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Just a little formalization of my interpretation of the unwritten rules regarding Machine Sprites and their Autosofts. Feel free to also slap it on anything else you decide wants it as well:

       When a Sprite with this Power is in the node of a piece of hardware (usually, but not always, a Drone) capable of being operated by a Pilot Program it may, if it has Administrator Access, spend a Free Action to assume full command of said hardware, much the same as a normal Rigger with the More Than Metahuman quality using a Jump-In action.
       While Overriding the hardware, the Sprite usurps any currently running Pilot Programs and counts as the drone having a Jumped-In rigger for hacking attempts. When acting, however, the Sprite controls the hardware as if it were an Autonomous Drone (see SR4A, p247 for a table of common tests).
       As a Resonance entity, a Sprite using Override is not limited by the normal capabilities of the hardware of the machine it is running on (per SR4A, p240), and will use the full amount of its own Programs and Attributes (usually Response and Pilot) for all appropriate tests, rather than that of the hardware. If a test calls for an Attribute the Sprite does not possess (such as Body or Sensor) use the hardware's native rating as normal.
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