Congo Tribal areas

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So what info do we have so far:

1. Their largest city and capital is at Kinshasa.

Comment: Also probably the only barely civilized city. Probably now mainly in ruins but is a working city. Think of a more savage version of Lagos. Also I think that this is  not the only civilized(barely) city in the area. The Congo Tribals zone encompasses several African countries.

2. The Congo tribal area is a gigantic jungle/no man's land with lots of metahuman and non metahuman tribes and lots of dangerous critters.

Comment: Personally I think the Congo Tribal area is probably competes with Amazonia as the world's largest rainforest but I think the Congo is much more dangerous and uncivilized than Amazonia. At least Amazonia still courts with up to date(more or less) tech(Metropole) and has a semblance of a unified gov. The Congo has non of these is the critters and hazards and more dangerous(mutant strains of Ebola, VITAS, AIDS etc.).

3. The Tribes are uniting into some sort of confederation.

Comment: well according to Feral cities.