Official Shadowrun Missions SRM 04-00 Back In Business errata submission thread

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« on: <01-25-11/0315:15> »
This thread is for the first Season 4 Missions adventure, SRM 04-00 Back In Business.

1)  Cover

Under Artists, Brent Evans needs to be added.

2)  Page 6, Second Column, Chulos stat block

Add Harley Scorpion to their Gear.  Replace Ares Predator with UZI III.


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« Reply #1 on: <07-19-11/0520:00> »
Wonder if this is an error:
page 12 A perception (2) test will uncover a small leather bound diary filled with notes and sketches. One entry (Handout #1 Fiona's diary) has a sketch of a rock with the name "Morel Stone" under it, with some notes in the margin. In the margin is Tuesday's date with the note "Jack Turner,Seattle, 20.00". The rest of paper is useless.

Now the player handout on page 29 with the morel stone has nothing written in the margin or any other place on it about the meeting, which is relevant to progress the story.