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[pg 49] Shotgun Knee - not really an errata, but seems weirdly overspecialized. I don't see a reason to restrict it to just a knee strike, it could have just been called an "Impact Shotgun" and be allowed to be installed for any single unarmed attack, like shotgun punch, shotgun elbow, shotgun kick, etc.


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This one reads a little odd to me too.  It's not clear mechanically how it works.  Should you resolve an unarmed attack first and then the shotgun, or use the mechanics provided for the martial arts style where the weapon attack replaces the unarmed one?  I'd assume (and rule it as) the latter myself, but I'm curious about the RAI.


[pg 50] Implanted Drone Racks - Table is a little unclear on how they work. The table has stats for "Drone Rack", but then has two other entries for "Micro/Mini drone" and "Small drone". Text description has zero explanation on how to apply the numbers.

Is the "Drone Rack" only for installing them into a meat body? It has an Essence Cost, a Capacity rating, it's own Availability and nuyen Cost.

The two other entries have no Essence Cost, a Capacity Cost, their own Availability Ratings and nuyen Costs.

If you have a meat body and install the Drone Rack, do you also need the Micro/Mini or Small drone options? If so why do the Capacity costs come out uneven compared to the Capacity of the Drone Rack? The Rack has a Capacity rating of 15, but the Micro/Mini drone has a Capacity Cost of 6 and the Small drone a Capacity Cost of 25.Which means the Drone Rack can fit two Micro/Mini mini drones but frustratingly will have 3 Capacity Rating not usable. Meanwhile you can't fit a Small drone into the implanted Drone Rack at all.

Needs clarification.


[pg 36-37] Rolling Audio and Video Recorder - not really an errata, but why do these exist at all? It has been a long running thing that cybereyes and ears have always been able to dump their streams to storage for later viewing. Can you not do that automatically anymore? What about SimRigs, can they no longer do what their entire purpose revolves around?

These are options that flat out just remove an ability everyone has always had already, locking it behind a new cost. They honestly would be best off just deleted.


[pg 178] Cybernetic Shells - The Shells come with the "voice modulator" augmentation, but what rating it comes as is not mentioned.



[pg 37] - Single Cybereye - a Rating 1 Single Cybereye has "half the capacity" of the normal paired version, which means it would have a Capacity of 0.5. As half a Capacity point is useless, does this mean actually has zero Capacity, 1 Capacity, or does a Rating 1 Single Cybereye not exist?


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