Building an AI character in Anarchy

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Hey chummers—

My group is getting set to start playing Shadowrun, and I'm giving Anarchy a serious look. One issue: one of my players wants to play a Metasapient AI. I have Data Trails, so I know how they'd do that in SR5. Any suggestions for how to build an equivalent character using Anarchy? I assume using the Technomancer rules would be a good start, but what sort of mods/changes would you suggest I apply?

(And yes, it did occur to me that the player could build their AI in SR5 and then go through the conversion process, but I'm curious if an Anarchy-only approach might be better.)



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« Reply #1 on: <01-02-18/0012:45> »
I think there might be a tendency to make them very differently from a meta-human character, but for balance purposes, I would advise against that.

To have a well rounded AI, include more than just Logic. Obviously any AI, Techno, or decker is going to max out their Logic so there needs to be other Attributes involved to keep their power focus in check and to keep them well rounded.

AGI would determine their aim with VR-assisted Vehicle Weaponry (gunnery) and ability to Pilot via VR.
WIL would determine their Stun CM.
CHA would determine their ability to socialize with humans.

You might consider STR (Physical CM) as a measurement of their robust coding, and their WIL (Stun CM) as a measurement of their connection to the Matrix.

As for their Metahuman racial bonus, just give them free Emerged. Everything else is just Complex Forms and Programs.
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