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[pg 33-35] False Face - listed Capacity Cost of 8, but the largest Capacity in a cyberskull is 4. And the cyberskull you'd expect it to be used in, the Synthetic one, has a Capacity of only 2. Even with maxed Bulk Modification, you cannot place False Face into a synthetic cyberskull.


The DNA Masking options are missing in the Augmentic Geneware Table.

So, text is there, but no game stats regarding costs or availability in the table.

Lewis Greywolf:
About a month after it went to print we noticed that. Here's what it should be. It will make it into the FAQ sooner or later.

GeneClear           2 months           .1               6(I)            35,000
Masque                2 weeks            .2               4(I)            28,000
Reprint                 1 month             .1               5(I)            23,000
Shuffle                 2 weeks              .2               4(I)           18,000


[pg 49] Shotgun Knee - not really an errata, but seems weirdly overspecialized. I don't see a reason to restrict it to just a knee strike, it could have just been called an "Impact Shotgun" and be allowed to be installed for any single unarmed attack, like shotgun punch, shotgun elbow, shotgun kick, etc.


Broke this out into it's own post:

[pg 46] Modular systems:

a) the Modular Mount has an Essence Cost of 0.4, but is this in addition to the associated cyberlimb Essence Cost, or instead of?

b) Does an attached cyberlimb ALSO need the Modular Connector part?

c) if I have a full cyberlimb and add in a Modular Connector at the elbow to be able to swap out just the forearm, do we use the Partial Cyberlimb capacity for the forearm part? So an Obvious cyberarm with a connector at the elbow would have 10 Capacity in the forearm and 5 in the upper arm, and two Capacity is taken up by the connector? Is the Capacity Cost of the connector taken out of the upper or lower arm? If I have a similar Synthetic cyberarm with an elbow connector, can I plug in an Obvious lower cyberarm?

d) if I am attaching a full cyberlimb to a cyber torso, do I use a Modular Mount or a Modular Connector?

e) Can the cybernetic Shells from pg 178 be fitted with modular connectors? When removed, how much Capacity is in each body part?

I get the distinct feeling that the modular section was not meant for multi-part limbs.



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