Looking to trade a Gencon Event Ticket with someone

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« on: <07-16-12/1950:41> »
In a weird convergence, I find myself in possession of a ticket for the Thursday 12pm slot of CMP2012-02, which I'm looking to trade for a ticket to CMP2012-05, 06, or 08 running in the same slot.  Drop me a PM if you're looking to trade.  Normally, I'd return the ticket and go buy another one, but they've all been sold out since the day event registration opened, so that's not an option.


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« Reply #1 on: <07-18-12/1114:16> »
As an FYI - if you can't find someone to trade with, just show up at the event you want a little early.  GM's will usually accept a 7th player and you can use your CMP2012-02 tickets as generics for the event.