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« on: (22:17:19/08-11-18) »
Hi all! I have a question: what book(s) goes through the exact details, foregoing events and follow-ups of what happened between Harlequin and Ghostwalker? I guess 4e supplements, maybe novels? I've read Clutch of Dragons, but that was very sparse on it.

I'd like it in its entirety. Can't help it, I love drama and epic anime fights! :D

Thanks in advance!


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Starts with the close of the Artifacts plot in the Artifacts Unearthed, or whatever the title was. Then you have hints and rumors of bad blood through the books until you get to Clutch of Dragons, when Harlequin puts pieces in play, and then there's more in Storm Front, IIRC.
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There is a 5th edition era publication which continues this struggle between them, however even to point out which one could be a big spoiler.  So I'll leave it at, the writers haven't forgotten this, and if you go looking you'll find it.