New SR GM running CMP 2013-01 through 2013-04

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« on: <12-27-16/1218:42> »
  Hello everyone. I am a recent addition to the CDT and I get to run CMPs 2013-01 through 2013-04. I was pre-reading the modules and I noticed in 2013-04 some of the Legends are on sccene to help with the final fight.
  My main question is Where can I find their stats? Or am I just supposed to Cinematic it?
  Also, Where can I find the Stats for Paletooth's Light-Grey Dragon Form?

I was able to find stats for Winterhawk and Bull in the Street Legends book (Are those the ones to use?)
I am still missing Kat o' Nine Tales' and Kane's stat blocks.

Thanks in advance,
Mark "Marloc Favirzal" Garstka


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« Reply #1 on: <02-23-17/1425:24> »
I'd suggest going with the cinematic approach.  The final fight is massively complex.  Rolling all those dice would take you way beyond your four-hour slot.  Paletooth (iirc) is a standard western dragon.
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