01-08-74)

>>>>>[I don't know anything about Bull's whereabouts. But if Bull blew up in a bar... there's no way this is some random Humanis bombing and it probably means he finally found something to use against them.

Tsssk! Bombs... What an unsophisticated, unreliable and sloppy way of killing someone. Amateurs these Humanis pricks.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (14:32:21/01-08-74)

>>>>>[Also a good way to cause collateral damage, which is exactly in the Extremist Humanis Handbook.  My Uncle took a copy and beat a couple of punks with it until they were unconscious.  It's an interesting read, even if they do screw up how to make home-made thermite.

"If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles..." - Sun Tzu]<<<<<
-- Murphy (14:23:42/01-08-74)


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