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[OOC] A Street Legends for VU93 Posters?

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you know just my 2nuyen worth here, but well Wyrm Ill be honest you do come across as a bit standoffish towards anyone who is new, or hasn't posted much. Much like our confrontation in VU93. I read what Nightmare wrote and it simply asked if it was still going on, there was no other information and thus a post more like yes it is still going on/no it isn't, what interest do you have in the project, kinda post would be more productive rather than a quite bossy and slightly arrogant stance of well you are new here so dont bother. At least that is how I read your post and I own that reading. You may disagree in intentions but that is how it came across to a bystander. Please I hope this can be taken as constructive criticism and everyone can work on making their posts and the community here an inclusive one for all runners. Remember with all the new Shadowrun material coming out, SRR, SRO, SR5, Crossfire etc there are going to be more and more people introduced to it, and thus many will find their way to these forums which correct me if I'm wrong, are the official forums. I love that there is a very pationate fan community here and do not want that changed into the same corp run bs forums of many other games, but please remember new people will come and with gentle nudging and guidance they will find their way to fit into the community.

sorry for the wall of text but punctuation kinda goes out when I get in rant mode

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
... did you have something to propose that was appropriate to the thread?  Or were you just taking a private issue with me, one which attacked my character's IC response to an ICly pugnacious post from your character on the grounds that I (the player and poster) should be nicer to new people, into the public eye?

Nightmare asked a question.  I responded.  He took offense at how I responded; I clarified.  He took offense again, and I clarified until the issue was resolved.  Why are you trying to resurrect it?

I made reference to our previous encounter simply as a point of reference. My intention with that post was to provide what I hoped to be some constructive criticism in regards to a perceived issue. It is simply a response that I felt was in support of a fellow newcomer and well, I know you are very pationate on these forums, and that is a great thing, and that you are one of the quickest posters especially on VU93 areas from what I have seen. However in some areas when new people are involved the discussion becomes well I guess as it did with Nightmare, kinda standoffish. And in terms of resurrection, The post wasn't that old that I felt it was outside of a comment period and I saw no resolution to the issue within the thread. Im sorry if this detracts from the discussion, and would not disagree if a moderator removed all related posts, but I do feel the need to remind some of the old guard, that new people do come, comment and at times may not get things right, but there is profit in patience,

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
I have been neither standoffish nor deliberately offensive; when I am, you will certainly know, because Fastjack gets all officially red, and then spanks me pretty hard.  What I do is provide direction and instruction with patience - because I am willing to provide it again and again and again so long as the individual(s) involved are actively desiring to learn.  If you feel that my direction and instruction and, yes, patience is counterproductive to creating a group of people who post coherently, comprehend the game, and enliven it with things that are within the expanse of what is canon by statement or by implication, or what is conceivable within the stated reach of the game, then by all means, protest my patient instruction and direction.  It is my observation that, excepting your VU93 profile, as these are the only posts that have made since that time, you are using Nightmare's previous disagreement with me as an attempt to get back at me for our private conversation.

Please desist.

In regards to what Nightmare posted two months ago, and what he has posted elsewhere on the 'land (including in VU93) since, I would say that it is my opinion and observation that the issue - the misunderstanding, which I clarified - was resolved.  If Nightmare has issue with my belief of its resolution, he may answer, in public or in private.

Wow wyrm You really have a way of reading people's posts negatively, Christ.

She was going out of her way to put what she said in the politest terms and you throw it back rather self righteously. Take a step back reread the intent of her message pick up on staments like " At least that is how I read your post" and respond with a little Diplomacy . You really do alienate new players you know, even if it isn't intentional. Invest some Karma in ettiquette


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