Identifying Color Illustration Artists, e.g. in SR4 Anniversary Edition

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Having been absent from the Shadowrun community for a number of years, I am amazed by the sheer number of new source books that Catalyst has been publishing for the last few years. Best of all, a lot of new material has TONS of color illustrations. Unfortunately, however, it is really hard to identify the responsible artistis for the individual illustrations. While I am well familiar with the old-school Shadowrun artistis like Mark Zug, Jeff Laubenstein, Jim Nelson, Tom Baxa, or John Zeleznick and can usually identify their stuff at first glance, the newer products make it a lot harder due to the number of contributing artists. Also, the older generation of artists seems to have gotten replaced by the likes of Klaus Schwerwinski or Arndt Drechsler, who I am only now learning to recognize.

So I was wondering whether anybody has acess to the full art credits for the recent, major Shadowrun products (SR 2050, SR 4 Anniversary, Seattle 2072, etc.)? If not, is there anybody who wouldn't mind helping me out with the art credits for a lot of illustrations I couldn't figure out on my own? I'd be happy to share my knowledge on the ones I COULD recognize, if anybody is similarly obsessed with the artwork like I am...  ;)

For instance, who is responsible for the sample character art in Shadowrun 4 Anniversary? I could identify the following:
- Combat Mage, Weapon Specialist, and Gunslinger Adept by Michael Kormack
- Enforcer, Face, and Eco-Shaman by Christine MacTernan
- Drone Rigger by Klaus Schwerwinski

I couldn't identify the Bounty Hunter (awesome picture!), the Cover Ops Specialist, the Hacker, the Occult Investigator, the Smuggler, the Sprawl Ganger, the Street Samurai, the Street Shaman or the Technomancer.

Also, I'd be interested in who has done the amazing Matrix illustrations in SR 2050 pages 152 and 161. They're absolutely stunning!

Thanks in advance chummers!

- Greadle