[OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread

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Name: SlowDeck
MetaType: Human
Age: 20s.
Awakened: Claims not to be.

Known Information: SlowDeck claims to be a decker, and there are some who attest to his skill. Particularly in combining biofeedback with use of building holographic/AR systems and customized agents that look exactly like hermetic spirits... even when the building doesn't have any holographic or AR systems and even when his "custom attack displays" that look like fireballs actually set things, or people, on fire. Strangely, the only icon that has ever been found for him on the Matrix is that generated by his commlink; he claims he's that good at Matrix stealth.

SlowDeck is rumored to be a hermetic mage using a fake cyberdeck and some actual knowledge about hacking to fool his opponents, and more than one new teammate, into thinking he's a decker.
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« Reply #106 on: <04-28-14/0446:31> »
Alias: Black Panther
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: end 20s, early 30s (difficult to tell with elves)
Known Info:
-A hacker (she prefers the new-old term) who was part of a smuggler group which almost got wiped out.  She left but she still knows people in that business. 
-Currently she's in LA where she keeps herself informed on the comings and goings of the high and mighty of tinseltown.  She actually has a decent P2 rating.
-She comes from the CAS originally and one can still hear it in her speech.
-She has some Cyber, although most of it is on the inside.  Her most obvious feature are her cybereyes, which are completely white to match her hair.  Together with her black skin it makes her stand out on parties and such and it is actually modeled to an old comic book character.
-Her matrix icon is a black panther and if your reality filter is not strong enough, you're suddenly in a jungle.
-She likes matrix sculpting and has been known to take commisions for those who don't want an off the shelf matrix icon.
-She has been offered a role in a re-make of an X-men movie as she already resembles the character Storm.
-Has had an affair with an Horizon VP, which is how she managed to get the P2 score and A-list invitations to some parties.
-Has worked for Ares in the past and is actually an Ares spy in LA.

Alias: Kitten
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Age: mid 20s
Known Info:
-a mage who used to work for a mercenary company, she now runs the shadows in Seattle.
-specialised in combat magic, but also healing.
-comes from Egypt originally and follows the ancient Egyptian tradition as follower of Ra, the Sun god.
-She has been to a lot of hellholes like Lagos, chicago and the Yucatan.
-Hates bug spirits and religeous fanatics.
-She summons her spirits in ancient Egyptian and they look like Egyptian gods (or servants thereoff)
-Something wiped out most of her mercenary company.  Only she and a couple of others have survived.
-Likes to gross out new additions to the team by taking them to a bar where they serve fried crickets and such.
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« Reply #107 on: <05-03-14/0354:13> »
Alias: Pizza Boy
Metatype:  Orc
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Known Info: A new soul to the shadowrunning business, this guy is a Flatcap Go-Ganger who after getting in an unfortunate car accident, got tired of waiting to race with the big boys and hit the shadows instead. Hasn't gotten much work yet, but none of the teams he's worked with have complained; reviews say he's quick on his feet and quicker with his hands. The lack of any stereotypical violent orc outbursts also is a nice touch to his resume.
  • He was one of the racers in last years "Speed Street" trideo series that tanked after the race rigging scandal.
  • He's a Vory agent, trying to finish off what the Russians thought they killed in New York.
  • He's in debt to some mysterious power broker.
  • Got his alias from some Halloweeners making fun of him when he was carrying a hot pizza on his back in one of those delivery bags.


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« Reply #108 on: <05-12-14/1435:03> »
Alias: (shortened to Answers more often than not)
Metatype: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Late-20ís
Known Info:
- Does decker duty with a crew out of the Minneapolis metroplex.  Noted for doing fast, efficient (though generally sloppy) Matrix work (it works, but it isnít winning any points for style).
- Has had severe cyberwork done including both legs, his left arm up to the bicep, both eyes, and various other changes (see rumors).
- Answers is a notable sleazy pervert.  Heís frequented and hosted various pornography-centric nodes over the years.  If there is a kink, he probably has a nice selection of recommendations for those looking for a sampling.  His subtle and not-so-subtle interlude with women has gotten him into trouble more than a few times.  These have recently tapered down a noticeable amount.
- Answers is a persona non gratis at several Minneapolis area bunraku parlors and hookers.  While most involved are fairly tight lipped about it, rumor has it has something to do with some extreme body modifications.
- Itís rumored that some of his early work in the shadows may have involved Tamanous.


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« Reply #109 on: <05-13-14/0922:51> »
Alias: Jesskitten
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 21 (For forum purposes, Otherwise she is 15)
Known Info:
- Is a Technomancer, although often tries to find around stating it outright due to her past. One of her team calls her a cyber psychic
- Has a serious grudge against MCT, and also basically anyone who wholesale abuses younger people in general
- Runs with a team made up of mostly mages
- Has a dog drone called Wolfram who acts just like a real wolf, with a machine gun on his back
- Is some what hyperactive and can act child like at times, partly due to her 3 undisclosed years and her subsequent life with a team of runners. But can get deadly serious when things really matter to her.
- The 3 undisclosed years she was held in an MCT facility, after emerging, being subjected to many many tests
- She befriended the AI 'Ex' while in the facility and they have stuck together since the breakout
- There have been roumors that she SURGEd based upon her alias and Living Persona
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« Reply #110 on: <05-13-14/0936:30> »
Alias: Kitty
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Known Info:
- Decker who used to run with the Cereal Killers
- Foster families product, saw kids being exploited for NuYen paychecks while the families cared little for them
- Runs an agent that looks like a cartoon Kitten
- Sports a "Hello kitty" backpack wherever she goes
- rumoured that her friend and mentor back in the Cereal was scorched pretty severely by a Psychotropic IC, rumour has it that Kitty currently takes care of her.
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« Reply #111 on: <05-15-14/0304:11> »
Alias: Orbweaver (or "Orb")
Metatype: Human
Age: 24
Known Info:
-real name leaked a while back as Chloe Sanders
-primarily works and lives in Seattle
-light cyberisation in ears, eyes, balancing tail, and lower right arm.
-most commonly takes jobs as a freelance spider of all things, although hacking is still a regular thing. Secondary skillset is infiltration.
-occasionally uploads trids of her parkouring stunts around Seattle
-said parkouring is how she lost her lower right arm
-suffers from Sensory Overload Syndrome (SOS)
-part native american (Lakota tribe), although she has little to do with it aside from visiting relatives from time to time, and speaks fluent Sioux
-dating an ork, so she gets defensive about them

-recently her freelance work has taken a noticeable dive in activity, and it's rumoured but not yet confirmed that she's taken a full-time spider job for a small cybertechnology firm. This has neither been confirmed nor denied by Orb
-probably has a really terrible sense of humour considering the pun that is her alias
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« Reply #112 on: <05-17-14/1611:13> »
Alias: Ruthless ("Ruth")
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (Estimated)
Awakened: Yes (Adept)
Known Info:
-Born and raised in the Chicago Containment Zone, she still lives and works in the city.
-She has ties to the Orphanage and to the Chicago Anarchist Collective.
-A bloodrunner (medical courier) for the Black Crescent, she's recently started running the shadows. Feedback is decent, just don't ask her to talk to anyone.
-Her skillset includes moving fast and quiet, shooting straight and knowing how to use a medkit even when the autodoc shorts out. She's also good to know if if you just need someone to show you around Chi-Town, even the zone itself if your jing is good.
-She's an albino and tends to wear a thick, concealing grey coat with a hood. Her face is usually hidden by a pair of bulky goggles (wired, how retro) and a respirator when outdoors.
-Most of the things she owns are old throwbacks. Her outdated commlink is a recent acquisition, but she's been getting good use out of it.
-Ruth Less is her real name. She's not particularly imaginative.
-She's actually a vampire. Seriously, she's awakened, pale, has red eyes and hates sunlight. Obviously a vampire.
-She's actually a toxic adept. I hear Mad Dog is one of the toxic mentor spirits and she's always saying how Dog talks to her...
-She's actually a mantis free spirit. It's why she has such a hate-on for the rest of the bugs and we all know anyone who's awakened around here eventually signs on with the bugs.
-At the very least, she has to be Twisted somehow. No one can grow up in that sort of hellhole and come out unchanged.
-She's not even awakened, she just has some really discrete wires. That's why she's not Twisted.
-She's actually a very low profile cyberzombie. Secret corp black project gone rogue. Her whole life history is made up, no one could get that much 'ware in the zone.
-She is awakened, but she's on the way of the burnout from all the 'ware. Come on people, I've seen her on the astral and she's definitely awakened. 'Till she adds more chrome anyway.
-I once saw her outrun a car. Razorgirl is fast, man.
-She's a carrier for HMHVV. You can tell, because she always calls it MVV instead.
-She works for Tamanous occasionally. All that running around the zone carrying organs and drek, who could tell where it's going and who's paying her.
-Seriously, magical badass working for the CAC? Obviously part of the Black Star.

Name: Mr. Fletcher
Metatype: Ork
Gender: Male
Known Info:
-An established shadowrunner with a reputation for being discrete and professional.
-Currently working out of Chicago.
-Is apparently good at staying anonymous.
-French, or possibly french-canadian, with a noticeable accent when he's off the clock.
-Rumour has it he's acting as a mentor of sorts to Ruthless.
-Prefers improvised weapons to guns. Probably an Adept.
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« Reply #113 on: <05-23-14/1718:43> »
Alias:  Booze
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Male
Known Info:
-Born in UCAS, rised in Japan, now back in UCAS.
-He hates 'Japs.
-Now Hanging out with some hobos, Cereal Killers, and Runners in Seattle.
-Quite a retro style eccentric, with his persona looking as running 'Johnny Walker logo' in Technicolor rainbow.
-Oh, He is a Hacker, probably a Tehnomancer
"The funny thing was, he and his parents passed for humans for some time, eventually ended up in Philipine 'Camps in 2060'."
"He was innate with machines, and the matrix as well. You know, what happened to such people in Crash 2.0, right? I'm pretty sure he's a mancer now."
"Last time i saw him on a party, he 'changed' the music. Hacked the console to some old school techno, like from the 90"
"If its job against Shiawase, he'll take it for free"
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Booze's VU93 Profile
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« Reply #114 on: <05-25-14/0414:23> »
Alias: Shade
Metatype: Night One
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Known Info:
- Is a mage who focuses on frost based combat spells
- Was in Juvie for a time
- Is from the Scandinavian Union
- Has a cold personality
- Follows a Nordic path of Magic
- Rumored that the reason she was in Juvie was due to her involvement with Winternight during Crash 2.0
- Is now a member of the esoteric magic organisation known as Obscure Occultism Organization (OCubed)


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« Reply #115 on: <05-26-14/1130:03> »
Alias:  Kid AudiBAAL

Known info:  Kid AudiBAAl is a troll mage from out of town.  He's only been in Seattle for a few months.  He works in an occult bookstore/talismongering shop and lives in the apartment above it.  Though he's a mage he keeps away from conjuring spirits when he can.  Preferring straight spellcasting, and working on magical formulae and a side business of enchanting.  He's still rather young, with his age estimated to be between 18 and 20, but it's hard to tell on a troll.  He has been on a few runs, with runners describing him as having a few specific rules.  Such as not taking wetwork runs unless the target is suitably bad.  In short there're more unknowns about the kid than known's. 

Rumors:  It's said he got the handle of AudiBAAL when he used a Soundwave spell to wipe a whole room of guards in one go.
He's often seen inquiring about Saeder-Krupp and their R&D departments. 
Word has it from a few mages out East that the kid was actually a student at MIT&T but goblinized during some conjuration final.  Got a lot of kids hurt as some fire spirits got free.
He'll enchant anything as long as you can give him information about Saeder-Krupp.
He once strode into a ganger den to rescue a fellow runner, and came out with the runner, unharmed, and covered in ganger blood.
It's said that he's some sort of spell formulae genius and someone stole one of his formulas.
Someone said it was a girlfriend of his that stole it.  Others say that it was a boyfriend.


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« Reply #116 on: <07-07-14/0805:08> »
Alias: Gunspell

Known Info: An Elven Mystic Adept, born in Australia.  Fairly new but not entirely green in the runner scene, she's done some operation in Hong Kong, but is new to the Seattle scene- frankly a bit too green to make a significant name for herself, although some digging will reveal she's done particularly well with bodyguard runs.  She left Hong Kong rather suddenly, though. 

Rumors: While there's not much floating around, rumor says the reason she left Hong Kong was because she got one of the Triads angry at her somehow. 
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« Reply #117 on: <09-26-14/1612:15> »
Name: Titan

Known Info: A big fragging Ork that has two custom, obvious cyberarms in a matte midnight blue finish and matching solid blue cyber eyes. A Street Samurai of some skill, he seems equally at ease with cyberspurs or the huge Ares Predator IV he keeps in a shoulder holster under his armored coat.
Rumors: -Ares wants him, badly.
-He was a hitman for a Dragon.
-Active in Seattle, Chicago, and even Manhattan. Goes where the work is on his Harley Scorpion


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« Reply #118 on: <01-28-15/2249:37> »
Alias: Sha'li
Known Info:
-Seattle ork from the Underground
-Go-ganger gone pro
-Ork nationalist, goblin rock/orxploitation aficionado
-Weapon modification/manufacture expert
-Worked a job or two involving Bull and/or Tauren that put her up against Brackhaven crew
-Has a BTL habit


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« Reply #119 on: <01-11-16/2349:49> »
Name: Vexboy

Vexboy is a Dragonslayer Totem Adapt who is new to the shadows and looking for advice. He's kinda a weeb but otherwise he tries to get along with everyone. Also due to his fixer being incompetent its got out that he is Ex Lonestar... he was part of a special detective division but still... Lone Star. He hasnt even been on a run yet thanks to the afformentioned fixer.
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