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page 10 "Yeah, people in the Renraku Arcology may think of themselves (correctly) as Renraku citizens and not Seattle citizens"
Outdated. Renraku handed the arcology's ownership to the state of Seattle and closed shop in Seattle. It is now the "Arcology Commercial and Housing Enclave" with about 150,000 people living in "government-issued housing units" eating "government food," wearing "government-provided clothing" and fed "government-approved propaganda via government-sponsored Matrix connections" (Runner Havens, pages 81, 117, and Seattle 2072, pages 40 and 42). It is unlikely there are any Renraku "citizens" living there anymore.

page 21 "[Francisco Pavón y Gueterrez] built a critical alliance with the Soveriegn American Indian Movement"
It should read "Sovereign".

page 23 "Another [candidate in the 2057 UCAS presidential election] helped make the Atlantis Foundation a household name."
It probably should read the Atlantean Foundation. Probably, though none of the previous book ever mentioned a connection with any of the 2057 candidates that I know of.

page 23, "The Watergate Rift seems to have caused some tension between the remaining Great Dragons."
Not clear. I've never seen anything that suggested such tensions in any previous books. The return of Ghostwalker did indeed cause some tensions (the Rite of Succession of Survival of the Fittest) but it had more to do with Ghostwalker himself than with the Rift proper.

page 28 "The synidcate gives him what he wants."
It should read "syndicate".

It should read "KIDNAPPING". As a side note, the story reads like an example of the smear campaign against the Ork Underground, though Truman Network parent company Horizon (Corporate Guide, page 101) doesn't seem to be involved in it (Dirty Tricks page 42).

page 46, "POSSIBLE PROBE INTO CONGRESSMAN GREY’S CONNECTIONS TO HUMANIS POLICLUB SEATTLE — Earlier today, a government press release announced that Congressman James Grey of Seattle is scheduled to face a congressional inquiry panel in DeeCee later this month to answer questions regarding his attendance of an anti-Proposition 23 rally sponsored by the Humanis policlub last week. [...]"
Confusion continued between the Humanis policlub, the Alamos 20,000 and Hands of Five terrorist groups and the Human Nation conspiracy. If the Humanis is outlawed as the article seems to suggest, then it's fresh (and big) news. According to Runner Havens, page 69, Humanis run "charity schools, health clinics, Little League games and its own trid channel". Karl Brackhaven's own uncle was officially chairman of the Humanis policlub.

page 62, "Corporate citizens of extraterritorial megacorporations are not allowed to vote in the UCAS system, and dual citizenship is rarer than one might think. There are two exceptions to this statement, and those are Ares and NeoNET citizens assigned to UCASian offices. Many of these employees can get voting rights with dual citizenship."
If the intent was to say dual citizenship is possible for megacorporations headquartered in the UCAS, then at least Federated-Boeing and Ford are missing, who both are megacorporations with the extraterritorial privilege and thus can issue corporate "citizenship".

page 62, Glitch comment, "Then the node goes offline, dumping anyone not directly logged in to the host system. The data is then sorted and compiled in the node and sent off to another node for storage."
page 62, Netcat comment, "The compiling node doesn’t shut down, but it will trap [technomancers] for thirty seconds or so while the data compiles."
It suggests technomancers can stay connected to a node put offline. Which makes litle sense if you consider that unlike astrally porjecting magiciens, technomancers and hackers actualy are never getting anywhere. Virtual Reality gives an illusion of movement as a metaphor for a connection. They get as close to a node as you get from Mountain View, California, when you open Google in a browser.

page 86, "It’s a telling mark that someone from the CAS will state, “I’m a Georgian” first, then clarify “Confederationist” later."
page 86, Kat o' Nine Tales comment, "I wouldn’t be surprised to see “American” replace “Confederationist” in a few years."
page 86, "If there’s one thing that Confederates are as proud of as their state, it’s their economy."
page 100 "I’ll take being a Confederationist over being an American any damn day of the week"
page 108, Kane comment, "By and large, Confederationists care about their own state and don’t give two shits about the others."
I guess "confederationist" was used instead of "confederate" to make the point that the country of is the Confederation of American States and not the Confederate States of America. But as far as political science is concerned, a confederacy and a confederation are exactly the same thing, a confederationist is a supporter of a confederal form of government, and the proper adjective and noun for the population of a confederation or confederacy ought to be "confederate".

page 86, "Of the local corporations [in the CAS], Lone Star is the only one rated AA"
page 102, "Texas has the only AA in the country"
According to The Neo-Anarchists' Guide to Real Life, page 42, DocWagon was founded in Atlanta in 2037, and according to Augmentation, page 11, it has extraterritoriality (which means AA rating).
It would also have thought of United Oil Industries as an AA corporation headquartered in Texas, but that is not backed by any sources.

page 86, "even CatCo, the once-triple, now-single A-rated corporation lives on, even if in a zombified state"
page 108, "CatCo had been brought in to run many of the school systems around 2060"
The corporation is usually written "CATCo".

page 92, Stone comment, "Newsflash! Cavalier Arms will be the new manufacturer for the Ruger (soon Cavalier) Thunderbolt. It looks like someone’s bid for the Lone Star contract was undercut after some data got hacked."
Newsflash! Reality, Inc. controls Cavalier Arms and is the Lone Star largest shareholder, according to Corporate Guide, page 127 and 199. Why would someone even suppose they needed a hacker?

page 93, "Doevtails nicely with the ongoing push by Ares Global Media to highlight that the CAS is the last bastion of the real America."
It should read "dovetails".

page 95, "If [Dmitri Baichik]’s taking a personal hand in this, then it means those old rumors that there’s an AI in the top twenty-five floors are going to roar back up."
No indication of what "this" is in the text before.

page 86, "Saeder-Krupp maintains its North American headquarters in Charlotte"
page 95, "Saeder-Krupp’s North American headquarters has been in Charlotte for a while"
page 95, Frosty comment, "Wait. This isn’t right. The S-K North American HQ is in Portland, in the Tír."
page 95, Icarus comment, "Yes and no. Technically, it’s still in Portland, but when the Tír troubles started, Lofwyr prepared the CAS HQ office in Charlotte as a back-up. The headquarters has enough space and data connections to serve the NA role, but there was no need to do so until the Dragon Civil War started."
page 107, "Saeder-Krupp’s North American headquarters is found in Charlotte"
page 110, "Saeder-Krupp, (reportedly interested in moving its headquarters from Tír Tairngire to Kitimat)"
The story told by Icarus is not consistent with most previous sources. According to Tir Tairngire, page 54, S-K didn't have any official presence into the Tir as of 2054. In Shadows of North America, the Saeder-Krupp North America HQ already was in Charlotte by August 2062 (page 65), with Lofwyr leaving the Tir Tairngire Council in June, Hestaby joining in July (page 142), and S-K request for an authorization to operate into the Tir not granted at that point (page 151). So, the Charlotte HQ obviously predated any Portland facility.
The first mention of S-K headquarters in Portland is in Corporate Guide, page 154-155 (which, by the way, also mentions an "arcology" in Seattle). Seattle 2072, page 164, says Lofwyr has no business in Portland (and no official presence in Seattle, making an arcology unlikely).

page 95, "Sheila’s still around, but the [Atlantean Foundation] is run by CEO Casey Williams these days"
The mistake rather was in the older books, but it worthes noting Casey Williams already headed the Foundation as the President/CEO of the Atlantean Foundation in 2049 according to Seattle Sourcebook, page 150. In Portfolio of a dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets, page 57, Sheila Blatavaska was President and Williams sat on the board. In Loose Alliances, pages 79-80, Blatavaska was president, and Williams was on the board, but it also stated there were no records on Williams before 2051 before he opened a talismongering shop in Atlanta (thus in contradiction with the Seattle Sourcebook, unless Shadowland was hacked at some point, and only our paper copies remain intact).

page 95, "There’s a longstanding rivalry between the AF and the Dunklezahn Institute of Magical Research"
page 104, "All right, Proteus AG covered for their space program by talking about their underwater facilities, trying to get that bequest from Dunklezahn’s Will."
page 105, "Dunklezhan must be rolling in his grave."
It should read "Dunkelzahn".

page 96, "Laissez les bon temps roulez!"
In French, adjective have a plural form, so it should read "les bons temps". However, it seems the error is casually made in Louisiana nowadays when using this expression.

page 97, "Areas of the city such as Faoubourg Tremé and the Lafitte are crippled with poverty"
It should read "faubourg" (old French for "suburbs").

page 98, "Ares has a quiet presence [in New Orleans], focused on magical research."
Ares bought Cross Biomedical according to Augmentation, page 13, and Cross Biomedical had a significant presence in New Orleans according to Target: Smuggler Havens, pages 10-11. A lot of things may have happened in fifteen years though.

page 105, Kane comment, "People think [Art Dankwalther] secretly converted it to gold (bought from Saeder-Krupp asteroid mining, to not destabalize global markets)"
It should read "destabilize". According to Target: Wastelands Saeder-Krupp was only in the planning stage for a mining survey in the asteroids by late 2062, so the timeframe is quite short for gold to be available before Dankwalther death in late 2064.

page 107, "Saeder-Krupp’s North American headquarters is found in Charlotte, along with major investments from Wuxing and the Frankfurt bank."
It probably should read "Frankfurter Bankverein" or "Frankfurt Bank Corporation", or at least have Bank capitalized.

page 107, "On a related note, Renraku’s recent announcement that they’re going to build an entire Olympic park in under seven years if Nairobi wins the bid for the 2080 Olympics has people curious how they plan on pulling this off. Charlotte’s a prime location for work right now."
A sentence may be missing somewhere, because I don't see ay connection between Nairobi Olympics and Charlotte, North Carolina.

page 122-123 "Tsimshian owes a four trillion-nuyen debt to the Salish as its Protectorate. [...] [the Salish] instead demanding very high monthly payments that reach into the millions of nuyen each fiscal quarter with extraordinarily high interest rates (39.6 percent, to be exact)."
I don't know if that was the intention, but the numbers make absolutely no sense. If the debt is four trillions, monthly repayments that only reaches into the millions of nuyen each fiscal quarter (which also means they do not reach into the millions each month) are not "very high". They're ridiculously low. If the Tsimshian was repaying one billion a month -which it does not- it would still take them three centuries to repay the debt. And that doesn't even include interests.
According to Shadows of North America, pages 114 and 156, GDP of Salish-Shidhe would be around 223.3 billions nuyen, and GDP of Tsimshian was around 14.8 billion nuyen before the ongoing crisis. That means the debt ratio is at least 27,000% and probably much more since the GDP probably fell (as a comparison, Greece or Japan lingers nowadays around a 150 or 200% ratio). Assuming interests compounded entirely from 2064 to 2074, Salish-Shidhe claims an expense of at least 173 billions nuyen, or 77% of their GDP.
If you consider a purchasing power parity between US dollar (2010) and nuyen (2070) (which makes sense considering most prices given in SR), the Tsimshian debt would be on par with that of the entire United States (11.5 trillion $, with 5.3 trillion held by foreign entities), and Salish-Shidhe claimed expenditures would equal two to three years of US operations in Iraq (depending on the years you look at).
To sum it up, the claimed debt is so bogus that no politicians, economists or medias could ever take it seriously. However, if it was intended to be a four billion-nuyen debt, then all goes back to normal, including the repayment plan.

page 123, "Tribal members of the Salish nation have made it clear that if they go to war and Tsimshian is subjugated, the Tsimshian tribes have no political power"
It should probably read "will have".

page 135, "the Tír Republican Corps from jolly old TÍr na nÓg have been shaking a few trees here and there"
It should read "Tír na nÓg".

page 146, "I found fourteen A and AA corporations that donated large sums of nuyen specifically to these seven politicians over the course of ten years [...]. Three of these fourteen corporations are notable subsidiaries of three particular megacorporations: Aztechnology, Evo, and NeoNET. [...] The fourteen companies that are consistently giving campaign funds to the Black Lodge politicians  include: ABS (American Broadcast Service), AN Meridian, UCASRail, Table Top Travel, Talbot Security Vehicles, United Defense Industries, Inc., UCAS Steel and Manufacturing, Trans Orbital, Thomas Lake Mining & Oil, Textron Inc, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a UCAS-based branch of Aztechnology’s Mystics and Magicks subsidiary, Evo’s ATRP (Investment firm, UCAS Branch), and NeoNET’s Silveril Investments."
American Broadcast Service and AN Meridian are subsidiaries of Saeder-Krupp, according to Corporate Guide, page 148, and some other older sources, so you would expect a Jackpointer like Plan 9 to know about it and mention it.

page 147, "William Bell, President, Selveril Investments."
page 148, "In addition to ATRP and Selveril Investments, the following individuals and CAS-based companies contributed large sums of nuyen to these three suspected Black Lodge affiliated CAS politicians"
It should read "Silveril".

page 150, Doctor Spin comment, "the UCAS has an elf for a VP"
Conspiracy Theories, page 151 and 156, has Michaela Martin as Vice-president. On page 151, metatype are listed next to the names of the cabinet members. The lack of indication on Martin suggested she was human. There is no indication of a new vice-president nominated between Conspiracy Theories in October 2073 and Dirty Tricks in November 2074 (which would have been a political event worthy of mention considering the latter theme).
It's possible it should read "the UCAS had an elf for a VP" as a reference to Nadja Daviar.

page 153, Frosty comment, "two Tír Princes, Johan van den Berg and Amy Joubert, had received large campaign contributions from Telestrian Industries. But as Plan 9 said about the Black Lodge, it is likely Telestrian was only used as cover for the IOND to donate money to the two Princes legally."
Silly with regards to what we know from current Tir politics from The Land of Promise (and what Frosty should know as well). The Telestrian corporation belongs to the Telestrian family, led by Tír Prince Marie-Louise Telestrian. There are hundreds of valid reasons for Telestrian to fund political campaigns before jumping to the conclusion that the Illuminates of the New Dawn must have infiltrated the company to divest funds.

page 158, "The cargo is made up of twelve sedated women aged fifteen to twenty. They were destined for a syndicate’s brother when the Johnson sent the runners to take them so he could bust them up and sell them each for a better profit."
It should probably read "brothel" and "where".
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page 46 >>NewsNET STREAMING NEWFEED @18:00:01/10-14-74
"SEATTLE — Earlier today, a government press release announced that Congressman James Grey of Seattle is scheduled to face a congressional inquiry panel in DeeCee later this month to answer questions regarding his attendance of an anti-Proposition 23 rally sponsored by the Humanis policlub last week."

page 55 "I took over from Agent Kowalski on March 25, 2074, when she requested my assistance. My previous case, investigating Congressman James Grey, was terminated when the Congressman died in an unexplained plane accident in the Carib League."

Obviously, James Grey can't have died before March 25th and attend a rally in early October. Information featured on James Grey on Storm Front says he left UCAS territory and then disappeared into the Caribbean League.