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« Reply #30 on: <01-17-12/0358:56> »
I moved on to the new Tropico.
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« Reply #31 on: <01-17-12/0424:21> »
How crazy is his uncle?

Unfortunately there's not alot of information on the whole family. They live so far outside of the mainstream society that no one even knows who the new leaders mother is; so there's no telling what kind of person the uncle is.
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« Reply #32 on: <01-17-12/0429:38> »
hell, only games that do that these days are Bioware games
That may explain why the only games I've purchased recently are Bioware games, with the exception of Civilization V

Since we're completely off-topic already, and on the off-off thread anyway:

Did it suck as much to you as it did to me?
I played it for a week, waited 2 months for some patches, tried it again for a couple of days, then gave up and went back to Civ IV.
Has it been fixed yet? I just don't have the courage to try it again... the disappointment is just too much :(

Civ V is great.   I perhaps played it after its round of bugs, but I have dropped many many hours into that game and still want more.
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