Shadowland/Jackpoint Members List (Updated 11/12/15)

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Aufheben is dead...

Or is he?

Bloody Business p39
While the intention of this adventure is for Aufheben to live, players are creative and resourceful, quite able to pull of things the gamemaster did not expect. This could result in bad things for Aufheben, and gamemasters should not feel like they have to exert the hand of God just to keep Aufheben alive. That is to say, if the players are intent on killing him and they win in a fair  ght, he should die. This could cause issues in the future when they see Aufheben’s name pop up in JackPoint posts, but they can consider the name to have taken up a Spartacus-like aura, and a new soldier has arisen to carry forward the mantle after the old one fell.

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Nope. He is dead-dead. He died in Drawing Destiny.


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I updated the JackPointer list (five posts back) with references to the new bios in Complete Trog.