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DISCLAIMER: ***Please bear in mind this tradition is meant to, but not required to, modify a core aspect of the setting by adding another "primary" tradition. Like most of the Resources I am and will be posting in future, it is intended for those groups which like modifying and adding to the game as much as I do. If you don't like changing the game world that much, just don't do it. Please don't deride the idea just because you dislike changing the base setting. Other comments of a constructive or critical nature are, of course, welcome.***

So, does it ever bother anyone else that the two default traditions and the traditions from Street Magic barely cover Intuition as a Drain stat? Does it bother you that there are only two common traditions seen worldwide, and neither use Intuition? Honestly, there should be a triumvirate of common traditions, and that is why I built the following. Comments are invited, and also suggestions for alternate spirit associations.

Theurgists (Often called Mystics, as in “He is a drek-hot Combat Mystic!”)
Combat - Fire
Detection - Guidance
Health - Earth
Illusion - Air
Manipulation - Water
Drain – Willpower plus Intuition

Theurgists are the third most prevalent tradition in the Sixth World, right alongside Hermetics and Shamans. It is their belief that the forces of Magic are a naturally occurring energy field accessible to the Awakened only when the mana levels are high enough, and that the mana field is unrelated to gods and worship or arcane formulas of set power that always works the same way.

Theurgist magic tends to be chaotic and ever-changing, with each new casting of a given spell having random small changes from the last one (Ranging from changing size, appearance, having extra unintended special effects like flashes of light, occasionally adding a die to one side of the casting process and subtracting from the other, adding dice to the casting but also adding to the dodge (or vice versa), or other minor effects). This is due to the belief Theurgists hold that magic is not static and in fact is mostly spontaneous, merely guided by an observant hand.

If a given group uses any kind of spontaneous magic rules, Theurgists find doing it easier. Also, Theurgists almost always astrally perceive when they work forces, as seeing the mana they are shaping makes them feel more comfortable with it. As such, as an optional rule the GM may use, they suffer a constant -1 die for all spellcasting or summoning tests when not perceiving, but get +1 to all Assensing and Astral Combat rolls, and +1 to all Banishing and Counterspelling rolls when astrally perceiving, or some similar set of specializations (rather along the lines of Mentor spirit boosts, only the postitive needs to roughly balance the negative rather than the positive being greater than the negative, as BP is not being spent for this)

Hermetics tend to dislike Theurgists and deride their ‘hippy’ ways, and Shamans try to convert them, believing their beliefs are close enough to their own they stand a chance of doing so.