[OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread

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Name: Scatter

A rather psychotic Ork Technomancer. Very skilled in Resonance technigues but specializes in summoning Sprites. Even has contacts with Free Sprites. He has a rather... unique wit and way of speaking and while he has the shakes is capable in combat. Although he can't aim a gun to save his life he uses a riot shield and a specialized chainsaw... I mean who would decide to melee a guy like that? Excitable and crazy and prone to fits of innaproprate behavior he is still one of the best at what he does and has a loyalty streak to those who can put up with him.
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Alias: Kensai

Skill Set: Mage and Swordsman

A young pup in the shadow scene. He has a great deal of talent but little experience.
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Alias: Black Bart
Skill Set: Close combat , not scared of a little torture or intimidation.

Living on the streets is Darwinism in action. Eat or be eaten.

-Has ties with "Forever Tacoma" gang
-In a sizeable debt to an undisclosed party
-Does have a SIN spent three years in a Seattle Cell, given a name.
-Small time dealer
-Prejudice toward Humans has gotten him in trouble a few times.

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