My first fan fic, yada yada

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Lucifer Mckenzie was a normal kid. went through school, and then He joined the marines... Disohonorable discharge for going a wee bit berserk and killing the rest of his unit. He escaped from a psych ward, killing 3 orderlies... they never pursued. He enjoys killing.

Wears a modified long skirted military vest, dark green cargo pants, elbow length black fingerless gloves, Punk shoes or half boots.... Unwieldy just shorter than shoulder length brown hair. And a black scarf at his hip.

Mr. johnson had hired him 3 weeks prior, and now on his first mission Lucifer was excited.The mission was simple... Kill an ork named Korgad. He almost couldn't stop himself from running in there and shooting blindly.

Krogad was in the "winking wench" a bar notorious for it's shitty drinks, shady crowd,  and even shadier management.

Lucifer was outside, ready, armed with twin Taurus 24/7-G240B-10, 4 full clips (6 if you included the two in the guns), 2 punch knives, and a whole bunch of physical enhancements, not the least of which were two extra cyberarms.

As the double doors swung shut behind him he was at krogads table, and by the time he was noticed His target was dead. Shot in the top of the skull, brain matter dripping out of his mouth and onto the table...
"Get him!" shouted one of the thugs.
But he was cut off by a bullet, right between the eyes.
Everyone was shooting and trying their darndest to kill the man who just shot thier paychecks (metaphorically).
Lucifer was shot 3 times. twice in his right leg and once in his left shoulder. Needless to say within the hour he had shot, beat, or crippled everyone... but the bartender... He walked up to the barkeep and said 
"One must be hunted to know how to hunt. I have been hunted." And killed him.