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Shiawase Tachikoma
Large Combat Drone (Availability 26, 44000 nuyen)
Rolling Mode: +2 Handling, 20/50 Accel, 120 Speed, 3 Pilot, 4 Body, 12 Armor, 3 Sensor
Walker Mode: +2 Handling, 10/25 Accel, 60 Speed, 3 Pilot, 4 Body, 12 Armor, 3 Sensor
Standard Upgrades: Walker Mode (Special), Rigger Cocoon (Enhanced), Mechanical Arm (Full Arm) x2, Weapon Mount (Normal, internal, fixed, remote), Weapon Mount (Reinforced, Fixed, External, Remote), Special Machinery (Glue Sprayer), Chameleon Coating.

Originally designed as a personal vehicle drone for anime fans, the project was repurposed during production to serve as a combat drone or reinforced personal transport for discerning clients. The Tachikoma is the size of a small van. Twin articulatated arms allow the spider-like drone to manipulate objects with approximately the same dexterity as the average troll. One of the arms comes equipped with a Shiawase Armaments Nemesis light machine gun that cannot be modified. The 'spider' head sports a Vigorous Assault Cannon equipped with a smartgun system that cannot be further modified. The rear of the spider shape contains a rigger cocoon capable of carrying one passenger in safety, if not comfort. Several points on the head and 'body' of the drone have special sprayers that shoot a line of a sticky adhesive capable of restraining people, or allowing the Tachikoma to climb buildings or hang suspended from ceilings capable of supporting its weight.

The most revolutionary aspect of the Tachikoma design is its unique leg design. The four jointed legs allow the Tachikoma to use the 'walker mode' seen in previous drone generations, allowing it to climb stairs or navigate harsh terrain. The legs end in free-rolling balls, capable of allowing the drone to switch from walking to rolling modes in a formerly unheard of feat of engineering.

Shiawase has said that an unarmed civilian version will be ready for market by the Anime Expo in June 2074, to compete with personal mobility vehicles such as the Horseman.
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I...happen to have statted the same thing myself for one of my campaigns.  :o
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Fuchikoma was statted out just as soon as the cute lil' thing appeared in manga.
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Tachikoma = Teh love


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I want a tachikoma! I would love it and look after it and feed it natural oils  ;D