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[OOC] A Street Legends for VU93 Posters?

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Hello everyone. Me and a few others had an idea. Well, the title of this thread is pretty indicative but I'll elaborate more. The idea is producing a fan made product resembling Street Legends/10 Jackpointers but with VU93 Posters, past and present posters. The aim would be to release a near-pro PDF version of what we will produce but if we lack the skills to do that, it will at least be released as a post on the VU93 board. So here's a couple of things that are needed for this little project to come to life.

Player Characters: First, we need players willing to have their characters in this project. If a lot of people are interested we'll take one character per player, maybe two if time and word count allows. You can post in this thread if you'd want one or two of your character in this product, or even someone else's character. I do want to know if people are interested in the idea. For a little more information on how your character will be written about, read the following "Writers" section. The character must be or at least been significantly active on VU93 to be considered. Since it's only in the concept stage I suggest interested players to start participating in the play thread. ;)

UPDATE: If you don't feel adventurous, you can always write the dossier on your own characters using any other you play on VU93. But for those who are willing to have others have a try at it, here's what we need from players to have their character's dossier written by one of the writers. Yes, even players have a little bit of work to do.

-Vital Stats (Age, Height, Weight, Hair, Eyes, Gender, Metatype, Awakened)
-An image of the character. It's not mandatory. If you have one, give the link to the image in question.
-A short physical description
-A short psychological description
-The character's history.
-A  very short resume of a few runs the character did, between one and three significant runs will do.
-A list of a few facts and/or rumors about the character. The funny, the frivolous, the ridiculous or the downright wrong or false can be included. Legwork is NEVER perfect afterall
-In all the sections, write in default black what can be know with basic legwork, change in blue what would take a little more effort and in red what is very hard to know. This is not mandatory, but can help the writer in many ways.
-For images, it is mandatory that the image belongs to you or have written permission from the owner for it to be used in this project

When that is done, just send it to me. When we have decided who will be taking the dossier, I will forward it to the right writer. After that, be patient, when the writer is done, a copy of the draft will be sent to you for approval.

Writers: I don't really need to mention that the more writers working on this, the faster it will go. I realize not everyone has a perfect spelling and orthography and whatever, so someone reviewing things would be also needed. God knows That I, myself, need someone to hit me with a rule on the wrist, as English is not my native language. The idea would be to have writers playing their own characters writing about their colleagues, a little bit like in SL.  Players will send their character information (most probably to me) and then will be forwarded to the chosen writer to be worked on. Writers can also decide to write their own characters. There will also be a phase where any character from VU93 will be able to place a few comments on any character that was written about. A few short stories would also be nice but let's focus on the characters first and see what happens next. People interested in writing can contact me by PM or just post here. When writing on a character, as a guide, get your inspiration on how the profile should be written from Street Legends.

Why this project? Well, because our characters are more awesome than those canon, obviously! But more importantly (and more seriously) to show what we, fans of Shadowrun, can come up with. I am a big fan of 10 Jackpointers and Street Legends and I found that VU93 was also rich in original characters and stories. Reading the Biography Thread or past posts in the IC thread, I think it deserves its own little reward. So that's why I pledge myself to work on this project. I leave this thread open for discussion, see what people think of the idea and how many are interested in participating.

Disclaimer: This project is started by fans for fans, from our own free time and aimed to be released free. As of now no one from Catalyst is involved in any of this and they are in no way in obligation to help us or make our characters cannon if this project sees completion. I did obtain Bull's permission to use VU93 for this project and I give him my sincere thanks. The project is also just in its concept phase and might not even see the light of day if not enough people participate. This project will move forward only when those involved will be convinced it is ready to. And for those who worry about it, credits will be given where it is due.

To make it easy to organize here's what we got so far. I'll update as it goes.

-Bull writing as Bull *
-Canray writing as Money Johnson
-FastJack writing as KageZero
-Keita writing as Madrecita
-Mirikon writing as Iceblade and Wyrmtongue
-Smiley writing as Smiley
-The Wyrm Ouroboros writing as The Wyrm Ouroboros

*If his time allows ;)

Characters Dossiers:
-Big Murphy written by Iceblade
-Card written by Iceblade
-Chaos written by Bull
-Chrona written by Money Johnson
-Frank the Fomori written by ...
-Iceblade written by Madrecita
-Mac written by Bull
-Madrecita written by Iceblade
-Mercedes written by KageZero
-Money Johnson written by ...
-Predator written by Wyrmtongue
-Shaper written by Smiley
-Shrike written by ...
-Smiley written by Madrecita
-Wolfgar written by Madrecita
-The Wyrm Ouroboros written by ...

On this, thanks everyone for reading and I hope to see a lot of people willing to participate.

LOVE IT! I'll submit Iceblade to get a writeup, and I'd be willing to write up someone else, as well.

Wonderful idea!  ;D I'd love to participate in this, and I'd be more than willing to do some of the writing. As for which character I'd submit...Madrecita, obviously.  :P She's most active, and as far as I know, one of only a few female PC's in VU93. I already have short fiction featuring her posted in the fanfic section, and I'm in the process of writing more, so she meets most of the criteria except possibly the "significantly active" clause.  :P I haven't been around long enough yet for her to have been "significantly active".

Anyway...yeah...I'm fully supportive of this idea!

PS: I'd be willing to proofread as well. English is not my first language, but I am fairly good at it. As long as you can live with the Queen's English.  ;D I don't do English (US).  :P

Ah hell, if there's room for us to have a second character in the list, I'll toss another one of mine that I haven't brought over to this site yet. A street samurai named Faust.

Great idea! I'll submit Mercedes for consideration, even though she isn't posting much... yet.


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