Errors in Mission 04-00

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« on: <01-17-11/2259:51> »
Page 10, Street Slang
Text in book:
"Gillette  Wired Street Samurai"

What it should read:
"Gillette  Woman Blade/Spurs using Street Samurai"

Reason: Gillette is the female version of a "Razorboy," so named because the Gillette razor was a model of razor made for women.

Page 9, Behind the Scenes
Text in book:
"Strapped to his left arm is something
that looks like a keyboard, a 2050s era cyberdeck,"

Possible fix
"Strapped across his left hip is...."

2050's (non-Cranial) Cyberdecks were a bit bigger then a modern keyboard in length, and were a bit bulky. They were not
small enough to be strapped to an arm.


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« Reply #1 on: <01-18-11/0542:34> »
Re:  Gillette

The only SR sourcebook to really make that distinction was Runner Havens.  The few places it shows up elsewhere, it's either ambiguous or straight up just an synonym for "wired".

Gillette itself is a company known for making Men's razors.  Their only notable Ladies' razor is the Venus, which was introduced around 1998.

It was never officially used in the Shadowrun slang glossaries, but it was used a few times in books and publications.  I primarily used Logan Graves' ancient Big Knobi Klub Slang Glossary, cross-referenced with a few other online dictionaries.

Re:  Cyberdeck

Traditionally most artwork showed Cyberdecks to be about the size of a 1990's keyboard.  Definitely a bit bigger than modern day keyboards, but not by too much.  It's a bit bulky, but fits on an Orks forearm, IMO...


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« Reply #2 on: <01-18-11/0954:09> »
In regards to cyberdeck, in the intro ( it states the following:
"It was a fraction of the size of my baby and several times more powerful. But it was so ghost-damned little. I was always afraid Id break it or lose
it. Besides, Id worn the deck strapped to my arm for so long, I felt naked without it."

That seems to explain this, does it not?