How Often do you Edge NPC rolls?

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« on: (15:23:13/09-20-11) »
I find myself forgetting that goons even have edge (Profession Rating for whole group) most of the time. When I do remember, it usually goes for a lucky shot at the group's tank...I mean troll or on defense rolls.

On a related note, do you ever spend edge for your Johnson's Negotiations tests?
Most of the Johnson's have a rather low Negotiations Dice Pool compared to a face, but at the same time with the Johnson only in one or two scenes during the run, I almost feel like this a low-ball move to pull. That said, I've gotten in the habit of doing it mostly because my group's face does it every mission to increase pay.


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« Reply #1 on: (15:30:23/09-20-11) »

I am not running our current game, but were I the GM, I'd probably reserve Edge rolls for major NPC.

The thought of mooks, goons, and swamp ninjas getting Edge rolls just seems inherently wrong, to me.

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« Reply #2 on: (15:39:56/09-20-11) »
Well the mooks edge is rather inneffective for the most part. Where a character might get 2-6 per session on average, a group of mooks gets its professional rating (1-4 in most cases) to share amongst all of its members.

Now that I think about it, I think the most beneficial use for it is to get one of them to go first occasionally.


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« Reply #3 on: (06:00:56/09-22-11) »
If they have an Edge score, I blow most of it real quick, and save one for a dramatic save-from-death for major NPC's.

Hey, PC's can save their own hoops by Burning Edge off, why not NPC's? :D

As for goons etc, same deal. They rarely last more than a few rolls anyway, so why not let them use their edge while they're still breathing?

It's a mechanical device to make goons in some way useful so I use their Edge as much as possible.....
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« Reply #4 on: (16:53:42/09-22-11) »
I burn through NPC Edge once the enemy starts getting to the point where their threshold for annihilation is gone. You know, based on the PR of the NPC team, they run away at certain points? Near that is my edging point.


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« Reply #5 on: (10:21:14/09-27-11) »
I forget about it, and if I don't, I burn it on defense rolls, for the lieutenant usually.
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