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page 27, SPD comment : "I met him back in ‘48 [...] After that, every so often he would come back for some fishing. He even helped me get my private career going after the Seattle PD went bust, using me as a paid consultant."
The SPD was dissolved and replaced by Lone Star Security Services in 2023, according to Seattle Sourcebook, pages 16-17, New Seattle, pages 24-25, and Seattle 2072, page 28. Comments made by SPD in the past suggested he left police duties at that point. Unless he's talking about 1948.

page 30 "In Seattle, Dr. Swinborne is found healthy after being kidnapped by a deranged group of potential “students” who wanted him to teach them magic."
Correct spelling is Swinburne, as seen in Jet Set, page 27, and Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets, pages 27 and 104-112.

page 44 "One option would be to deal with the Olaya or the Andres cartels."
Correct speeling is Andes, as in Feral Cities, page 114, Ghost Cartels, pages 23, 40, 54, 128 and 138, Vice, pages 85 and 88-89, and War!, pages 13, 16, 42, 100, 112 and 114.
Okay, I probably actually did not need to provide so many references. But once I started...

page 47 "The Aztechnology World Headquarters in Tenochtitlán has been designed to emulate the traditional mesoamerind stepped pyramid. [...] The building is roughly seven hundred meters tall and four hundred square meters at its base."
Four hundred square meters is a twenty on twenty meters square. Typical Aztec pyramid are about two or three times as large as they're tall. So four million square meters, or four square kilometers, would be more on target.

page 63 "The sports complex and the coliseum are all but abandoned (expect for a few patriotic festivals held each year)"
"except" ?

page 67 "The things that are supposed to contain a shadow spirit who claims to be the embodiment of Morgana LeFey herself?"
page 68 "Now this spirit claiming to be Morgana LeFey might be play?"
page 70 "the artifacts [...] are believed to have once been owned by Morgana le Fey.
page 70 "The pendants, if authentic, allegedly contain a powerful spirit that claims to be Morgana le Fey herself."
"Le Fey" is Morgana's nature or title, and not a family name ("Dunkelzahn TheDragon" ?). The blank space should be kept, as in the two later quotes.

page 69 "the Dragon Focus is being developed at two facilities; one in Hong Kong and the other in South America (Mérida)"
page 71 "One of their high-profile projects, which is being carried out concurrently between Hong Kong and their offices in the Yucatan, is the Dragon Focus."
There is one Mérida city in South America, in Venezuela. The Mérida in Yucatan, and Yucatan as a whole, are in North America, as everything else north of the Panama Isthmus.

page 70 "The Seekers Guild has an internal policing group called the Disciplinary Committee that deals with reports of abuse of divinations by Guild members, as well as claims of fraudulent divinations by its members."
"The Seers Guild"

page 71 "Though Ma’Fan typically works along, she may be persuaded, due to the complicated nature of the security measures at Belvedere, to work with the runners to help them get the pendants"

page 79 "Zincan and Hestaby survive the attack; the latter largely due to the former’s protection."
Probably inverted. Unless the attack is actually so massive that it can threaten a Great Dragon, and Zincan secretly is a yet more powerful being.

page 81 "Zincan was one of the first non-elven members of the Council of Princes brought onboard as a publicity stunt in 2035 to show that the Council was open to non-elves."
According to Tir Tairngire, page 38, Zincan became a prince along with the other non-elves in mid-2036.

page 82 "Ground units are composed of six infantry (see Tír Peace Force Infantry, p. 83), a tech specialist (see Tír Peace Force Tech Specialist, p. 83) (Red Samurai Lieutenant, p. 283, SR4A, same modifications as above), a trained barghest (p. 299, SR4A), or Hell Hound (p. 300, SR4A), and a mage/animal handler (see p. 83)"
The text doesn't say what the Red Samurai Lieutenant stats are for.

page 100 "Brackhaven’s humanis cronies"
Humanis being an organization, it should be capitalized.

page 102 "putting Bloom in his debt is simply a first step for Surehand in creating a power base for himself in Seattle, which could serve as a window to his native Tír Tairngire."
I cannot say this is wrong, since Lugh Surehand place of birth was so far unknown. He's obviously born before the foundation of Tir Tairngire in 2036. Street Legends has Sperethiel as his native language, which suggests he was born in an Elven Nation during the Fourth or Second Age. There is no indication so far that such a nation existed in the Pacific Northwest in the past.

page 111 "an august personage—whose name they will be give later"

page 122 "Characters with cybereyes (which by default contain cameras) or any other devices incorporating cameras must pay an additional photography fee of 120 LE (20 nuyen)."
Such extra fee seems a bit ridiculous, since every standard comlink contains a camcorder according to Shadowrun 4th edition, page 318, and Shadowrun 20th Anniversary, pages 327-328.

page 123 "Additionally, the maître d’ can request that they check the item rather than bring a large object into the rather crowded room."
"Gamemaster" (maître de jeu or maître du jeu is the French term, so I guess the text was first written in Frech and then translated).

pge 124 "The team is led by Belle Fadden, a Mystic Crusader and a close protégé of Sheila Blavatsky"
page 126 "Belle—an strikingly attractive redhead with a lilting southern accent—is a member of the Mystic Crusaders, a highly secretive order of Knights loyal to the Atlantean Foundation, its founder, Sheila Blavatsky, and the Codex they follow"
The founder of Atlantean Foundation was Sheila Blatavska, according to Threats, page 54, 55 and 58, Loose Alliances, page 79, and Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk, page 8.

page 135 "She certainly has found no shortage of suitors in her time on Tour, as both Jaime Salazar and Dominigo Ramos have been seen frequently in the company of the outrageously styled beauty."
The Aztechnology boardmember and David Cartel boss is Domingo Ramos. According to Corporate Guide, pages 67 and 70, Vice, page 86, and Jet Set, pages 10, 137 and 140, among others.

page 138 "Once the runners arrive in Paris, they are brought to their quarters at the luxurious Hotel le Meurice in the heart of the city."
page 139 "the runners are able to spend more time in the Hotel le Meurice"
French nitpicking here, but it should be "the Hôtel Meurice" or "Le Meurice."

page 151 "if Villiers really expects to uncover someone like Villiers through a simple canvassing operation"
Considering context, Villiers is rather trying to uncover someline like Lanier.

page 152 "This requires an adept with the skin walker metamagic (see Skin Walker Adept, p. 154), who will be provided to the group."
The Skin Walker metamagic is not described on page 154 (it's in Spy Games, page 164). It would be more appropriate to put it this way : "This requires an adept with the skin walker metamagic, who will be provided to the group (see Skin Walker Adept, p.154)."
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page 28 "That last name in the list, Bob Cardino? Turns out he’s the brother of Senator Anthony Cardino of Ohio, who’s vice-chairman of the Federal Budget Committee" (Sunshine)
There is no Bob Cardino on the list on the previous page (the last name is Melody Tyger), and no other list is mentionned.