What happened to Dodger and Maegera?

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What indeed. : )

Dodger is more or less my favorite Shadowrun character. At least in the top 3.
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For me, definitely less.  Dodger annoys the hell out of me.
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« Reply #32 on: <08-09-12/2113:57> »
I always loved Dodger and his anachronistic speaking style. Gotta say, other than watching the interplay between the Orange Queen, Laughing Man, and others of their ilk, Dodger's Shadowland posts were always my favorite. But then, if I could be whoever I wanted in the Matrix, I'd probably take on the attitude of a swashbuckler, a la Errol Flynn. So Dodger's a decker after my own heart. Plus, the story between him and Morgan/Meagara is too sweet. He brings a bit of light into the otherwise dismal world of the shadows.
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