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This story is inspired by two games; one I will be playing and one I have already played.  The Character Fiachra was my fist attempt at character creation after a 20 year hiatus from shadowrun and before I found this site.  He used a 400 point build and was full of terrible things like Uncouth, a high strength mage etc...  The game ended with us being chased by the police and a few AA corps.  Now that I am getting ready for a new game with a 500 point build, I though I'd like to bring Fiachra back.  So, starting from the original build, I tried to think of roleplaying ways to get rid of some of the parts I didn't like about the character. Since I won't have the benefit of getting to roleplay it, I'm writting it out.

Some Background info.  Fiachra was a 16 year old Fomori with a SIN.  To incorporate his SIN status, I had him in highschool with two of the other runners acting as parents.  With the raging hormones of a 17 year old, and all the social graces Uncouth imparts, I had him heal by grabbing peoples breast. Skin to skin contact helped with the healing, or so he would say. It's wasn't my brightest moment, but it was funny enough in game.  In game, he joined the Bear Doctor's Society.  Since Fiachra isn't Amerindian, I'm not sure if he could join them, but in our game it wasn't a problem.  Some of what I have written may take a leap of logic due to the fact that I'm no expert on the world in 2072, but here it is anyway.  I hope you enjoy.

I had spent two days hiding in the woods and still hadn't heard from my hacker contact shinagami. I sent another voicemail from the disposable comlink I bought off a homeless guy in the barrens before making my way into the wilderness.

> Fiachra "Shin, what's going on? I wasn't packed for this trip."

Finally Shinagami replied.

> Shinagami "Got your messages, stop sending them.  I won’t be using names.  If you can’t figure it out, you’re as dumb as the rock you based your personality on. Face-man is in jail, apparently spilling his guts to Knight Errant. House is ok, I backdated a sale to another friend. Don't go to the garden, I'll contact you soon."

> Shinagami "The cops had fried bird tonight. Things are all fragged up. Face-man has spread word everything is your fault. I can't help you there, he's got the skills and contacts, I almost believed him myself. You can't stay in Seattle."

> Fiachra "Shin, I got two words for you. Bogata Libre. Get me there, and you can sell the house, keep the money, and I'll give what's left in my account."

> Shinagami "The cred I make won’t even cover the favors I'll have to call in. I'll do it because your young, dumb, and tried to be a chummer. Don't contact me again. Ever."

> Doc (street doc contact) "Hey asshat. What the frag did you do to me? I got those vehicles for you and now I got KE crawling all over my shop. They hacked my vid feeds and threatened to lock me up for child smut after seeing how you heal you fragging perv. They shut my clinic down too. If you need any more work, don't look for it here or you'll find it in a body bag."

"Dear newest member of the bear shaman society. After reviewing news feeds of your healing technique we have decided you would best be suited in a different group. Using special ritual magic, your initiation will be revoked and the material link provided destroyed. Any claims that you were ever a member of our society will be vehemently denied. A virus has been attached to this message which should be fragging your comlink now and destroying any evidence of this message. We hope you remain in good health. Not contacting us will help ensure it."

Even though Shin dropped me like an old hat. He came through with a Colombia connection.  Apparently when they heard there was a young mage that needed to get out of Seattle, they smelled fresh blood.  Word got to me while I was hiding in the Ork Underground. Apparently all of my contacts hadn’t dried up just yet.

I had settled in to an abandoned basement and been squatting there about a week when when an old chummer named blade found me.

>Blade “You got a lot of people looking for you Irish.”
>Fiachra “Yeah, which ones you with Blade?”

Blade pulled out one of his combat knives he was so fond of carrying.

>Blade “Lucky for you you never healed my sister.  I got a cousin in with the caskades.  He’s looking to run you to Colombia. Bonus for me if I get you to him.”

>Fiachra {shaking} “How do I know you’re not lying?”
>Blade “You don’t.  You’ve always been a bit of a hose Irish.  I didn’t kill you because most of the time you made me laugh.  Hard to find sunshine underground, but seeing you being conned by children brought it in spades.  Best advice I can give you, come with me and when you get where you’re going, take a class or two from Mrs. Manners.”

The GMC Banshee was waiting for them when Fiachra and Blade climbed out of the underground and into the Barrens.  A female Ork waited at the Banshee’s open door.  Blade gave a quick wave to the Ork and turned to me.

>Blade “That’s the cousin I was telling you about. Come on, let’s get moving.”

We sprinted towards the VSTOL stopping short as Blade’s cousin lowered her HK Urban Fighter towards my head.  A feat only possible because she was standing at the top of the entry ladder.  I began to cast my armor spell when Blade stopped me.

>Blade “Hoi there Shiela.  No need for that.”
>Sheila “I just want to make sure this drek-head knows who’s in charge on my plane.”

>Fiachra {voice quivering} “Umm, I’m just along for the ride. Sister”

>Sheila {Glaring at Fiachra} “I’m not your fragging sister got it?  From what I hear you’ve got a pretty big heatwave coming down on you.  If you were a mundane I’d make more cred slotting you here and turning over your corpse.  As it is, I’ve got a rep to keep and right now that means getting your ass to Bogota. Now get in, fasten up, and don’t touch my NERPS!”

>Blade “Hoi Shiela, don’t forget my bonus when you deliver the paydata.”