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Hi everyone! I have been playing Shadowrun for a couple years now and wanted to create a fun one shot dungeon crawl. This will be my first attempt at GMing and I was hoping you guys could give me some feedback on the dungeon I have created.

Here is the link to the document on Google Docs:

Here is the same information in case someone didn't want to click on the link:
Room Entrance:
PC’s wake up in an unfamiliar room; with unfamiliar people.  They have been stripped of all clothing and items that they normally carry. 1 NPC is included in the group, but isn’t mentioned. The only way to catch that an NPC is with them is if they explicitly ask, or they see that I drew one extra person on the whiteboard. During the trials they will be killed off or disappear randomly. If found they will have one of the following identities
  • Cashier
  • Accountant
  • Farmer
  • Ghoul salesmen
  • Martian civilian
  • Teen

Edge cannot be used. Any points in edge can be put into other attributes as long as they keep the BP spent the same.  Example: Let’s say a human with 4 edge wants to play in this one shot. He currently has 2 reaction and 1 will. He removes 3 edge to make his reaction into 5 and his will 2. He can’t put all 4 edge into reaction because the max attribute requires more BP then standard attribute costs.

Each person is now in a different costume and no duplicates are allowed.

  • Batman
  • Princess
  • Super Mario
  • Rabbit
  • Pirate
  • Gorilla
  • Spider man
  • Chicken
  • Cop
  • (They can chose)
  • If they can’t think of something within 15 seconds they will be given another roll with the modifier of sexy added. Ex. Sexy Rabbit instead of rabbit.

Each person will carry a revolver with 1d3 extra explosive ammo, with blanks in the rest of the slots. The revolver has a botched internal silencer and both sides of the revolver have a metal covering that prevents users from seeing which slot the bullets are in. (Bullets and ammo are listed on last page).

One item from the random list
   Random item list:
   Giant Plastic Spork
   Giant Teddy Bear
   Paper Map of 1990s
      Mexico City
   Giant Tooth Brush
   Miniature Lawn Gnome
   Giant Rubber Band
   Rubber Chicken
   Sword Fish
      Just caught. Will be dropped from the ceiling.
   (They’re choice of useless crap)

Each person has a metal collar.  The collar has a variety of functions:
Small explosive that can be triggered remotely or if the collar is breached
Battery to induce electrical stimulus to subjects.
Simsense/wired reflex.    Technically I know it’s supposed to be installed in the user, but I’m just going to say that the collar just hijacks the neural pathways.
Why simsense and wire reflex? So I can create convincing illusions and in the extreme case prevent the PCs from destroying the game world

The walls are made of reinforced concrete at least 10 feet thick. There is an air duct 15 feet off the ground. Any weight greater than 15 pounds will cause the air duct to collapse. Going through the air duct will lead to other rooms and eventually a giant spinning metal death fan.
In this room over the intercom you hear the following
On opposite sides of the room there are two doors. One door says “Enter” And the other “Exit”.
In the far corner of the room there is an unmarked door.

Door Enter:
   This will lead to Room Roller Coaster.

Door Exit:
   The runners will overthink this and think this is a trap. This actually really is the Exit. The mission can be over as soon as they open the door and walk through the hallway. Going down the hall way will cause the collars to start beeping. Closer they get the faster the beeping becomes and I make them roll a composure roll. The beeping actually means they are reaching their goal. If one person manages to get up the courage to go to the end they will be greeted by flames and a deafening boom. Of course a trap door opens underneath them before the flames hit them and then they are out of the dungeon. Everyone else that is in the hallway has to dodge the flames that are coming their way. A clever way to figure out the ruse is asking if they see the remains of the body.

Unmarked door:
   The unmarked door leads to Room Jungle.

Room Roller Coaster:
   After they get into the roller coaster they have to make strength (4) to disengage the locks. The roller coaster is designed poorly and I will make them roll composure (1) every now, as well as dodge (2) to dodge low hanging beams. Anyone who fails to hear when I ask for a roll will automatically fail. A perception (1) will be required to notice that the ride leads to a literally dead end. They have 1d6 +2 turns to try to escape the vehicle.  Once they get out they will find a door that leads to Room Monster Mayhem.

Room Jungle:
   The party enters a giant jungle. The ceiling appears to be a natural sky, and the surrounding walls are made to look like natural surroundings that are impossible to scale.  When they look back at the doorway they went through it was a giant replica of a T-Rex head. As the party wanders they will roll perception (1) to hear random wild life noises.  They will come across a rickety wooden bridge that can hold up to 500lbs.  The party will then come across another T-Rex head which they will assume is the next entrance. Once 150lbs is applied to the T-Rex mouth, the mouth will shut and a T-Rex body emerges from the bushes/Dirt and runs away. A dodge (3) is required to avoid being eaten by the T-Rex.  Past the T-Rex is a doorway that leads to the Room Monster Mayhem.

Room Monster Mayhem:
   Before the room they will be presented with a Colt M23 for each member of the group.  The Colt M23 only works in this room, and it cannot shoot at other subjects.  It has 40 standard bullets.  After walking inside the room they will see a giant creature.  It most resembles a mammoth, except it has 6 legs with claws, dark scales with patches of fur coming out from underneath the scales. Its head is covered in dense bone (Think cubone), with giant antlers. The trunk is replaced with 10-20 tentacles. There are various wires and tubes that are running through the top of the room and into the creature.  The creature seems to be at rest for the moment.  There are bodies littered around the room, some in full military garb while others appear to be civilians and scientists.  Around the room there are 4 computer stations each requiring a valid hand print before operating.  Further behind the creature there is a doorway which leads to Room floor. Any noise will awaken the creature which will promptly attack the group.  With a perception roll of 6 they will see a name tag that will say “Old Yeller”.   The creature will initially charge the closet person, or the first person that attacked it.  Any and all shots against the creature will do no damage, or if any damage is done it will be immediately healed.  The creature will continue attacking the same person unless someone attacks it.  During this time people are free to escape to the other room, but not all will survive if they do that. Shooting the tubes or going to the computers will be the only way to kill the creature.  Destroying any of the computers will make it impossible for them to destroy the creature from the computers and must rely on shooting the tubes.

Room Floor:
   The room is covered in indistinguishable white tiles including the walls and ceilings.  At random tiles a laser weapon will shoot and intentionally miss.  A failed dodge results in signed clothing. A critical fail dodge will result in 4P damage.  Here is the room pre-filled with random tiles that will fire. The room has two doors. One leads to Room Spring Trap and the other leads to room Puzzle. Of course both doors are on opposite sides of the room.

Room Puzzle:
The party appears in a black and white checkered room.  A yellow and red checkered table is in the middle and a yellow and red checkered large safe is pressed up against a wall.  The table appears to have an unfinished puzzle. Finishing the puzzle will give the code to open the safe. The code is 1-2-3-4-5. The safe contains a single slice of chocolate cake. The group can decide who eats it.  Any suggestion or acts of splitting the slice of chocolate cake results in a small shock. There is no other door here.

Room Spring Trap:
   The room is has black and white tiles that have a spiral pattern.  When the party enters the room a bucket filled with gasoline is flung at them.  A dodge (3) is required to avoid being covered in gasoline. Person leading the party has to make dodge (5) to not be directly hit by the bucket for (4P) damage. Confetti then shoots out of the ceiling. Occasionally there will be spring traps that will cause a character to launch a few feet in the air. Reaction + Agility (3) to not be knocked down and take 3S damage. Knives, pies, bodies and guns litter the floor. The guns have no ammo sadly. Room Spring Trap leads to Final Room.

Final Room:
   The party has finally reached the final boss. In the room filled with monitors and gadgets. The room is divided in half by bullet resistant glass. On the other side is a leather chair that swivels around with a monkey sitting on it, smoking a cigar that looks like a banana.
      Why: Because he can.
      Where: This place is called Shadowland. A place for Shadowrunners to come and relax
      Exit: The door with the exit sign is the exit…

If they shoot at him the glass will resist 1d3 bullets before the glass breaks. During this time the monkey grabs a jack in the box that will pop out holding a machine gun Jack will then proceeds to start shooting at all the runners.

   Any party members that have reached the exit will now be greeted by scantily clad models (Both male and female). There is a giant mountain of cocaine and an unending buffet of food and alcohol. If anyone managed to reach here before hand, they will be dead from over indulging on everything.


Any feedback would be appreciated!