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What book does it cover checking to see if an ID is fake, specificaly what kind of scanner (rating) could you expenct a lonestar patrol, or other local security to be using on your fake ID?  (I see a very small bit of information on how it goes down in the main book, but nothing on the gear used to check them)


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Well, I assume the very small bit of information you did find was (SR4A p. 267):

"Whenever a character uses her fake identity to pass an ID check (whether for buying a dress or crossing a border), she must make an Opposed Test pitting her fake ID’s rating against the rating of the verification system. The side achieving the most successes wins. If both sides achieve the same number of successes [...]"

You should also take a look at the table of Device ratings in the Wireless World section, SR4 p.222. A public terminal has a rating of 2, a home/business terminal a rating of 3. I'd guess the first is what a Lone Star patrol would have (can't load the grunts with expensive and sensitive devices), the second the security you face when you want to buy a restricted item with your fake license. And if you get picked up, you can bet that back at the station they have a 'security device' to check it thoroughly with that lovely 4 rating.

If you want an actual example, I guess you'll have to look at an official scenario. Here's what I found in one:

[spoiler]"If the ‘runners attempt to pass through a checkpoint, they’ll need to deal with SIN and license checks at both borders, along with routine questions about their reasons for the crossing and declaration of goods. This will require a scan of their SINs against a rating 2+TR (Table Rating) scanner. "

Table rating starts at 1 for completely new characters, so a border crossing in Denver is going to pit the SINs against a rating of 3+


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I also recommend using a house rule regarding ID scan. The book says to role ID rating vs scanner rating, that's rediculous.
Scanner Rating x 2 vs a threshold equal to the ID rating makes much more sense.
Starting characters can only have R4 IDs, which means high lvl scanners have a good chance of spotting the fake. Which is perfectly fine, because starting chars shouldn't take runs against that level of security anyways.