[OOC] Virtual Underworld 93 Biography Thread

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Handle: Psychotique
Known info: A Hacker or Technomancer from the TriCity Free Economic Zone. Affiliated with NiSayer.
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Handle: Deliverance =Rigger,guide and smuggler. Works the east coast and great lakes routes. Knowlegable concerning smuggling as far west as Chi-town but is mostly sought out as a guide for the area known as "The Penn-NY, Wilds", an area west of the manhattan sprawl and east of Erie Pa. Just look at a sat map of northern pa. and you may notice the little blank area with the "no image availible" tag.
 Mannerisms: Posts are pretty down home to the point you can almost hear dueling banjo's playing in the background. Most posts concerning smuggling but interspersed are bits of herbal lore,info on magic critters,and archaic mechanical info.

Rumors:"He guided two fire watch teams into the wilds and neither came back out.." True to a point. The first team ignored his warning to put down thier weapons in the presence of the great form free spirit that inhabits the area. His reaction after the spirit chewed the team to pieces was"Stupid is as stupid does". The second team is presently assisting the spirit in a personal matter.

"He drives a fraggin school bus, for ghosts sake!" This is guaranteed to get a fusillade  of profanities and a lecture in pre-2050 automotive history.
." SCHOOL BUS MY ASS! I'll have you know Matilda is a '46 GMC of only 160 to roll off the line in detroit before they shut it down. She's got more horsepower than 5 of your fancy new puppy-dogs and  the tightest gear ratio of any production public transporation vehicle ever created! My girl can climb hills that would leave anything you can bring against her pissing in their boots!!!"  and on and on and on.....

"He's a witch of the wilds,I tell you!!" Um, probably true...if your  definition of witch includes mystic adepts...
As night descends upon the city
The streets are cold, the lights go by
And in the stories of the people
A million faces, a million lies
They'll never say they feel what you feel
That they can see the world you see
And in their faces, their expressions
A million faces, a million lies... VNV "Chrome"


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Name : Murphy

Known Info :
Ex-mafia enforcer out of somewhere in the northeast corridor, relocated to Seattle 'for his health' six months ago, and just now starting to make new friends in the business.  Picked up the moniker from the folks who pulled the extraction that took him freelance two years ago, given that 'Everything that could go wrong, did.'

Further research has revealed Murphy to be Troll, now sporting a golden-chrome cyber-replacement for his left arm.   Takes book on Urban Brawl and boxing matches out of a bar in Renton in his spare time, known to have a wicked left hook of his own, most often applied to people trying to welsh on their wagers.

Muscle with a way with words.
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Name: Realtime

Known Info:

Hacker from CAS, got a big job from a Johnson get all SNAFU’d, lost all the team, barely got out alive with a little help from his friends. Left them, the paydata, the whole ball of shit behind and with the help of a small group of fake SINS, finds himself in Seattle with a little bit of ¥ and whole lot of nuttin’ else. Looking for work, trying to keep a low profile in case somebody’s looking for him.


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« Reply #34 on: (02:24:19/01-25-11) »
Name: LeFay

Known Info: Precious little, for those interested. Even her age remains a mystery. She's a technomancer who most likely gained her powers during the second Crash. Since then, she has apparently appointed herself a good Samaritan to shadowrunners down on their luck. Her sprites are all named after the spirits of the Ars Goetia. LeFay has a keen interest in media from the late 20th century, especially old 16-bit RPGs.


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« Reply #35 on: (22:10:17/01-26-11) »
Name: Silver Ferret

info: CAS hacker that somehow ended up in Seattle. Shows some military training


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« Reply #36 on: (20:53:00/01-27-11) »
Name: Tex

Real Name:  Unknown

Elven combat mage out of the CAS.  “Duster” Longcoat (Which looks an awful lot like a Confederate Officers Coat) , Stetson Black Hawk Hat, chaps, boots and spurs-everything he owns in the saddlebags he carries over his shoulder.  Gets in a lot of trouble because of his feelings about “Yankees” and his chew habit.  Speaks with a distinct southern drawl.
An experienced mage, he has a reputation for hunting Shadow spirits-although the experience seems to have driven him to start drinking.

Rumors:  There is a former Texas Ranger, deceased, named Roy Cobb, who bears a striking resemblance to this runner, both in mannerisms and appearance.  Apparently, Humanis killed his wife and unborn child and he vowed revenge, following the killers to the UCAS

This runner has been seen in the Redmound Barrens, riding a “spirit” horse, shooting spells from “fraggin sixshooters” when gangers failed to tip their hats to a lady.  Seems like more a rumor than most.


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« Reply #37 on: (12:25:06/02-28-11) »
Name: Stillwaters

Appearance: 20-something Native human consistently dressed in neo-Native street fashion, but in a northeast woodlands style.

Known Info: He is a shaman who displays an uncanny knack for finding hidden things and people, despite being new to the Seattle shadows. Rumor has it he worked the shadows in the A-M Council, Quebec and UCAS tri-border zone before something big blew up in his face and forced him to start a new life elsewhere. When asked on a couple occasions if he's Algonquin, he's rather coldly replied that he's Nipissing.

Most word on the street gives him a solid reputation for keeping his cool and being professional, if quiet. However, rumor also has it a rookie street sam was laid up for three days with food poisoning after repeatedly insulting Stillwaters for relying on a linguasoft to communicate with his team.


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Name: Jones

Real Name: Jones. if he has more to his name it's been decades since he last used it.

Appearance: Elderly human male with thinning silver-white hair and a face that looks like it's been through sixty years of abuse. Which it has. Carries a cane and tends to dress in expensive but understated business suits. Followed by a large dog named King.

Astral Appearance: Has a cyberarm. Definately a mage of some sort, though anything beyond that is masked. The cane is a focus. The dog is definitely not a dog - dogs usually have a living aura, this one does not. Probably a drone of some sort.

Known Info: Jones is Old. Like, Really Old. "Remembers the Great Ghost Dance and both Crashes" old. He was an operator from Seattle, put away some nuyen, and retired to Manhattan where he ran a bar for nearly ten years. Then the bar got blown up along with most of his savings. So he's back in the biz, and none too happy about it. Tends to be intolerant of bulldrek and is generally grumpy.

Reputation/Rumors: Professional, discreet, can do silent ops and open warfare equally well. May have worked for Ares at some point, has made references to particular Desert Wars operations that Ares was known to have troops in. His earlier "retirement" wasn't entirely by choice, but the details are fuzzy, save that something made him leave Seattle in a hurry.



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Name: Jack

Real Name: For those who have figured out Jack's main secret, is on record with Evo.

Appearance/Personality: Varies, though most often Jack appears bio-sculpted to look like the old 2D vid actor Tom Cruise. Dresses stylishly and is rarely without a small cloud of drones, mostly FlySpys. Flamboyant, total media junkie, sometimes a little immature.

Astral Appearance: Dead. No Astral signature at all, like looking at a block of concrete. See Rumors.

Reputation/Rumors: Jack is a Rigger, and tends to get hired for "loud" missions as artillery does not work well for covert ops. Lack of Astral signature has many folks thinking Jack is either a cyberzombie or a drone, but he's been seen operating just fine in areas with wireless blocking, and has been seen to actually cast spells and summon spirits.



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« Reply #40 on: (10:24:48/03-20-11) »
Handle: Sunni Daze
Name: Cassandra Day

Known Info: If there is dirt to dig up or a skeleton to be found in the closet Cassandra Day is the one to find them. A former Lone Star investigator and proud "Southern Witch" (at least second level intiate, Wiccan tradition), she was a rising star (no pun intended) in the occult investigations division specializing in magical forensics and "interviewing techniques" (read: interrogations). Early career successes apprehending occult killers and breaking up wizgangs throughout the CAS got her transferred to Seattle in the early 60's where she became a troubleshooter for Lone Star Internal Affairs. She retired from Lone Star sometime before Crash 2.0 and currently is the owner and primary operator of Crazy Daze Investigations.

Reputation/Rumors: A bloodhound of an investigator wrapped up in the body of a blonde southern belle, Sunni is fanatical when it comes to solving her cases and has been known to use somewhat extreme measures now that she has ditched her badge. She accomplishes this with a mix of expert investagative skills, magical prowess, and what she calls "sweet talk". For Sunni, the truth is everything; no matter how painful. The truth however can be elusive and a double-edged sword.  Some say Sunni was about to blow the whistle on some high-level bad goings-on that would shake the entire occult division to the core. But when the dust settled, it cost Sunni her badge and several officers (including two command officers) simply dissappeared from Seattle.  Because of her reputation as being a fair (if not a pain-in-the-ass) investigator who is true to her word; Sunni has been able to create and maintain a vast network of contacts in the CAS and Seattle area. Most notable is Damian, a former company man who was framed for murder and now acts as her partner and body guard.
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« Reply #41 on: (04:35:53/03-29-11) »
Name: Mordred

Known Info: He is related to the technomancer LeFay, though it is unknown how. Mordred is an adept specializing in the martial arts, and a good shot as well. He has a chivalrous streak a mile long. Despite comments that it is a very bad idea for a shadowrunner to hold himself to such a code, he has managed to keep himself alive so far.

Rumors: Adepts from the martial arts school where he learned the tricks of the trade have a disturbing tendency to become twisted. Time will tell whether he suffers the same fate.


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Handle: Wolfgar
Name: James Raymond Bostwick

Known Info: This CAS born gunslinger adept elf has been kicking around the shadows and keeping a fairly low profile for the most part since before the bugs showed up and Chicago went nuclear. He dropped off the map however not long after Ghostwalker did his little rampage through Denver only to reappear as the manager of a franchise Stuffer Shack and the owner and operator of a training compound in Northwest Florida on the Alabama border. Since 2070 he's moved into the fixer arena but has kept things low key there as well. Now in his early 40's he takes small, mostly government jobs for the two teams he operates though he has been known to take the occasional trip to Seattle either for business or for pleasure. (Warning: the Cutters go gang has a major hard on for this guy, and anytime members seem to find him they attack him.)

Reputation/Rumors: For some reason he seems to have a major thing about killing bugs and shedim spirits and the rumor mill has it that he has lost at least one girlfriend to one of them, maybe both. Rumor also has it that he has some kind of deal going with the Triads who run the Vice in his corner of the Gulf Coast Metroplex. It seems that there are no under age prostitutes in the Pensacola red light district brothels and some rumors attribute this to him and a deal he made with the local Triad gang. Final main rumor is not so much about him but about the "virtual pet" that he has been seen with, a large wolf that occasionally accompanies him on his cyber trips. Some have suggested that it is a semi-feral AI or sprite that has taken up residence in his commlink and adopted him, no one seems to know the truth about it.
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Name: Operator

Known Info: A well-kempt man of distinct Japanese descent, appearing to be in his late 30s. His black hair is cut short and neatly kept, and he keeps his clothing and gear clean - almost excessively so. A natural bilinguist, Operator can speak and understand Japanese and English equally well. As a result, his accent is subdued. While his name is relatively fresh, he projects the attitude of a diligent individual who is making a fresh start after sordid experiences in both light and shadow. He also has a love of military history and old American sitcoms involving the military (ex. MASH). Whenever corporate rumors are at the fore, it's a safe bet that Operator is paying attention.

Among the Japanese, Operator is an unusual moderate with regards to race. He is quite wary of performing shadowruns for pro- or anti-metahuman policlubs and organizations, and refuses to do wetwork that targets either type.

Rumors: Supposedly earned his nickname by performing a bit of quiet wetwork in a modest Tacoma neighborhood. The spicy meat of this story is that he beat the Halloweeners to the job, and subsequently burned the house down with incendiary explosives to both spite them and destroy evidence - all while wearing surgeons' scrubs. Alternative sources claim that his name is nothing more than a grateful exaggeration of his proficiency with first aid techniques.
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Name: Nexus

Known Info:  Works outta downtown.  Can be hired for work through a fixer named Fast Eddie, who runs a chop shop on Cap Hill.  He's big too, everyone who works with him says he's 6'4" at least, and broad in the chest.  The guy is pro though, always wears a suit, plays by the law of the shadows, and can sling so serious mojo.

Rumors:  "Word on the street is he lives in the Ork Underground and rarely comes out, something about the sunlight.  This chummer was some kinda mage prodigy at the University of Washington until a corp tried to extract him.  Somewhere in the mix he fell through everyones fingers and wound up in the shadows.  Last I heard, he was laying low after a job in the Tir, something to do with an elf girl."

Name:  Ghost

Known Info:  Works in Auburn through a fixer named Eve that runs club Eden.  Kinda a stuck up little git, but can get the job done, especially negotiations with the corps.  If you can't get ahold of him through Eve a message can be left for him at Chan's, a streetside cafe that happens to have the best bowl of greasy soy noodles in South Auburn, just don't ask what kind of meat goes in it.

Rumors:  "I heard this chummer used to be a Johnson for Renraku til' the arc went down.  He did some work for Stuck at the Carnival when he first hit the street, and word has it he worked out a sweet little deal that gives him room and board in the Seattle Metroplex's favorite little slice of heaven.  From what I hear he makes the rounds on the club circuit, and knows where to hire some of the finest escorts to be found in the plex.  If you need a negotiator, or just someone who can slip into a business and walk out with what ya need and a date with the secretary, this chummer is your guy."
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