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>>>>>[Good to see someone taught you the classics, Murphy.

And we don't know whether Bull was the target. That's the fun thing about bombs. Sure there happened to be a big name fixer there. But it wouldn't be the first time some of these morons blew up a building just to see trogs die. We need more intel before we jump to conclusions.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (15:30:02/01-08-74)

>>>>>[I have some cousins who just love to beat up Humanis for intel, I'll get them on it.  Just cost me a case of beer.]<<<<<
-- Murphy (14:32:15/01-08-74)

>>>>>[First Sun Tzu, and now showing a fine grasp of the idea of 'legwork'. We'll make a runner out of you yet, Murphy.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (15:37:22/01-08-74)

>>>>>[Uncle Murphy preferred Carl von Clausewitz's "On War", but I found that Sun Tzu's "Art of War" worked better in the current day and age.  And Footwork was the first jobs Uncle gave me, so I know how important it is.  I got a lot of contacts from doing that stuff, kids like me back in the day.  That's the joy of being an ork, lots of family to call upon.]<<<<<
-- Murphy (14:50:50/01-08-74)

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
>>>>>[ Clausewitz is very wordy.  Sun Tzu is verbose.  Musashi is terse.  All of them say the same thing.  It is up to what depth you understand. ]<<<<<
          -- Hawatari (00:31:24/01-09-2074)


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