Skipping Missions in Season 3

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Our group has been running Season 3 for a few months now, and have played through everything up to "Monkeywrench". A player has decided to step up and share GM duties (so I get to play a game for the first time in 3 years!), and is running Dawn of the Artifacts. The players have been loving it, far more than Season 3 so far, and so we've decided we want to continue on that path. I remember seeing that Dawn of the Artifacts is related to the Artifact Rush subplot in Season 4, so I'd like to start running those ASAP. We've decided to finish out the plot-centric stuff in Season 3, but I am really unsure as to what would be overly important. Beyond the artifact themed campaign, I'd really like to run the Horizon themed one (the name escapes me right now), as the PCs have really developed a feud with Horizon's forces over the course of Missions play.

With that said, what do you feel are the "big story" moments of Season 3 that either-

a) Play a big role in the overall narrative of Season 3 (to where the ending would still make sense or be impactful).

b) Involve Horizon or any setup necessary for the Horizon runs.

c) Play a large role in the overall narrative of the Shadowrun universe. These are all new players, so they have no idea on 90% of the lore, meaning any little bit will help.

So, anyone have suggestions on which missions in Season 3 to run and which ones to skip over? And for bonus points, any good campaigns you'd recommend for new players really looking to dive into the lore?