[SR4A] Sonars as a video or an audio enhancement ?

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« on: <08-26-11/1329:57> »
Sonars comes from "sound navigation and ranging".

The Spell "Silence" affects it (SR4A p.209).

In SR4A, p.333 why the item named "Ultrasound" (which is a sonar) is listed under "Vision enhancement" and not in "Audio enhancement" ?

You need both a sound creator and a microphone, you can't capture ultrasound with cameras.

Lots of blind people use the same technic, studying sounds reflections, to perceive the environnement : this being an audio enhancement makes sense, does it ?


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« Reply #1 on: <08-28-11/1711:24> »
It's because he data is presented to you visually like this in The Dark Knight (Spoilers?)


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« Reply #2 on: <09-03-11/1844:07> »
It is a vision enhancement because it helps you 'see' better. It doesn't help you hear better.

It just happens to use sound to do it. Which is why Silence affects it.

It creates a 3D sonar map of the area and overlays that map over your vision.