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« Reply #180 on: <08-07-14/0118:24> »
Name: Bittorrent
Status: Looking For Work

Unusual character, Troll Face/Technomancer

First time doing PbP or SR for that matter, but I've read through a few of the PbP campaigns here and seems like a great way to RP.  I work on the computer all day and most nights, so lots of availablility.  I'm PT (PDT right now) UTC -8 (-7 right now, damn I hate DST)
If the off-the-wall char is less desirable, I've rolled up about a dozen others I've got available.  Lemme know, and I'll pull one of them out (just dieing, very possible result for this char, to try this guy out).
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« Reply #181 on: <09-29-14/2112:56> »
Name: Alexei Ivanovich Karamazov
Alias: Dogmeat
Race: Dwarf
Archetype: Shaman (Dog)
Personality: Courageous, Loyal, a Good Dog.

Dwarf Dog-Shaman with strong ties to an EVO Subsidiary, though not in a good way.

First time playing Shadowrun, and first time even considering a PbP game.  I have experience in other systems, but usually Fantasy.  I work long hours, but have my phone available constantly.

Sabato Kuroi

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« Reply #182 on: <10-07-14/0836:50> »
Status : Looking for Work
Alias: Sabato Kuroi
Race: Human
Archetype: Street Samurai ( ex-Red Samurai)
Personality:  Professional,Distrustful , Courageous

I can post every  day, I play 5th edition.


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« Reply #183 on: <10-09-14/0136:53> »

Status: Looking for work
Race: Human
Archtype: Technomancer
Personality: Loner/Street Orphan
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« Reply #184 on: <10-12-14/1515:23> »
Status: Hired
Alias: Alicia Reeves
Archetype: Occult Investigator

I play fifth edition, am a new player to Shadowrun in general, can post everyday, Character sheet is still in progress, you can find my work on it here:

I am willing to make slight changes to character if required to enter a campaign, just let me know. Aso, please let me know how you handle Traditions limits on what tasks spirits can do.
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Jayde Moon

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« Reply #185 on: <10-14-14/2126:54> »

Availability: -8 GMT (US West Coast) - Generally online throughout the day, available to post multiple times daily.  Prefer a game with a faster pace.

Archtype: Prefer Combat Specialists of one sort or another.

Will happily create a character to fit the game.  Prefer a game based in good ol' Seattle.

That's just like... your opinion, man.


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« Reply #186 on: <10-20-14/1003:30> »
Status:  Looking for work.

Name: Martin Ressinant
Alias: Omega
Archetype:Planer/Decker/ Information Specialist
Char is available in nearly every Country witch a functioning University System.

Availability: Can post nearly everyday, longer posts( more than 500 words) about once or twice a day most of the time in the evening. Time Zone ist GMT+1.

I like runs that have more depth than just the plain good old "get in there and get me xyz out of there".

Char is 4th Edition and I mostly play 4th, but I am open to create another char in the fith.

Cya in a Run fellaws ;)


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« Reply #187 on: <10-27-14/0854:29> »
Status: Evaluating jobs...

Name: Mary Ann Miller
Race: Elf
Alias: Angel, short for Fallen Angel
Archetype: decker/face


Some people are born for success - Mary Ann Miller was literally built for it. Her parents, both high profile executive in a corporation in Sydney, spent a fortune to genetically tailor their unborn child to be perfect in every way - physically and mentally. Mary grew up spoiled, pampered and well educated, all for a single goal: climbing to a high position in the corporation and securing her family's status.

Between her brains and her education, by 20 Mary had already a college grade degree and, having shown an aptitude for computers, a comfortable position in the company's Informatics Security, with the promise of raising, in some twenty years, to the high levels of the department.

However, as easy as her life was, it was also terribly boring. Over time, Mary grew more and more restless; after fending off a few attacks from shadowrunners, she became interested in their subculture and started lurking around in the less reputable parts of the Matrix.
She was 25 when she took part in her first run. It was a simple job of stealing data from a rival corp, and she didn't meet much resistance, but the thrill of plunging into the depths of the Matrix looking for trouble had her hooked - that night, Angel was born.
Mary kept sliding further and further into her little "hobby", until the thrill and dangers of a run were all she lived for. Sure, her everyday life was nice and earned her enough money to maintain her life of luxury, but only when, at night, she jacked into her deck and rode the adrenaline of a run she felt truly alive and kicking.

The last thread that held her to her corporate life was cut the day the son of the local branch's vice-president proposed to her. Of course, her family considered it a great honor; but the though of becoming a trophy wife and baby factory to some self-centered manager, not to mention giving up her life as Angel, gave her the creeps.
A few days later, Mary was leaving the Seattle airport for a "business trip", with all the dirt she could dig up on her "fianceť" safely stored in a corner of the Matrix, programmed to be released to the public should she fail to input a password daily. A quick stop to move her money to a disposable credit stick, and Mary Ann Miller disappeared forever...

With the help of a runner she was in contact with Angel managed to set up a fake identity as Lucy Summers, electronics expert, but her resources were drying up fast. She needed some serious work, and fast.

Appearance: Even if you happened to work with her, it would be very unlikely for you to personally meet Angel. She would usually support a group remotely, and all you'd see of her would be her Matrix avatar, a pale skinned woman in dark clothes with a pair of black feathered wings on her back.
Should you ever meet the real Angel, you'd be confronted with the image of a confident, beautiful, tall elf dressed in tasteful, and undoubtly expensive, clothes. Her shoulder length blonde hair would do a nice job in hiding the tiny datajack port on the back of her head. She speaks with a slight, but noticeable, Australian accent.

Personality: Angel is a smart and calculating woman who clearly knows her way around people and social etiquette. Only when she jacks into the Matrix she gives in to her wildest side: she loves the thrill of a close call encounter with a black IC or of breaking into the safest corporate networks.

Availability: 3 posts a week, give or take.

5th edition if possible, but I'm a newbie and still have to learn the rules.
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« Reply #188 on: <10-30-14/0155:16> »
Status: Available
Race: Elf
Alias: Mercy
Archetype: Street Samurai / Commando

The character is a work in progress and can be found here.

I am still working on backstory and am flexible on changing some aspects of the character to suit a game. This is my first Shadowrun character but I have extensive pnp as well as pbp experience. I am available to post multiple times per day. I am in the Central time zone.

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« Reply #189 on: <11-15-14/1331:51> »

Mean Boris   
Prime Runner   
A: Troll (5 edge)   
B: Resources (325,000)   
C: Skills (28/2)   
D: Attributes (14)   
E: Magic (none)   
BOD: 10      5
AGI: 2(5)      1
REA: 5(7)      4
STR: 5(8)      0
WIL: 2      0
LOG: 2      0
INT: 5      4
CHA: 2      0

Essence: 0.015

Initiative: 12+3d6
Mental limit: 4
Physical limit: 8
Social limit: 3

Condition monitor boxes:
Physical: 16
Stun: 9

karma: spent 10 Karma to improve WIL from 1 to 2   
karma: spent 10 Karma to improve LOG from 1 to 2   
karma: spent 10 Karma to improve CHA from 1 to 2   
karma: spent 9 Karma to buy Toughness positive quality   
karma: spent 1 Karma to buy additional $2,000   
skill: pistols 6(7)   
skill: heavy weapons 6   
skill: blades 6(7)   
skill: sneaking 4   
skill: perception 6   
skill group: athletics 2   
wired reflexed 2   149000
cyberarm (obvious) (used)   74250
-str 10   
-agi 5   
-enhanced str 3   
-enhanced agi 3   
cybereyes R2 (used)   10500
-image link   
-flare compensation   
-low-light vision   
-thermographic vision   
reflex recorder (pistols)   14000
reflex recorder (blades)   14000
bone lacing: aluminum   18000
commlink headware (alphaware)   2400
commlink: Fairlight Caliban   8000
armor: Vashon Island Sleeping Tiger   13500
-non-conductivity R6   1500
-thermal damping R4   1000
armor: ballistic mask   150
-vision enhancement R3   1500
-ultrasound sensor   500
armor: riot shield   1500
weapon: Ares Monosword   900
weapon: Ruger Super Warhawk   400
-external smartlink   200
-2 quickloads   50
weapon: Savalette Guardian   870
-improved rangefinder   2000
-quick-draw holster   175
-silencer   500
-5 extra magazines   25
weapon: ArmTech MGL-12   5000
-external smartlink   200
-improved rangefinder   2000
ammo: 30 AP   360
ammo: 50 EX-EX   600
ammo: 24 explosive grenades   2400
other: R6 Medkit   1500
BUDGET   327000
cash on hand   20


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« Reply #190 on: <11-23-14/2328:30> »
Looking for PbP game or games. 
Edition preferred: I know 4th Ed best, but have access to 5th and am willing to give it a try.  Most of my characters are currently built for 4e, RAW, but I am willing to convert them.
Availability: fairly open-I work at a computer all day. I'm in GMT-8, time zone wise (US West Coast).  Prefer role play heavy.

Looking for work:

Alias: Lily
Metatype: Elf
Archetype: Shaman/face

Alias: Lotus
Metatype: Human
Archetype: Adept/Former Triad enforcer

Alias: Rain
Metatype: Elf
Archetype: Ancients mage

Alias: Trin
Metatype: Human
Archetype: burned out former soldier turned street sam

Honus Redtree

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« Reply #191 on: <12-08-14/1515:09> »
NAME: Honus Redtree
HEIGHT: 2.85 meters
WEIGHT: 170 kg
EYE COLOR: Grey (cybereyes)




Honus has worked as a paranormal critter hunter in the past as well as a bounty hunter.  He takes bounties alive if ever possible and only aims to kill if the contract demands it.  He is not one to mince words but he will listen to others and follow orders when needed to. He doesn't speak up unless he has something important to say.

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« Reply #192 on: <01-04-15/1640:18> »
Status: Looking For Work
Availability: GMT +2, once twice a day for a hour or so.
Archetypes: I like to play, a Mage/Hacker. If he turns up unplayable I'll switch to something more regular.
\Rulesets: I am familiar with core. I can learn more if needed.
Preferred setting: none .


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« Reply #193 on: <01-17-15/0156:56> »
Status: Looking For Work
Availability: CST, able to post a few days a week
Archetypes:  Familiar with merc/street sams, though picking up decker/mage/face while running a home campaign every other weekend.  Happy to make up anything to do some running.
Rulesets: I am familiar with 5e, have access to Core and SG.
Preferred setting: none .


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« Reply #194 on: <01-27-15/0829:48> »
Status: Looking for work
Availability: GMT. Should be able to post several times a day
Archetypes: Prefer Mages or Street Samurai but I can play anything
Rules: Familiar with Anniversary and 5E