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« on: <01-23-12/1315:29> »
We're going to start with the profiles we have at the moment. I'll update as soon as I receive new ones. This thread is semi IC, meaning that besides me to tell people to move on to the next writeup, people are going to post under their VU93 characters as they would in the regular IC thread. We're going to use a post format very similar to the one we use for Jackpoint Additions. Here's a concrete exemple.

Smiley's Profile, after paragraph 6, commenting on his very low tolerance for being screwed
>>>>>[I try my very best!]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (13:03:22/01-23-74)


Smiley's Profile, after paragraph 6, replying to Money's shadowcomment
>>>>>[Not even close.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (13:013:14/01-23-74)

If we get too much shadowcomment on a profile, we may have to cut a few of them. The decision to cut which ones will be in the hands of the character owner. If you have questions, don't post them here but in the original OOC thread. The following post will contain all the profiles we have at the moment. Anyone can comment on any of them and as many times as he wants. Just remember that we'll need comments on every profiles and that not all comments may end up on the final "product". Have fun. :)
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« Reply #1 on: <01-23-12/1320:32> »
Posted by: Madrecita

Name: Mirikon Mollen (Formerly Rahki Darkholme)
Handle: Iceblade
Age: 41
Height: 2m
Weight: 80kg
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Male
Metatype: Elf
Awakened: Yes (Magician)

If ever there was a name appropriately selected, it’s Iceblade. When I first heard it, I thought he was a vainglorious boy with a lack of imagination. Nothing can be further from the truth. Continue to read, and you will find out why.

To understand Ice, as I call him, you have to understand where he comes from. Put yourself in medieval times, in a feudal system. Imagine growing up privileged, and being taught that you are superior to ‘lesser’ beings and that you hold the position of privilege by right. That is where he comes from. Right or wrong, that is the society that shaped him, and he embraced it, as any noble son should.

I had some difficulty digging up specifics on his early life and training. Some of it is no doubt attributable to the Crash 2.0, but not all of it I should think. What I have should be reasonably accurate. Getting to the nitty gritty of it:

Ice was born Rahki Darkholme in 2032. That makes him forty one or forty two years old, depending on the exact day of his birth. His parents are Count Karellon Darkholm and Duchess Mellaneth Darkholme, with two elder siblings Count Arkash Blackmoon, and Count Garret Richt. They were raised on the family estate near Salem, initially learning all those things a nobleman should know. Things like tradition, the political and social system, and of course all the etiquette, attitudes and behaviours appropriate to the gentry. He learned this even before he received a basic education, so you can imagine how deeply ingrained those things are in him.

When he showed some talent for magic, a tutor was hired, a man of appropriate rank, skill and reputation, by name of Rimaldo Corenas. Rimaldo was a follower of the Swordmage Tradition. Rahki spent ten or so years under his tutelage, picking up not only swordplay, but also the elven martial art Carromeleg. This too had a big impact on the young Rahki. As any magician can tell you, the tradition we follow is central to how we view the world, and Rahki received instruction in a very specific tradition from a very tender age. As with many martial traditions, responsibility is taught along with the power it can unleash. Control and mastery of the body and mind, with magic and blade becoming mere extensions thereof. Rahki excelled of course. I’d imagine that little else would be expected of him, given the society he was raised in.

Upon reaching his majority, he underwent the Rite of Passage, involving being sent alone into the forest with only the basics. For meditation purposes, ostensibly, but I’d imagine also for the physical challenge of it. When he emerged, he underwent the Naming, and chose the name Mirikon Mollen. As a mere third son, he would not automatically inherit hi father’s lands and title. In fact...traditionally, younger sons of the nobility usually joined the military as officers. Unless of course they undertook the Rite of Progression, as Mirikon did. A scant year after his Naming, he was confirmed as Count Mirikon Mollen, a noble in his own right, with lands and privilege and all that went with it.

Now things get a bit fuzzy here, but the details aren’t that difficult to piece together. Given his martial training, his Tradition, and his mentor spirit, it’s hard to imagine he would not have some involvement with the military. I did some digging through my own contacts and found that he did indeed have military background. He spent some time in the Tir Tairngir Peace Force, rising through the ranks as his skills developed. I wouldn’t swear to this, necessarily, but my instincts tell me that he’s a Ghost. My reasons for saying so? Things that should be difficult to find aren’t. And things that should be easy isn’t. For example, I couldn’t find out exactly how long he served, or where, but the traces that he had served and that the data had been ‘Crash 2.0 lost’ was just a bit too convenient. Many explanations are just a trifle too glib, too reasonable, and if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. And there’s his skill with the blade besides. As a follower of Shark, he’s cold, deadly, remorseless and very precise, killing quickly and efficiently. I’ve run with him a few times and saw him in action. It defies belief. Iceblade. The most appropriate name anyone ever chose. He fits the profile of a Ghost, but I’d hate to have to defend my case in a court, so make of that what you want.

Either way, I can account for only about six years of military service that I’d sign my name to. His name pops up on one rather interesting list though. Who among you remembers a corp called Arcanix? Hit hard by the crash, the corp, situated near Salem where Ice lived, was about to be gobbled up, and the CEO at the time decided it was time to...cut the overhead. The details of exactly what happened is unclear, but tracing a few records here and there, I found that well over eight hundred people were killed that day, September 14, 2065. All employees of Arcanix, who must have missed the memo about that day being a mandatory holiday...There were only three survivors, and two of those died the following day in hospital. Only Mirikon escaped alive.

I lost track of him there, but he pops up in Seattle as the Ice we’ve come to love or loathe. There’s very little middle ground with a man like Ice. You either love or loathe him, take him as he is with all his ways, or take exception to them. You can make a case for either position.
Over the years in Seattle, he’s been seen in the company of many people, including the Salish-Shidhe ambassador, the Seattle Ambassador to the Tir, the Tir Ambassador to Seattle, Redmond Mayor Sonya Scholl, and been romantically linked to several more, including Karen King.

There have been a few other hints I uncovered, but I’ve found very little to corroborate it, so I think I’ll keep them to myself for now. I realise that there isn’t too much here, and a lot of it is rather disconnected. I could probably connect the dots for you...but I think you’re all big, and bad Shadowrunners able to draw your own conclusions from these bare bone facts. Have fun.

Keep in mind his record as a runner though, and never forget for a moment what he calls himself. Someone who can survive a run into the very heart of Tenochtitlan and escape with the goods, killing a dragon – not a great, but nevertheless – in the process is not someone to take lightly.

Also...don’t be lulled by his good looks and charming ways. A certain Horizon executive made that mistake and never knew she was being played. He's frequently posed as a male escort, and believe me, he can pull that off. Thing is...when he's with a woman, he never needs to fake it, even if she's nothing but a mark.

That said...I’ve never known him to break his word after accepting a job. You can trust him to be professional in every way...unless you’re his mark, in which case all bets are off.

Posted by: Iceblade

Vital Stats: Madrecita
Age: 60
Height: 185cm
Weight: 83kg
Hair: Ebony
Eyes: Dark brown
Gender: Female
Metatype: Elf
Awakened: Yes (Magician)

I admit that I struggled a bit on how to start this profile. The mage we know as Madrecita has walked some dark paths in her time. I'm not doing her any favors writing this piece. All I can do is hope that if she reads this, she realizes how far she's come, and lets go of her hate. In Tir na Nog, the Wheel turns one way. Learn from the past, but keep moving forward.

Our Madrecita was born Xerena Suelo Rubruquis on January 3, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. Public records from the time are understandably sketchy, with two Matrix Crashes happening in the interim. Most of it is the normal childhood stuff. Boarding school at 8, until she Awakened, and then a semi-private school after that, and she went to a university to learn to use her magic to help with healing people.

At some point, she met a man, and fell in love, becoming Mrs. Beltran Calderon in 2044. Her kids, Vita and Alano, were born a couple years later. For a while, she lived a normal life, working in a private clinic specializing in trauma care and reconstructive surgery.

Things started to unravel for her in 2052, when her husband was killed. It was ruled a hate crime, but no one was ever caught. Xerena dealt with her grief by devoting herself to her children. And then they, too, were taken from her.

According to the official police reports, Xerena went to her parents' house in July of 2054 to pick up her children who had been visiting. She walked in on a bloodbath. Her parents and children were all dead, and the murderer tried to kill her too. She survived at least four other attempts on her life in the next three months that I could find records of, literally throwing her into the shadows, without any time to grieve for her family.

This would be the beginning of the 'batshit crazy' time of her life. Anyone who's lost someone important to them knows how easy it is to go a bit mad from grief. And with all these losses piled on top of one another, it is understandable that Madrecita began spiraling into madness.

She sold everything she had, everything her parents had, and dove headlong into the shadows in order to avenge her family. She finally caught up to him, but that confrontation destroyed what little grasp she had on sanity. The killer was a former lover of hers. To make matters worse, her children were simply collateral damage. Her parents were the targets, victims of an Aztechnology reprisal from their shadow work hunting blood mages for the Draco Foundation. Madrecita vowed a vendetta against Aztechnology.

No magician, no matter how skilled, is a match for a megacorp, however. Madrecita took a position with Doctors Without Borders, moving throughout South America, staying a step ahead of the Azzies. More than a few bodies were left in her wake as she fled, victims of Aztech reprisal squads who just missed Madrecita. The violence was later blamed on terrorists, cartel wars, and rebel groups. This continued until she did what so many of us have done, and faked her own death in Bogota.

After that, things get sketchy. The Azzies aren't known for their recordkeeping, but I was able to track down one of her companions from back then, a fellow runner named Sinead.

// upload media file :: user Iceblade :: 01/23/74 //
// VU93 AudioRecSoft audio-to-text conversion engaged //

"There was a group of us, working with the Catholic Church. We had all lost someone to Aztechnology, and we were all looking for payback. We found it hunting blood mages. Madrecita was our mage. When she hit a place, there were no 'innocents'. Anyone who got in her way was cut down. If not by her spells, than by that nasty ass blade she carried, looked like something out of an old sci-fi flatscreen. There's nothing scarier than watching a Spanish woman get her blood up, let me tell you.

We spent '57-'61 in South America, hunting Azzies on their turf. Went through a lot of teammates during that time. You know how it is. You get to know someone just the time they get killed, again and again, and eventually you stop getting to know people, and they're just cannon fodder to help you get to your goal. Madrecita was a mess when we started working together, and she only got worse as time went by. Wouldn't listen to anyone. Took insane risks. She didn't care who died, so long as she got to kill Azzies.

In '61 we decided to hit a teocali that they were activating near Altun Ha. Things went to drek almost immediately. Astral barriers blocked our line of attack, so we had to circle around. We were about to go in, and Madre scouts the astral. Comes back saying they're binding blood spirits in there, and the mage knows we're there. The others are all for bugging out, but Madre won't hear it. She's on a suicide run all the way, you know? Just charges in after the guy. And, like an idiot, I followed her.

The mage was more powerful than we could handle. Blasted us with some of the most powerful magic I've seen, before or since. Madre tried to fight him, but was no match. By that point, I was half unconcious from the blows. Next thing I know, she's kneeling over me, knife in hand, ready to kill me. Then she just froze up. The mage started shouting some crap, and I took her knife and put it in his eye. She passed out not long after that. The guys fought their way through to us, and we bugged out."

// end media file //

Until then, Madrecita had been walking a continually darker path, and had dabbled in some of the darker aspects of magic, driven by the mad quest for vengeance. She turned back from that path, though, before she'd gone beyond the point of no return.

After that incident, Madrecita and Sinead went to the Yucatan, and helped the rebels fight the Aztlan forces. However, with the rise of the toxic faction in the rebel army, she left the fight in disgust. She'd passed too far down one dark path to risk associating herself with another.

Making her way to Bogota, spent a few years in the city, working against Aztechnology, including the assassination of an Azzie executive named Eduardo Vasquez. Her team decided that the best way to get to him was to be roadies with a music group. Unfortunately, Vasquez's favorite music wasn't popular in Bogota at the time. So Madrecita becomes Moncita Caballe, and begins singing in local clubs, while the rest of the team promotes her, making sure that Vasquez hears about her. Sure enough, he shows up at one of her shows, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek with some shellfish toxin, and it is a perfectly 'accidental' death due to allergic reaction. Some of those performances were recorded and commercially released. You can find some nice pirate copies here. [link]

In '67, she got word that the man who had killed her family had been spotted in Seattle. With Sinead at her side, she came to the Emerald City, and finally settled scores with the man who had taken so much from her.

Settling down with an alchemy lab, Madrecita took up the life of a talismonger, and parted company with Sinead. Since then she's worked as a respectable talismonger, and hasn't shown any signs of returning to her dark past. She's shown that even though you can fall, and fall hard, it is still possible to pick yourself back up. And it doesn't hurt to actually pay attention to what the spirits are telling you, either, instead of fighting it.

Posted by: Madrecita

Age: Early Forties,
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair: Black (Partially dyed yellow)
Eyes: Black
Gender: Male
Metatype: Elf Drake (rumored)
Awakened: Yes (Mystical Adept, Wuxing)

“Service with a smile”. Sounds like your local hotel, or the motto of a brothel, doesn’t it? Nothing at all sinister about it. You also wouldn’t think there could possibly be anything sinister about the man who issues those black cards upon which the phrase is printed. He’s such a likable rogue, always smiling, full of life, the heart of the party. Still...there is something about him, and pinning down exactly what it is is next to impossible.

To give you an example...I couldn’t even track down a name for him other than Smiley, and no date or place of birth. He simply appeared in 2049. Given his metatype, it’s difficult to judge his age. From several conversations with him, I’d estimate him to be in his early forties.

Besides the “Service with a smile” calling card he invariably leaves behind after a job, he does have a few other distinguishing features: he always wears black and yellow, he wears four golden rings on his right ear and one on his left eyebrow and he has Chinese dragon tattoos on his arms and back. Like most elves, he’s tall and quite beautiful, as strange as it is to apply that description to a male.

The earliest record I could find of Smiley places him in Redmond in 2049, running with the Green Hoods, a bunch of...well, ‘Hooding gangers ripping off the rich and giving to the poor. He ran with them for about ten or so years before an unfortunate tangle with the Halloweeners wiped them all out. Only Smiley’s connections with the Triads saved him. A few weeks later, he paid the Halloweeners a visit and left sixteen of them dead, leaving his calling card “Service with a smile” for the very first time.

After that, he became a shadowrunner, doing mostly wetwork, but also the occasional protection gig. At each kill, he left his calling card, and that was always the only thing ever discovered at any of the scenes. He left no evidence at all. He did this for two years before he was betrayed by the man who trained him. I couldn’t find out exactly what happened, or why, but my digging around did reveal that the mysterious person who trained him attempted to carry out a hit on Smiley. In retaliation, he killed both the man and his hitman, before joining a band of ‘runners whom he later also killed before making off with millions of nuyen worth of credsticks. Wetwork pays, I suppose.

This became a pattern with Smiley. Anyone who betrayed him, or made a serious attempt on his life didn’t live long enough to try again.

Now with money to back up his very solid rep, Smiley began moving in the upper reaches of society. He established contacts in the FBI, CIA, UCAS Marshalls, the Star, the Knights...all the upper crust folks without ever working against any of them.

In 2066, he formed the band “Thanks for coming out” and released an album before suddenly disappearing completely. He reappeared in 2071, now packing stronger magic and sharpened abilities. Where he went to hone his skills I have not been able to uncover. He rejoined his old band they resumed making music as if nothing had happened.

Now think about everything you’ve learned. Who is this person we call Smiley? He kills as easily as he breathes, even people close to him. His entire team was killed, but did he do it or not? I haven’t been able to find out. He killed the man who trained him. He kills with a certain might even say with a twisted sense of humour. When he was hired to make a death look like a suicide, he strapped bombs to his mark’s wife and child, and then commanded him to kill himself to save his wife and child. He’s capable of surprising acts of kindness, even compassion, and then turn right around and kill. He’s spent ten years of his life hooding, and suffered many betrayals. He lives as if he believes he’ll die soon. He speaks Sperethiel like a native and appeared so suddenly it seems like he lived in a cave in the Tir before coming down out of the mountains.

Could our friend Smiley be a Shifter? Maybe. He follows the Wuxing tradition, which suggests connections with China. His racial characteristics is certainly Chinese. So’s his Triad connections. If he is a Shifter, I’d postulate he’s an eastern critter.

There’s mysteries upon mysteries about Smiley. He’s a good ‘runner, a fun person, but one that’s hard to pin down, hard to know. I don’t get any bad vibes from him, but I would also not care to cross him. He’s a good guy to have on your contact list, but a bad enemy. Tread lightly with him, enjoy his company and play your games straight with him. Catch up with him at Powerline and share a good time with him. Then hire him and receive “Service with a smile”. And pray he doesn’t come after you.
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« Reply #2 on: <01-23-12/1443:51> »
Iceblade's Profile, after Paragraph 2, playing on the feudal system with a bit more to show Murphy being cultured and well-read for a 14-year old.

>>>>>["...imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever...."  Sorry Mr. Iceblade, it seemed an appropriate quote, you certainly weren't like that to me.  But I've heard from other refugees from the Tir.]<<<<<
     -- Murphy (13:12:44/01-23-74)

Iceblade's Profile, after Paragraph 5, about martial arts

>>>>>[Not just magic training, but martial arts of any type that aren't learned by chip (Or, worse, skillchipped!) will teach these things as well.  A combination thereof would be very powerful.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (13:20:00/01-23-74)

Iceblade's Profile, after Paragraph 8, about the Corp

>>>>>[It's worse than that.  Affiliated corps to Arcanix had similar "accidents" happen during and shortly after Crash 2.0, and was blamed on damage caused by it.  I can't get the real owners names, but the shell companies were all the same.  Maybe I should get a rabid forensic accountant on that...]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (13:00:00/01-23-74)

>>>>>[Can't right all the wrongs of the world, Mr. Money.  I know things like this remind you of what happened to Mrs. Money and yourself, but, well, too many times this happens.  Even more for the SINless which you never hear about.]<<<<<
     -- Murphy (01:00:58/01-24-74)

Madrecita's Profile, after Paragraph 5, about her family

>>>>>[Didn't realize Spain was so full of racism as well.  Shouldn't surprise me, I guess, I don't think there's anywhere where we can all get along.]<<<<<
     -- Murphy (15:55:12/01-23-74)

Madrecita's Profile, after Paragraph 14 (Including file), about going too close to the point of no return

>>>>>[It's far, far too easy to lose yourself in the rage and bloodshed.  To ride it like one would a tiger, taking revenge against the world.  The problem is, you're riding a tiger, what happens when you get off usually takes a bite out of you.  If you're lucky, you survive and are still yourself.  If you're not, you lose a bit more of yourself, or go insane.  Yes, I speak from personal experience.  No, I don't want to talk about it.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (02:31:00/01-24-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 2, about his metatype

>>>>>[You know, I just noticed that a vast majority of the old 'runners are elves.  Orks and trolls are easy to explain, we don't live long.  And humans age fast enough to dull their abilities too quickly to stay in the game.  But why do dwarves not have the same deal?]<<<<<
     -- Murphy (13:55:10/01-24-74)

>>>>>[Short stubby legs that can't outrun CorpSec or Peace Officers?  OK, I'm sorry, that was bad and should be in the Humanis Joke Book, but I couldn't help myself.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (18:00:00/01-24-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 6, about his pattern.

>>>>>[Not all that strange, a lot of people have that code, and make sure folks know it.  Myself, my rep tells people that come after me that the ones I leave dead are the lucky ones.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (18:02:18/01-24-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 11, to end it all.

>>>>>[And thanks for coming out!  Good night everybody!]<<<<<
     -- Murphy (00:01:00/01-25-74)
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« Reply #3 on: <01-23-12/1558:35> »
(I'll comment on the others later once others have commented. Madre can't exactly comment on what she wrote except in response to others.)

Madrecita’s profile, paragraph one, Iceblade’s comment about how he hopes she realises how far she’s come:

>>>>>[ Oh Miri. That’s a long time done now. What remains now is nothing more than general principle and habit. But thank you. I think... ]<<<<<
        Madrecita (15:15:45/01-23-74)

Madrecita’s profile, paragraph two, commenting about her name:

>>>>>[ Ah. Now that’s a name I never thought I’d hear again.]<<<<<
        Madrecita (15:16:23/01-23-74)

Madrecita’s profile, paragraph three, commenting about her medical expertise:

>>>>>[ It was a bit more than that, Miri. A lot of my work also involved gene therapies. Trauma cases were what I loved best though. Not so much the work itself as watching the joy on the faces of accident or crime victims when they woke and found their disfiguring injuries healed. ]<<<<<
        Madrecita (15:17:44/01-23-74)

Madrecita’s profile, paragraph ten, where Sinead comments about the blade she carries:

>>>>>[ It’s a Bat’Leth. Dad was a big “Trekkie”. It was one of the things we had in common. He gave me a plastic replica when I turned twelve. After his death, I had a real one forged, and later made a weapon focus of it. It’s a nasty, nasty weapon, but it suited me at the time. I carry it now simply because I’m so familiar with it. I’d feel naked without it.]<<<<<
        Madrecita (15:18:33/01-23-74)

Madrecita’s profile. Paragraph eleven, where Sinead comments about her teammates being cannon fodder:

>>>>>[ Sinead’s probably understating things there, much as I hate to admit it. At the time, I didn’t even know her name. I was more than just a mess. I was hovering on the edge of becoming a sociopath. That...was a very bad time for me...and for everyone else around me.]<<<<<
        Madrecita (15:20:09/01-23-74)

Madrecita’s profile, paragraph thirteen, where Sinead describes how Madre almost killed her:

>>>>>[ I was right on the verge on spilling our her life’s blood to fuel my I could destroy what I hated. That’s the thing about hate. If you let it consume you, you become what you hate. Wolf interfered at that point and pulled me back. My animal twin is a much better person than I am. But I’m leaning from him to be better. ]<<<<<
        Madrecita (15:21:59/01-23-74)

Madrecita’s profile, paragraph sixteen, the story about the “musical run:

>>>>>[ Oh that was fun! I’d never performed before, and it gave me quite a thrill. I’d forgotten those had been released. Ah, brings back memories... I still occasionally perform and release new songs. You can find some of them here. [Link]]<<<<<
        Madrecita (15:23:33/01-23-74)
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« Reply #4 on: <01-23-12/1840:50> »
Iceblade's profile, paragraph 2, after Murphy's comment:

>>>>>[It isn't that I hated or despised other metatypes, or those of lower classes. No, it was much more subtle than that. They were simply invisible to me, and Tir society works very hard to make sure this is so. However, in my social circle, the most accepting of other metatypes you saw were those who pitied the lesser metatypes for not being born elves. Those of lesser metatypes who showed magical potential, or had other notable skills were given a nod of appreciation for having done so much to overcome their difficulties. Likewise, if someone of a lesser metatype failed a task, the reaction was like that you'd give to a small child or a pet that really tried hard, but were simply incapable of doing the task, like a puppy trying to play soccer. And that was the best of what I grew up with. Of course, I rarely saw people of other metatypes while in the Tir, unless they were on the other side of bulletproof glass.

The advantage of having a longer lifespan than others is that you have more time to change as a person.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (17:02:34/01-23-74)

Iceblade's Profile, paragraph 5, after Money Johnson's comment:

>>>>>[Master Rimaldo is a great teacher. He recently celebrated his 80th birthday. I have never met a man more skilled with a blade than he is. After the party, we sparred, for old time's sake. I ended up unconscious, waking up in a couple hours. But it was worth it, since that was the first time I'd ever managed to land a blow on him.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (17:09:34/01-23-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph 7, after 'make of that what you want':

>>>>>[You flatter me, Xerena.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (17:13:23/01-23-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph 8, after Murphy's comment:

>>>>>[So you found out about that, too, Xerena? I hope you didn't stumble upon the trid footage from that day. It is not for those with weak stomachs.

And Money, I heard about some of those other 'accidents'. This was as far from as could be. The corp actually did get bought up. It was the new owner that ordered the 'aggressive liquidation'. I was working as a security mage at the time. I can't talk about what happened without at least a bottle or two of whiskey in me. Feral ghouls running rampant through the compound, our own security system and drones turned against us. *shudder* I still have nightmares.

There were actually three people who made it out of the compound alive. Those 'accidents' were a lot like the one that almost happened to me, when I killed a man trying to spike my IV. Old school assassination trick. Air bubble in the IV becomes an air bubble in the blood, and the victim dies without any sign of foul play. Lucky I 'forgot' to take those sedatives, eh? I was still half-dead from everything that'd happened, but I wasn't going to wait around. I convinced a nurse to bring me my gear, and once I was dressed, she smuggled me out of the hospital. I still had friends in the Peace Forces, so I went to them for help. I was in Seattle the next day, under a fake ID.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (17:35:43/01-23-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph 10, after 'including Karen King':

>>>>>[When I'm not running, I have a profitable sideline as a bodyguard and male escort. Those 'romantic ties' were mostly jobs. Men aren't the only ones who like to have a bit of arm candy around to show off, and then cater to their whims back at the hotel room. The fact that I'm combat trained makes me a bit more useful to them than the typical brainless hardbodies that fill the role, while my experience in navigating the corporate and political worlds means I can at the very least keep from embarrassing them, like a thug straight out of the gangs. I get a lot of repeat customers.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (17:53:24/01-23-74)

Madrecita's Profile, Paragraph 5, about her family:

>>>>>[It wasn't racism, Murphy. It was just your typical 'message' from the Big A.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (17:56:24/01-23-74)

Madrecita's Profile, Paragraph 10, after Madrecita's comment:

>>>>>[And it is still a nasty ass blade.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (18:04:32/01-23-74)

Madrecita's Profile, Paragraph 13, after Madrecita's comment:

>>>>>[The trouble is that once you learn how to use it, blood magic is always there, tempting you. Its not unlike addiction in that way. You can resist the addiction, and even go clean for years, but all it takes is one slip, and you're worse off than before.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (18:15:23/01-23-74)

Smiley's profile, Paragraph 2, after Money's comment:

>>>>>[Its because the elves are better looking. Seriously, though, it seems that there just aren't as many dwarves in the biz, and that hasn't changed. Some real good talismongers and fixers, though.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (18:38:58/01-23-74)
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« Reply #5 on: <01-25-12/0346:34> »
Iceblade's profile, paragraph two, after Iceblade's comment to Murphy:

>>>>>[ And that's of course the sort of thing Humanis uses to justify their own prejudice. In some ways, the subtle condescention is actually worse, or at least pstchologically more damaging than more obvious forms of prejudice. At least with Humanis you know to expect it. No offence to you personally, Miri. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:31:34/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph seven, after Iceblade's comment:

>>>>>[ I know and appreciate quality when I see it, my dear. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:33:33/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph eight, after iceblade's comment:

>>>>>[ Actually I did...but I decided not to share. There are some things...better left alone. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:35:53/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph ten, after Iceblade's comment':

>>>>>[ And of course, you pick up so much useful information you can use in all your other capacities, don't you Miri? Yes...I found out about that too. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:39:12/01-25-74)

Madrecita's Profile, Paragraph ten, after Iceblade's comment:

>>>>>[ Fun, though. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:42:32/01-25-74)

Madrecita's Profile, Paragraph thirteen, after Iceblade's comment:

>>>>>[ Yes. I won't argue that one. One of the things that saved me is that I'm fundamentally not a power-seeking person. It's not in my nature. But yes. You are correct. If I'm ever in a position again of needing power...I will have to be doubly careful not to go down that path again. ]<<<<<
       -- Madrecita (03:45:32/01-25-74)
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« Reply #6 on: <01-25-12/1406:04> »
Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph 2, After Madrecita's comment:

>>>>>[None taken, Xerena. But racism is everywhere, not just in Humanis strongholds. An elf walking through the Ork Underground isn't exactly going to get a warm reception, yes? But as I said, growing up it was omnipresent. Some were worse than others, but it was always there. I'd like to think I've learned a bit since then.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (14:01:04/01-25-74)

Iceblade's Profile, Paragraph 10, after Madrecita's comment:
>>>>>[One can hardly blame me if the ladies I service are more relaxed after vigorous exercise, and feel like talking. And if I happen to hear something that benefits me in my work, why shouldn't I take advantage of it?]<<<<<

--Iceblade (14:05:02/01-25-74)
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« Reply #7 on: <01-25-12/2304:43> »
Posted by: KageZero

Age: 21 (b. 07/23/2052)
Height: 165 cm (5' 4")
Weight: 57.34 kg (126 lbs)
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Metatype: Latina Elf
Awakened: Yes

Hoi, Bull, hope this squares us in regards to that mix-up in Tokyo. Mercedes is a cool customer, for sure, and there’s not much electronic gossip about her, but I’ve worked with her a couple of times and she’s okay with the download. I think her exact words were about “more customers”.

Mercedes was born Haydée Vega in 2050 somewhere in Aztlan. Her mother came to Seattle with her eleven-year-old daughter in tow, and never spoke of her time down south. If Mercedes remembers any of her early childhood, she’s never made mention of it.

Being a second generation elf, Mercedes and her mom did try to get passage in the Tir, but the restrictive regime policies kept them out. Fortunately, they fell in the Laésa in Puyallup. This proved beneficial, both to the outlaw rebels and young Mercedes, who was just coming into her abilities.

While her mother was decking on runs with the rebels, Mercedes spent time watching and learning the politics of social rebellion. At 14, she Awakened. Normally, any crew would have been thrilled at having a magically active adept in their ranks, but beyond her Astral Perception, she and those around her didn’t see any physical abilities manifest, and they figured she was just another aura-reader.

Her social abilities became more evident when she attended group rallies, where her ability to encourage and rise the morale of those in attendance, and when she was present at various meets with fixers and johnsons, where the rebels seemed to negotiate better deals. Soon, the leaders of the Laésa were able to see that she was a Social Adept and immediately put her to work as one of their recruiters and “negotiation representatives”. By the time she turned 17, she had earned a rep as a solid face and speaker. Unfortunately, this was also when her mom died, another victim to a botched run.

Although she still worked for the Laésa, she did so only on her terms and made it clear she was working by contract only, and not a permanent “employee”. With her charismatic skills, the break was clean and amicable to all concerned. She then turned to the private industry, hiring herself out to corps and fixers alike to negotiate contracts, do public speaking at motivational rallies and as a minor fixer.

After her mother’s death, Mercedes frowned on using violence in runs, preferring to use tasers and other non-lethal means to deal with the opposition. And she never dealt with wetwork, on either side of the table (a belief that she upholds even today).

Of course, running the shadows changes a lot of things. It’s said that after having some dealing with the Infected and some Vampire Hunters, her code of pacifism was tested and the hard choices made her realize she would not survive long in the dog-eat-dog world she lived in.

Nowadays, she is a creature of light and shadow. She lives in both worlds, hiring herself out to corporations as Haydée Vega, contract negotiator and motivational speaker and still working the shadows as a team’s fixer, or even their face, accompanying them on runs when needed.

Her latest endeavor led to some work in Denver, where it’s rumored she had dealings with Ghostwalker’s “people” looking into some of Ares’ dealings.

>>>>>[ I worked wid her a coupla times a year or two back. Know that when she talks, peoples listen. And that when dey listen, the cost for my bullets comes in way under-budget. Which is good bizness.]<<<<<

--Bear (16:22:48/01-25-74)
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« Reply #8 on: <01-25-12/2351:59> »
Mercedes Profile, after Bear's

>>>>>[My Old Man told me that the corps love it when your ammo budget is well under. Means possible No Corpse bonuses, and makes it more likely for the corp run against to leave it alone. After all, they don't have to pay for new equipment and personnel and training.]<<<<<

     -- Card (16:51:31/01-25-74)
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« Reply #9 on: <01-26-12/1241:43> »
Mercedes's Profile, Paragraph 6, after 'minor fixer':

>>>>>I was at one of those rallies. Even without her Talent, there's no mistaking the skill the girl has with her voice. Things may have ended up quite differently if her mother had been allowed into the country. Mercedes would have gone far at the Information Secretariat.<<<<<

--Iceblade (12:25:35/01-26-74)

Mercedes's Profile, Paragraph 8, after 'world she lived in':

>>>>>[The Sixth World is not kind regarding those who cannot adapt their ideals to the realities of the world. They tend to be some of the most dangerous people around, to others as well as themselves.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (12:28:34/01-26-74)

Mercedes's Profile, Paragraph 10, after Card's comment:
>>>>>[Don't forget death benefits. Working corpsec is dangerous, as anyone in the field can tell you. Most of them have benefits going to next of kin written into their contracts as a 'perk'. Deaths occurring during a gun battle as runners try to escape are one thing. That's part of the game. What is REALLY going to get a reprisal team after you is if you start doing stealth kills on every guard you come across. A slap patch of slab or laes does the same job, without costing the company extra, and does wonders for your rep. If your Face negotiates an 'expense account' for your run, grabbing some of those drugs can go a long way to getting you some repeat business.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (12:41:24/01-26-74)
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« Reply #10 on: <01-27-12/0438:38> »
Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 11, before Murphy's Comment.

>>>>>[Wonder what his new apprentice, Autumn, thinks about all this?]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (22:00:01/01-24-74)
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« Reply #11 on: <01-27-12/2358:08> »
Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 11, after Money Johnson's Comment.

>>>>>[What she has to say? Well, where to fraggin' start? Although Madrecita mentioned it, people really need to know how much of threat to everyone this guy really is. He's a manipulative bastard with a sky-high IQ used for his own selfish needs. Everything he does and says as purpose, always! One day, I notice he puts poison in his own tea. The next day, I realize he wanted me to see him put poison in his tea so I come up with the idea of doing research on poisons. He teaches kids in Redmond how to fight, then they grow up and volunteer out of gratitude to protect the small prostitution ring he operates in Tacoma. He never asked any of them, he already knew they would without hesitation. He winks at a random woman in the street, weeks later  we find her sitting at the front desk of a hotel, still remembering him and without even flirting he can have what he needs from her. Trying to analyze what he does all the time is just maddening. Sometimes you wonder if he sees the future or if he engineers it perfectly. He is also completely free of any morality. He does what he wants, when he wants. And there's absolutely no stopping him, especially when nobody has no idea what he really wants. I envy that asshole's freedom. I'll predict this about him. It's a repeated succession of one consonant and one vowel, punctuated by exclamation.]<<<<<
     -- Autumn (23:56:01/01-27-74)

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« Reply #12 on: <01-28-12/0119:41> »
Following Above
>>>>>[ That's called advanced research, kid, and knowing your surroundings.  This is what old runners do, and try to tell young runners to do in order for them to become old.  Legwork and research is something that plenty of runners don't do -- or don't find someone to do for them.  I have a good idea who Smiley hires for his research, and I'd bet that he's paying a nice chunk of change for it. ]<<<<<
          -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (01:20:40/01-28-2074)
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« Reply #13 on: <01-29-12/0044:35> »
Posted by Iceblade

Vital Stats: Card
Age: 22
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 63.5 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light Blue
Metatype: Human
Awakened: Adept

So we've been seeing some stories about people who've been around the block a few times, and I thought it was time to give a new kid in the game a leg up.

Jackson Hart was born in Seattle, and was still just a kid, even by human standards, when the Crash hit. This made getting any real information on his early life difficult, to say the least. What I have been able to find is that young Jackson was wandering the streets alone in a bad part of town, when a certain Chinese gentleman offered him food and shelter if he'd deliver a package. That was how Card got his start in the Triads.

A non-Chinese in the Triads is a rare thing. A non-Chinese who has earned a measure of responsibility and respect in the organization is even rarer. Being an Adept helps in this regard, of course. Card is the 'manager' of the "Express Bike Delivery Group", a Triad front. Though he mainly sticks to the north side of Seattle, he'll go wherever the job takes him, especially if it is for his "Grandfather" Linh Wai, or the local underboss, Yung Ling.

Card's done his best to insulate his family from his Triad connections, to the point of not letting them know he survived the chaos of the Crash. His closest friend is a Chinese ork by the name of Lucas Yang, a mechanic. If you need to find Card, you can usually find him and Lucas at the Crank Shaft, a biker/mechanic bar.

If Card is reading this, he should know that he needs to work on covering his reactions. Yang might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even he has suspicions about Card's secrets. Not always answering when someone calls out his alias, Roan, and having to visibly prevent himself from answering when someone calls out "Hey Jack!" is sloppy tradecraft. If Yang was any sharper, his cover would have been blown a long time ago.

Card's only other personal connection in the underworld is a former DocWagon doctor by the name of Miss Maggie. Charming woman, and quite talkative after a couple drinks.

Card's been in the shadows for a decade now, but so far he's flown under the radar, first because he was a kid, and then because he was a courier, instead of a runner. Still, he's a non-Chinese that has managed to work his way up through the Triads. I haven't been able to discover whether he's undergone the infamous Bleeding Oath yet, but if he hasn't, it is likely that if he rises any further, he'll have to before long. Keep that in mind when working with him. There are some oaths you can't break, and that will take precedence over anything else.

Card is a skilled martial artist, and an adept. While he typically favors nonlethal attacks, it is something to see his feet flying, wrapped in lightning. He refuses to use guns, or any ranged weapons, a personal choice that limits his options in defending himself, relying on the speed of his bike to avoid trouble, instead of learning how to deal with trouble when it comes to him. He's young, though, and can fill these gaps in his training with time, which will make him more useful to the Triads, if he continues with the organization.
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« Reply #14 on: <01-29-12/0129:38> »
Madrecita's Profile, after Paragraph 8, about faking her own death

>>>>>[I gotta admit, the way she did it was pretty clever.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:12:12/01-29-74)

Madrecita's Profile, after Paragraph 16, about the assassination of Vasquez

>>>>>[Toxins on the lips. That's a classic! There you go folks, that's how it's done!]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:16:54/01-29-74)

Smileys Profile, after Paragraph 2, about his name.

>>>>>[Alright, alright. I'll let you all in a little secret. I have no name. Yes, that's right! No one gave me one! Isn't it fantastic? Beside my street name and my artist name, both of them I chose for myself, there's only fake ones I attach to fake IDs. There you go, that's out of the bag!]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:19:32/01-29-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 5, about The Mysterious Man

>>>>>[So he trained me, did he? Well, he did made me discover my calling and showed me the ropes on the basics of wetwork. I supose he did, at least partially. And yes, the pay is fantastic! These credsticks weren't exactly a payment.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:21:42/01-29-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 9, about his first team

>>>>>[I'll say that, I did not killed these idiots. And if it seems that way, that's because I did grew up in cave in the... country that I grew up in.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:24:19/01-29-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 10, about being a shifter

>>>>>[O RLY?]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (01:26:04/01-29-74)

Smiley's Profile, after Paragraph 11, replying to Autumn's shadowcomment but after Wyrm's comment.

     -- Smiley (15:27:37/01-29-74)
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