CMP 2014-05 Silence Is Golden

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I ran CMP 2014-05 Silence Is Golden last night at my FLGS. I had 7 players, one sitting for his first mission, two sitting for their first ever Shadowrun play, Three more experienced players, and one Veteran, who's character could be considered a "Street Legend", despite everyone thinking he is the driver due to his Kentuckian accent.

The team made the foolish decision to brake into the facility once, just to investigate, like as legwork. As any veteran players know this will not end well. They got their asses kicked. Edge pools were exhausted, unconscious bodies were carried out, drones were bricked, dumpshock was taken, two permanent points of edge were collected, one in an unfortunate incident of the GM being to tired to think on his feet thus punishing a player who did not deserve their fate, the second very deservedly so.

The vitals:
The did collect the documents, and it was not know which documents they were going for. the two newbies who went in for that did a great job.
The team did not escape notice.
The team DID give out a copy of the document to others, one of them sent it to a contact who works at JackPoint, making him promise not to post it to the public, but to only share it with the admins. So yeah, I'm going to wait three or four runs and then hit him with a TON of notoriety when the document is inevitably leaked on JackPoint.
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