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Now, I'm thinking about working on a modification to laser weaponry, involving drones and a rigger controlling them which will allow a laser to "bounce" or reflect, using a sort of receiver built into the drones based off of a modified laser communication receiver. The weapon operator fires the laser towards the receiver, the receiver catches and redirects the beam towards the target. This would allow laser weapons to not require line of sight towards a target, and could be able to create a sort of daisy chain, having the drone redirect towards another drone, whitch directs toward another drone, ectetra. The drones could come in both reusable and limited shot versions from only one shot to five shots. What do you guys think?

Rule suggestion:
An attacker would take a shot against the drone (usual modifiers for size and mobility). If the attack hits the drone, the attacker may redirect it at a target within the drone's line of sight, at the penalty of HALF their dice pool. If multiple drones are used, the attack may be "chained" through them, each subsequent drone further halving the dice pool. On a glitch, the drone is damaged by the shot. On a critical glitch, the shot is reflected back at the attacker (automatic hit, armor applies).

Would there a variant of this system to be used with magic?
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