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For the Auburn Logrolling PbP

Real Name: Sylvia Colindres
SIN1 (rating 4): Pascale Caragiorgio
SIN2 (rating 3): Angeline Lau
Nickname: Shadow

Date of birth: 10FEB2042
Place of birth: Havana, Caribbean League
Tradition: The invisible way
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Length: 1m70
Weight: 55 kg
Measurements: 34B-28-33
Age: 30
Metatype: human
Sex: F
Lifestyle (13LP, 4180/month, 2 months):
   Comforts: middle
   Entertainment: low
   Necessities: middle
   Neighbourhood: low
   Security: middle
Workplace +1
Homegrown farming +1
Network bottleneck -1
Green plan -1
Roommate: 1

Body:    4
Agility:    4 (6)
Reaction: 3 (4)
Strength:    3 (5)
Charisma: 5
Intuition:    4
Logic:    4
Edge:    3
Essence:    5.1
Initiative:    7
Magic:    7 (6)

Active skills:
Stealth (group)   4
Influence (group)   4
Computer      2 (edit +2)
Data search   2
Hardware      4
Dodge      2
Escape artist   2
Pistols      3 (heavy pistols +2)
Unarmed combat   4 (nerve strike +2)
Pilot ground craft   1
Perception   3
Locksmith   3
Assensing   3
Astral combat   2 (blade foci +2)
Blades      2 (knives +2)

Knowledge skills
spanish      N
English      4
Japanese      3
Sperethiel   3
Or’Zet      3

Law      2

Security procedures 6 (corporate +2)

Seattle gangs   1

Classical music   3
Gambling      3
Seattle High society 2
Wines      1 (elven wines +2)

Adept         5
First impression      5
Double jointed      5
Astral chameleon      5
The invisible way      10

SINner (Standard):      -5
dependent:      -5 (brother)
lost loved one:      -5 (brother)
compulsive, mild      -5 (clean crime scenes)
incompetent (heavy weap):   -5
allergy (mild, common)   -10 (Soy)

Cost   Equipment Description                  Avail
150   Defiance EX shocker                  -
950   Ares predator IV (personalised grip, gecko grip, silencer)         12F
20275   ceramic knife (personalised grip, gecko grip, weapon focus rating 2)      10R
585   ammo (2x ex-ex, 3x regular, 2x capsule, 4x taser, 5 spare clips)      12F
1700   Zoé executive suit line (short jacket, shirt, skirt)            9
8250   Zoé moonline evening gown + shawl               10
9750   chameleon suit (thermal damping r 2, chemical Protection r3)      10F
1500   form fitting armour (half-body suit) (nonconductivity r3)         7
4500   hermes ikon commlink + novatech navi OS            -
800   programs rating 4 (browse, encrypt)               -
1900   programs rating 6 + optimization 2 (analyse (ergonomic), edit)      2
2500   sony emperor + renraku ichi + programs (analyse 4 (ergonomic, optimization 2),
   Browse 2, edit 2, encrypt 2)                  2
550   satlink, subvocal microphone                  6
130   4 smoke grenades (2 thermal, 2 regular)            6R
1000   esprit petite brume grenade                  12R
950   5 doses of lael   in disposable syringes            8R
1800   30 doses of neurostun (in capsule rounds)            6R
1000   autopicker rating 5                     8R
600   cellular glove molder rating 3                  12F
55   wire clippers + chisel   + glass cutter            4
900   keycard copier rating 3                  8F
300   lockpick set                     6R
8000   maglock passkey rating 4                  12F
250   miniwelder                     2
300   monofilament chainsaw                  4
800   Sequencer rating 4                     12F
250   climbing gear   + 100 m standard rope            -
250   gecko tape gloves                     12
1500   3x small nanopaste disguise                  12
1425   professional camera + telephoto lens               6
1200   facial recognition software + vehicle recognition software rating 3      6
1000   camera neutralizer rating 4                  12
2000   directional jammer (rating 4)                  8F
150   tag eraser                     6F
7000   fake SIN (rating 4+3)                  12F
2800   fake licences (car, weapon, gear, magic) (4+3)            9F
5000   disguise shop                     -
1175   goggles (flare comp, image link, smartlink, vision enhancement r2, magnifying)    12R 630   earbuds (audio enhancement r2, select sound filter r2)            10R
550   microsensors (dir mike, radio scanner r4, non-linear junction detector r4)   12R
500   smart pack                     4
125   survival kit + infrared flashlight               4
500   respirator rating 5                     10
500   medkit rating 5                     -
200   fingernail data storage                  -
60   glowand                        4R
300   5 doses of C-squared   rating 4               -
5000   docwagon basic                     -
940   2 tranq patches (rating 6) + 2 stim patches (rating 4)    + 1 trauma patch   12
25000   Ares Humvee Civic                     6
1500   morphing licence plate + spoof chip               8F
1000   run flat tires                     4
13000   chameleon coating                     12R
500   drive by wire override                  4
500   basic termination system                  8R
1500   smuggling compartment                  6F
1200   smoke projector + oil slick sprayer               8R
2000   personal armour rating 4                     
500   MicroWeave Spider drone                  5
2000   various jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet)            4
199450   total gear cost

Adept powers + bioware
Adept powers:
Power         level   points   notes
Nerve strike      -   1   net hits reduce targets agility and reaction
Eidetic sense memory   -   0.5   perfect recall of any sensory memory+photo read
Voice control      -   0.5   alter voice, fool voice recognition
Facial sculpt      2   0.375   +1die for disguise / level
Improved reflexes      1   1.5   +1 IP/ +1 reflexes
Melanin control      -   0.375   shift skin and hair colour
Keratin control      -   0.5   grow hair + nails fast
Linguistics      -   0.25   learn languages fast
Improved sense      -   0.25   low light vision
Improved sense      -   0.25   thermographic vision
Astral perception      -   0.75   can see the astral
Master of 1000 faces   -   0.5   change appearance to all ethnics
Sustenance      -   0.25   require 3 hours of sleep and 1 meal/day

Initiation: grade 2 (masking, power point)

Cyber- + bioware:
equipment      ess    type      notes
-muscle toner r2      0.4   standard   +2 agility
-muscle augmentation r2   0.4   standard   +2 strength
-skin pocket      0.1   standard   pouch to put stuff in

Sylvia was born in Havana, Caribbean League, as daughter of a wage mage and an adept officer in the Caribbean army.  As both her parents were awakened, she and later her two younger brothers were tested as well.  As it turned out only she was awakened, which meant even more tests to see how exactly.  This was not exactly the kind of thing an inquisitive 6 year old wanted to do and it became an almost continuous battle between Sylvia and the mages of both her mother’s company and the army.  She was placed in a special school program for awakened in order to improve on their talents and she did very well there.  In fact, the teachers only needed to explain things once and she could retain them perfectly.  She was also very good with languages, mastering them with ease.

When she hit puberty, she started to think she was ugly and it was at this point she discovered she could change some of her facial features, hair and skin colour and even her voice.  With some of her girlfriends she started using these powers to play tricks on boys.  Halfway through an evening, she would switch with her friend and try to keep the conversation going, even though she didn’t know what was said before.  It was mostly harmless fun, but she got caught a couple of times and due to this a new player entered: the intelligence service of the Caribbean League.  People who could change their appearance and who could retain anything they had seen or heard were not all that common and very useful, so they wanted to recruit her.  Another change she had when she hit puberty was a mild allergy to soy food.  Mostly this was not a problem, but later in life when on mission sometimes it was difficult to get real food.

At first she resisted as she wanted to go to the army like her father, but it became quickly clear that she wasn’t a soldier.  After she became the only one in the history of the military who managed to shoot a fellow cadet standing behind her with a heavy machine gun (luckily with paintball rounds), they made it clear to her that she wouldn’t graduate and maybe to accept the intelligence offer.  This she did and she has never regretted it.  With the intelligence service she blossomed and started to develop her powers in a more structured way.  She also learned unarmed combat to be able to defend herself in a spot where she couldn’t take weapons.  It quickly became clear she was better unarmed than with guns and she even learned a power to dispose of people quickly in a way that reminded one of her teachers, an old man who was born right before the awakening in 2012, of the Vulcan nerve pinch he had seen in some old movies.

In 2061, the now 19-year old Sylvia went on her first mission, getting into the offices of a smaller Japanese corporation to get a couple of chips.  After a stake-out of the corporation, she was able to impersonate one of the employees and get in that way.  This would become her modus operandi for most other missions, only breaking in if there was no other way.

Three years later, in 2064, she was in the UCAS for an operation on foreign soil, when the crash hit.  While she was lucky enough to retain her SIN information, the Caribbean Information Agency (CIA) was hit hard and lost almost all personal data.  Having no other options at that moment, she struck out on her own (taking with her all the equipment they had given her for this mission), using her skills to operate in the shadows all over North America and from time to time abroad.  This was a tough time and at one point she was tempted to try a BTL (with trodes of course, as she never had a DNI implant).  She didn’t know how it was programmed or if there was something with her brain that reacted with the chip, but luckily she had her docwagen contract as she spent the following two weeks in hospital.  When she got out, her first order of business was to track the gang that had sold her the thing and make them pay.  Also also made a pact with herself to never try drugs or BTLs anymore.

Near the end of 2065 she got news that her parents had been killed in a plane crash.  It was the first time since the crash that she was back in the Caribbean League and she was amazed on how much rebuilding there still was to do.  After the funeral she had to complete all the paperwork for the insurance and pension funds.  This left her with the care of her two younger brothers (12 and 15 at the time), who had also become SINless during the crash (as everybody in her family except her). She smuggled them to the CAS and from there to the UCAS to live with her instead of going into an orphanage.

There she continued running the shadows and in 2066 she did her first AAA-corp job.  To get in using her impersonation trick, she needed good documents which could withstand any scrutiny.  One of the team members knew someone who could do document forgeries and indeed, the run went without a problem.  Since that time Sylvia always went to her for any document forgery she needed and while she always paid, they got to know each other a bit better.   And if she manages to get her hands on some types of documents (like ID badges and such) she provides her with them or a copy so she can make her forgeries better.

A couple of months later Sylvia and her group needed to get into a building.  Since one of the electric companies was working in front of the building, she put on the charm on the work supervisor there and she managed to get the group in by a hole they had made.  As it turned out, she and this supervisor both liked classical music and they went together to some concerts a couple of times.  They even had a short relationship and while it has ended, they still remain friends.

In 2069, Christine Baynard brought her into contact with a mafia lieutenant who had lost some of the mob’s property to a Yakuza raid.  Not wanting to alert his superiors, he hired her to get the property back, a small but valuable case.  She managed to get the case and the only guard she had to take out she did with her nerve strike and a shot of Lael.  The lieutenant was glad he got the valuables back discreetly and hired her a couple of times, while she managed to get some hard to get items (like replacements for the gear she had taken from the CIA) and modifications to her car through him and his contacts.

Life was going good until early 2070 when James, her oldest brother, now 20 and a student at the university, went missing.  One night he didn’t come back home and all commcalls went unanswered.  Sylvia went to Lone Star to make a missing persons report but it was clear that Lone Star wouldn’t do much.  She tried to find him herself, even hiring other runners to try to get him back, but to no avail.  From all the clues she had gathered, an incomplete picture started to form.  She now thinks he had become a technomancer and was taken by a corporation.  Now the only thing she needs to find is which one and then turn their research facilities upside down.

After her brother disappeared she moved to the location, where she should be better protected from corps etc... As latinos, she and her brothers naturally found a place in Puyallup - Carbonado district, that was under control of Latino`s gang - Chulos. They were not nice people, in fact, they were brutal and macho mostly criminal, but they take care of their turf seriously, and if she paid, they would also take care of her and her family. Naturally, her younger brother quickly made some friend in the neighbourhood and one day he started to wear Brown.  She tried to talk to him about that, but those boys...they have a head of their own, and after short, heated dispute, she both forget that it happened and went with it. He as sure as hell knew that the path he chose was a risky one, but the same thing went with her living and in the light of this arguments any other dispute was useless.  He became a Chulo gang Member, with all that belonged to it, and she has a brother who is Chulo, and that may become useful.

During the tempo scare, Diego brought her in contact with James Anderson, the director of the Seattle opera house.  His son had disappeared and he wanted to find him back.  She and two other runners took the job and they managed to find the boy in a tempo house.  They took out the dealers before they brought the boy back to his father.    James also got Sylvia a pass for all concerts in the opera house and they stayed in contact ever since.  She did another run for him when some visiting orchestra members got themselves into trouble, to cover things up.

Contact              Loyalty  Connection   type
Vincent Williams      4   2   Electric company supervisor
Christine Baynard      3   3   Document and ID forger
Diego Nicolo      2   4   Maffia lieutenant
James Anderson      3   5   Director opera house
Julio Collindres      6   2   Chulos member
EB         3   5   Emergence Blogger

Vincent Williams (35, human male): technical supervisor for one of Seattle’s electric companies.  She met him on a job, but they discovered mutual interests (classical music) and became involved for a short while.  They are still friends.  He can get most building blueprints with all the power lines on it and even the lines of the old wired matrix which are still in a lot of buildings.

 Christine Baynard (27 human female): A good document and ID forger, part of a group of such people.  Sylvia always goes to her for forgeries and if she finds ID badges, tags or things like that during runs she sends them Christine’s way.  Christine (and her group) has contacts mostly in hacker circles, some criminal syndicates who use her group’s services and also with the people in charge of the databases she creates forgeries of (like SIN data).

Diego Nicolo (31 orc male): a mafia lieutenant working for the Finnigan family (one of Jimmy Mac Finnigan’s direct underlings).  She managed to get some stuff back from the Yaks for him and now she works for him from time to time and also gets most of her gear through mafia controlled smuggling operations.  He has contacts within the mafia, some gangs and the smugglers, as he oversees most of the mafia operations in Auburn.

James Anderson (52 human male): The director of the Seattle opera house.  Since the opera house has individual boxes in its main concert hall and those are often used for discrete talks, he knows a lot of the movers and shakers, like politicians, corporate managers, organised crime leaders.  He also knows a lot of people in the classical music business.

EB: a blogger, who specialises on the life of emerged people, on risks, social habits etc. Most of his stuff seems quite academic, but after Sylvia found some street references and underground facts that proved to be right, she slowly realised that this man/woman/entity is quite well informed about the stuff and that he/she/it definitely is capable of getting some pretty top-secret info. She started the communication with that, with little trust in advance, but the confidence arose between you. He/she/it understands her problems and worries, and although he/she/it doesn’t possess any relevant info related to her brother, some information may appear in the future.
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Metatype: Metasapient AI (110 Karma)
Nuyen: 22300 (4d6+12=23 x100 nuyen)
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 0 Total/0 Unspent

Attributes (230 Karma)
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 5
Logic: 4
Willpower: 4

Edge: 4 (45 Karma)
System: 5
Firewall: 5
Matrix Condition Track: 0/11 (-0 Mod)

Initiative: 10
Initiative Passes: 3
Armor: 13B/13I (Unarmored), 19B/19I (Chameleon Suit, Lined Coat), 18B/19I (Diving Armor), 17B/19I (Evo HEL Suit)

Active Skills (256 Karma)
Gymnastics (Dance) 4(+2)
Automatics (Assault Rifles) 5(+2)
Blades (Swords) 5(+2)
Etiquette (Yakuza) 2(+2)
Electronics Group 3
Cracking Group 3
Pilot Anthroform 3
Escape Artist 3
Con (Seduction) 3(+2)
Intimidation (Torture) 2(+2)
Diving 2
Climbing 2
Gunnery 3

Knowledge/Language Skills (54 free Skill points) (3 Karma)
Safehouses 5
Underworld Politics 5
Corporate Security Tactics 4
Corporate Matrix Security Tactics 4
Matrix Theory 5
Firearms Design 2
Blade Design 2
Japanese Philosophy 3 (3 Karma)

Japanese    N
English 5
Spanish 5
Sperethiel 5
Mandarin 5
Korean 5

Qualities (+10 Karma)
Piloting Origin (20 Karma) - Can rig vehicles. Can load/use autosofts in place of skills
Erased (10 Karma) - Unwanted information disappears after a week.
Mistaken Identity (20 Karma) - Mistaken for Nadja Daviar
Martial Arts (10 Karma) - Aikido. +1 to Full Parry.
Media Junkie (+10 Karma) - Mild Matrix Addiction
In Debt (+40 Karma) - Borrowed 20k from Yakuza, owe 30k.
Signature (+20 Karma) - Leaves a bloody feather glyph behind at the scene of a crime.

Maneuvers (8 Karma)
Ground Fighting - No penalties for defending while prone.
Iaijutsu - May quick-draw with any weapon reach 1 or less. Weapon Skill+Reaction(3) to quick-draw.

Inherent Programs (5 Total)
Reality Filter 4
Command 5
Stealth 5
Scan 5
Spoof 5

Resources (100 Karma) <270000 nuyen>
Nadeshiko MK-4 (50000 nuyen) - +1 Handling, 5/15 Accel, 30 Speed, 2 Pilot, 3 Body, 0 Armor, 2 Sensor. 2 Mechanical Arms, Touch Link, Mimic 2, Walker Mode, Autosoft (Cooking 2), Autosoft (Cleaning 2)
**Frame Design (1000 nuyen) - Looks like Nadja Daviar
**Mimic 3 (25000 nuyen) - Mimic 3 Option.
**Costume (100 nuyen) - Schoolgirl
**Costume (100 nuyen) - Maid
**Costume (100 nuyen) - Slave
**Personality (250 nuyen) - Schoolgirl
**Personality (250 nuyen) - Maid
**Personality (250 nuyen) - Slave
**Concealed Armor (18000 nuyen) - Rating 9 Armor. 2 Slots.
**Special Machinery (2000 nuyen) - Functional 'systems'. 1 Slot.
**Improved Economy (2250 nuyen) - Operation time increases to 12 hours. 1 Slot.
**Armor Enhancement (600 nuyen) - Rating 2. [4] Capacity. Left Arm.
**Strength Enhancement (1000 nuyen) - Rating 4. [4] Capacity. Left Arm.
**Agility Enhancement (1000 nuyen) - Rating 4. [4] Capacity. Left Arm.
**Shock Hand (1000 nuyen) - 6S(e), -half AP. 10 Shots. [3] Capacity. Left Arm.
**Armor Enhancement (600 nuyen) - Rating 2. [4] Capacity. Right Arm.
**Strength Enhancement (1000 nuyen) - Rating 4. [4] Capacity. Right Arm.
**Agility Enhancement (1000 nuyen) - Rating 4. [4] Capacity. RIght Arm.
**Cyberspurs (1800 nuyen) - (STR/2+3)P. [3] Capacity. Right Arm.
**Camera (Trideo) (400 nuyen) - Rating 4. [1] Sensor Capacity.
****Low-light (100 nuyen) - See in Low Light.
****Flare Compensation (50 nuyen) - Compensate for glare
****Image Link (25 nuyen) - Display images from PAN
****Smartlink (500 nuyen) - Use Smartguns
**Camera (Trideo) (300 nuyen) - Rating 3. [1] Sensor Capacity.
****Thermographic (100 nuyen) - See in infrared
****Vision Enhancement (300 nuyen) - Rating 3. Add rating to visual perception.
****Vision Magnification (100 nuyen) - 50x electronic zoom.
**Microphone (100 nuyen) - Rating 2. [1] Sensor capacity.
****Audio Enhancement (300 nuyen) - Rating 3. Add rating to audio perception.
****Spatial Recognizer (100 nuyen) - +2 to perception to find source of sound.
**Olfactory Sensor (3000 nuyen) - Rating 6. [1] Sensor Capacity. +6 to perception involving smells.
**System (2500 nuyen) - Rating 5
**Firewall (2500 nuyen) - Rating 5
**Response Upgrade (4000 nuyen) - Rating 5
**Signal Upgrade (1000 nuyen) - Rating 5
<Chikage's Home node. Response 8, Signal 8, System 7, Firewall 7>
<+1 Handling, 5/15 Accel, 30 Speed, 2 Pilot, 3 Body, 13 Armor, 2 Sensor. Strength 7, Agility 12, Reaction 8.>
<Spur: 17 dice to attack. 7P.>
<Shock Hand: 15 dice to attack (+2 Touch, -2 Off-hand). 6S(e), -half AP. 10 uses.>
<Unarmed: 15 dice to attack. 4S.>
This Nadeshiko MK-4 drone originally belonged to an eccentric saiko-komon of the Yamaguchi-rengo in Federal District of Columbia who had a thing for former Vice President Daviar. Used as part bodyguard, part mistress, the drone's pilot surprised the saiko-komon when it emerged as a full-fledged AI a couple years ago. Making a deal with the Yamaguchi-rengo, Chikage was allowed to take out a loan from the rengo in order to buy the drone from the saito-komon.

Empathy Software (2500 nuyen) - Rating 5. Add rating to Social skill tests.
Targeting Autosoft (1600 nuyen) - Rating 3 (Ergonomic). Unarmed Combat
Targeting Autosoft (1500 nuyen) - Rating 3. Pistols
Targeting Autosoft (1500 nuyen) - Rating 3. Heavy Weapons
Targeting Autosoft (1500 nuyen) - Rating 3. Throwing Weapons
Maneuver Autosoft (1500 nuyen) - Rating 3. Ground Craft
Clearsight Autosoft (1600 nuyen) - Rating 3 (Ergonomic). Use as Perception
Chaser Autosoft (1600 nuyen) - Rating 3 (Ergonomic). Shadowing
Covert Ops Autosoft (1600 nuyen) - Rating 3 (Ergonomic). Infiltration
Trailblazer Autosoft    (1600 nuyen) - Rating 3 (Ergonomic). Tracking
Eastern-Tiger Palladium (6640 nuyen) - Armor 4, Biofeedback Filter 3, Medic 3, Track 4
Eurosoft Clavicula (4700 nuyen) - Decrypt 5, Encrypt 5
Pocket Hacker (4920 nuyen) - Agent (Pilot 3, Browse 3, Exploit 3, Stealth 3)
Singularity Seeker (8200 nuyen) - Browse (Crashguard) 5, Browse Agent (Pilot 3, Browse 3)
Iris Antivirus (1500 nuyen) - Analyze 5 (Viral Resistance 3), Purge 5 (Viral Resistance 3)
Homewrecker (6000 nuyen) - Crowbar (Attack 3 with Shredder), Molotov (Attack 3 with Area, AP 2)
Glyph (300 nuyen) - Bloody feather glyph
Mapsoft (Seattle) (30 nuyen) - Rating 6
Mapsoft (Whatever the frag city we start in) (15 nuyen) - Rating 3
Edit Program (150 nuyen) - Rating 3

Radio Signal Scanner (150 nuyen) - Rating 6. Acts as Sniffer program.
Tag Eraser (150 nuyen) - Erase RFIDs
Gecko Tape Gloves (250 nuyen) - Climb walls as with assisted climbing.
AR Wristboard (250 nuyen) - Manipulate AR.

Certified Credstick (25 nuyen)
Fake SIN (4000 nuyen) - Rating 4 (Nadja Daviar)
Fake Driver's License (400 nuyen) - Rating 4
Fake Weapons permit (400 nuyen) - Rating 4
Fake SIN (3000 nuyen) - Rating 3 (Shelly Lane)
Fake Driver's License (300 nuyen) - Rating 3
Fake Weapons permit (300 nuyen) - Rating 3

Shiawase Arms Tactical Model 73 (Assault Rifle) (2750 nuyen) - 5P, SA/BF/FA, 3 RC, 100(c) ammo. Advanced Safety System, Electronic Firing, High Velocity, Reduced Weight, Smartlink
**Personalized Grip (100 nuyen) - +1 RC. 1 Slot.
**Sling (10 nuyen) - +1 RC. Hold ready at -1 Concealability, unready at -2. +2 to hold on to weapon.
**Sound Suppressor (600 nuyen) - -6 to find source of shot. 3 Slots.
**Chameleon Coating (1000 nuyen) - Can work with Chameleon suit. 2 Slots.
300 rounds ExEx Ammo (3000 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP
200 rounds SnS Ammo (1600 nuyen) - 6S(e), -half AP
Spare Clips x4 (20 nuyen)
<21 dice to attack. 6P/6S(e), -1 AP/-half AP, 5 RC, 100(c) ammo.>

JP K-49 (Battle Rifle) (3400 nuyen) - 7P, -1 AP, SA, 1(2) RC, 25(c) ammo. Imaging Sight (Vision enhancement rating 1, Magnification, low-light), Shock pad
**Sling (10 nuyen) - +1 RC. Hold ready at -1 Concealability, unready at -2. +2 to hold on to weapon.
**Silencer (400 nuyen) - -6 to find source of shot. 2 Slots.
**Chameleon Coating (1000 nuyen) - Can work with Chameleon suit. 2 Slots.
**Smartgun, External (400 nuyen) - +2 to ranged attacks. Top mount.
100 rounds ExEx Ammo (1000 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP
Spare Clips x3 (15 nuyen)
<19 dice to attack. 8P, -2 AP, SA, 2(3) RC.>

FN 5-7C (Machine Pistol) (600 nuyen) - 4P, SA/BF, 1 RC, 20(c) ammo.
**Gas Vent 3 (400 nuyen) - +3 RC. 2 Slots.
**Personalized Grip (100 nuyen) - +1 RC. 1 Slot.
**Smartgun, External (400 nuyen) - +2 to ranged attacks. Top mount.
40 rounds ExEx Ammo (400 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP
40 rounds SnS Ammo (320 nuyen) - 6S(e), -half AP
Spare Clips x3 (15 nuyen)
Concealable Holster (75 nuyen) - -1 Concealability
<19 dice to attack. 5P/6S(e), -1 AP/-half AP, SA/BF, 5 RC.>

Ruger Super Warhawk (Heavy Pistol) (250 nuyen) - 6P, -2 AP, SS, 6(cy) ammo
**Smartgun, Internal (250 nuyen) - +2 to ranged attacks. 1 Slot.
**Firing Selection Change (300 nuyen) - Gain SA mode. 1 Slot.
**Personalized Grip (100 nuyen) - +1 RC. 1 Slot.
30 rounds ExEx Ammo (300 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP
Speed loader x4 (100 nuyen)
<17 dice to attack. 7P, -2 AP, SA, 1 RC>

Katana (1000 ) - (STR/2+3)P, -1 AP, Reach 1
**Chameleon Coating (1000 nuyen) - Can work with Chameleon suit. 2 Slots.
**Personalized Grip (100 nuyen) - +1 to melee tests. 1 Slot.
<20 dice to attack. 7P, -1 AP, Reach 1>

Ceramic Knife (75 nuyen) - (STR/2+1)P. Cannot be detected by MAD scanners
**Personalized Grip (100 nuyen) - +1 to melee tests. 1 Slot.
<18 dice to attack. 5P.>

Throwing Knives x7 (140 nuyen) - (STR/2+1)P
<15 dice to attack. 5P>

HK MG-14 (LMG) (2250 nuyen) - 6P, -1 AP, BF/FA, 2(4) RC, 60(c) ammo. Bipod, Smartlink
**Gas Vent 3 (400 nuyen) - +3 RC. 2 Slots.
**Shock Pad (50 nuyen) - +1 RC.
**Personalized Grip (100 nuyen) - +1 RC. 1 Slot.
**Reduced Weight (2250 nuyen) - Weight cut in half. 1 Slot.
**Chameleon Coating (1000 nuyen) - Can work with Chameleon suit. 2 Slots.
360 rounds ExEx Ammo (3600 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP
Spare Clips x5 (25 nuyen)
<17 dice to attack. 7P, -2 AP, BF/FA, 7(9) RC>

ArmTech MGL-12 (Grenade Launcher) (2000 nuyen) - Damage as Grenade, SA, 12(c) ammo.
**Chameleon Coating (1000 nuyen) - Can work with Chameleon suit. 2 Slots.
**Personalized Grip (100 nuyen) - +1 RC. 1 Slot.
**Smartgun, External (400 nuyen) - +2 to ranged attacks. Top mount.
**Silencer (200 nuyen) - -6 to find source of shots. 1 Slot.
**Airburst Link (500 nuyen) - Grenades can be set to go off in air, during action phase launched. Reduce Scatter to 1d6.
**Sling (10 nuyen) - +1 RC. Hold ready at -1 Concealability, unready at -2. +2 to hold on to weapon.
High Explosive Grenade x12 (540 nuyen) - 10P, -2 AP, -2/m Radius
Flash-bang Grenade x12 (360 nuyen) - 6S, -3 AP, 10m Radius
Spare clip (5 nuyen)
<17 dice to attack. 10P/6S, -2 AP/-3 AP, -2/m Radius/10m Radius, SA, 2 RC, 12(c) ammo.>

Suzuki Mirage (6500 nuyen) - +2 Handling, 20/50 Accel, 200 Speed, 1 Pilot, 6 Body, 4 Armor, 1 Sensor
**Weapon Mount (3000 nuyen) - Normal, Internal, Fixed, Remote. 3 Slots.
**Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization (1800 nuyen) - +2 Handling to avoid crash. 1 Slot.
**Chameleon Coating (6000 nuyen) - -4 to Spot vehicle. 2 Slots.
**Spoof Chip (500 nuyen) - Change vehicle ID
**Run-flat tires x2 (250 nuyen) - Runs while flattened.
Ares MP-LMG (1500 nuyen) - 6P, -1 AP, BF/FA, 2(3) RC, 50(c) or belt ammo. Laser sight, gas-vent 2, hip-pad bracing
**Smartgun, External (400 nuyen) - +2 to ranged attacks. Top mount
250 rounds ExEx Ammo (2500 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP
<+4 Handling, 20/50 Accel, 200 Speed, 1 Pilot, 6 Body, 4 Armor, 1 Sensor.>

Chameleon Suit (8000 nuyen) - 6B/4I Armor. -4 to spot
**Thermal Damping (3000 nuyen) - +6 to infiltration vs thermal sensors

Lined Coat (700 nuyen) - 6B/4I Armor. -2 Concealability to items hidden underneath.
**Color Changing (175 nuyen) - Can change colors
**AR Enabled (25 nuyen) - Can display AR
**Nonconductivity (600 nuyen) - Rating 3. Apply rating vs electric attacks.
**Shock Frills (200 nuyen) - 6S(e), -half AP. 10 charges

Diving Armor (1750 nuyen) - 5B/4I Armor. Chemical Protection 4. Acts as diving equipment.

Evo HEL Suit (3000 nuyen) - 4B/6I Armor. Insulation 4, Fire Resistance 2, Radiation Shield 3, Chemical Protection 2. 5 Capacity.
**Concealable Holster (75 nuyen) - -1 Concealability. [4] Capacity.

SecureTech PPP Forearm Guards (200 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. Discrete
SecureTech PPP Shin Guards (150 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. Discrete

Lockheed Vulcan (6000 nuyen) - -1 Handling, 5/15 Accel, 30 Speed, 3 Pilot, 4 Body, 4 Armor, 2 Sensor. Mechanical Arm, Fuzzy Logic, Special Machinery (Automotive Mechanic Toolkit), Automotive Mechanic Autosoft 3

Advanced Lifestyle
Riverside Homes
Comforts - Middle (3 LP)
Entertainment - Middle (3 LP)
Necessities - Middle (3 LP)
Neighborhood - Low (2 LP)
Security - High (4 LP)

Affiliated (-3 LP) - The Yakuza are firmly in control of the housing complex, owning it outright.
Escape Tunnel    (3 LP) - A convenient tunnel leads to the river.
Friendly Neighbors (1 LP) - Chikage's neighbors are willing to do her a favor now and then.
Security Conscious (2 LP) - Design allows residents and frequent visitors to always be able to find cover in combat.
Well Made (1 LP) - The house is well made, and comfortable in most weather.
Living By Committee (-2 LP) - A neighborhood committee sets rules to live by, which can cause problems.
No Privacy (Astral) (-2 LP) - Trying to spy on the home via the astral is easier than it would be elsewhere.

Total: 15 LP (5000 nuyen/month)
Riverside Homes is a housing complex within sight (barely) of the Snoqualmie River in the Verge area of the Redmond Barrens. All told, it is actually one of the nicer areas of Redmond. Crime, for instance, isn't nearly as bad as it is in other areas of the district. Security consists of plenty of cameras, mechanical and electric locks (which are all serviced regularly), and metahuman patrols.

Chikage's house is a nice 100 square meter affair with a small yard in the front and a garage attached to the house. What food and drink she keeps in the house is of the nonperishable kind, naturally, with a soy dispenser as well, for those rare times when she has company, but they are good quality all the same. The appliances all work, and her closet is filled with midpriced clothes bought new, or sale items from Zoe or Vashon Island. Comfort-wise, Chikage's home is tastefully decorated, and includes a well made furniture, even though it is mass-produced. A set of drones tends to the housework, and the AR paint on the walls is still fresh. She has a fine collection of trid shows and movies for her entertainment system, and is a regular at Tux's virtual nightclub.

Glow City "Penthouse"
Comforts - Low (2 LP)
Entertainment - Low (2 LP)
Necessities - Middle (3 LP)
Neighborhood - Street (0 LP)
Security - High (4 LP)

Escape Tunnel (3 LP) - Her 'penthouse' has a private elevator that leads to an old parking garage
Dug a Hole (2 LP) - Search time of every extended test to find you raised by one level.
Well Made (1 LP) - The place is comfortable enough year round.
Haunted (-4 LP) - Being in the middle of Glow City, sometimes toxic critters and other nasties may show up.
No Privacy (Astral) (-3 LP) - Spying on this place via the astral is child's play.
Worse Neighbors (-1 LP) - A den of ghouls live in the basement, and have the run of the building.
Trigger-happy Landlord (-1 LP) - The landlord is always quick to demand payment.
No Privacy (Physical) (-3 LP) - Due to being one of the more visible buildings in the area, spying on the 'penthouse' is fairly easy.

Total: 5 LP (500 nuyen/month)
All right, so it isn't actually a 'penthouse' in the normal sense, but considering the area (Glow City), having the top floor of a small apartment building is as close as the neighborhood gets. Fortunately, drones are not as affected by radiation as, say, metahumans, which makes this area a fairly good place for a secondary residence. Security is no less stringent than it is at her primary residence, the only difference being that instead of being patrolled by Yakuza, the building is patrolled by ghouls (not all of them feral).

There's little in the way of comfort here. Basic furniture, and a single, older-model drone to do the housework, and cheap AR paint on the walls. Entertainment consists primarily of cheap trid and music, but at least it is better than nothing. The apartment covers 100 square meters, and has a nice patio with a view of the toxic zone. Non-perishable food and bottled water are the norm for when guests are over, and her closet contains similar clothes to her normal residence.

Total Lifestyle Cost: 5500 nuyen/month (1 month paid)

Left from resources: 1200 nuyen

Contacts (28 free Karma, 8 Karma paid)
Yamato (3C/3L) - Fixer, Yakuza
Yamato is a kobun in the Kanada-gumi in Redmond. While his jobs are primarily for the Yakuza, he does keep an ear out for other jobs as well.

Rose (3C/3L) - Arms Dealer
Rose (along with her Steel Lynx "Guns") is one of the new arms dealers who set up shop in Redmond just recently. She stays away from Ares products, especially after the whole 'Excalibur' thing burned a couple contacts she had (one quite literally, since it blew up in his hands).

Kylie Lowe (3C/3L) - Gang Lieutenant
Kylie is a lieutenant in the Desolation Angels. She travels widely through North America, and in addition to her duties as a gang leader, she seems quite knowledgeable about insect spirit activity in the region. She SURGEd recently after exposure to a manastorm, developing compound eyes, like those of a preying mantis.
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[spoiler=Bullet Storm O'Connor]
Name: Patrick O'Connor
Alias: Bullet Storm
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: U.C.A.S.

Lifestyle: Low - Two Months Paid
Karma: 19 (0 remaining)
Nuyen: 29,639¥

Street Cred: 2
Notoriety: 6
Public Awareness: 2

Physical Description: Eyes: Brown    Hair: Brown (buzzcut) Weight: 81.65 kg / 180 lbs. Height: 1.83 m / 6’0”


455 [8]3
3568 [11]

Positive Qualities
Aptitude (Dodge)
Negative Qualities
Addiction (Mild, Zen)
SINner (Criminal)
Bad Rep
Enemy (Street Gang - Azure Fists)
Vendetta (Street Gang - Azure Fists)

Active Skills
Firearms Group4
Close Combat Group3
Athletics Group2
Dodge(Ranged +2)7
Perception (Visual +2)3
Armorer (Firearms +2)1
Intimidation (Physical +2)1
Knowledge Skills
Redmond Barrens Area4
Redmond Barrens Street Gang Turfs4
Firearm History3
Firearm Design (Automatics +2)3
Action Movies3
Language Skills

Initiate Grade: 1
Metamagic:Additional Power Point

Adept Powers
Improved Ability (Dodge)1Rank: 2
Improved Reflexes4Rank: 3
Spell Resistance1Rank: 2

Cavalier Scout x2
w/ Personalized Grip
w/ Skinlink
w/ Smartgun System
Fichetti Security 600 x2
(w/ Laser Sight)
w/ Barrel Extension
w/ Custom Look Level 2
w/ Melee Hardening
w/ Personalized Grip
w/ Skinlink
w/ Smartgun System
- Spare Clips x2
Ares Crusader x2
(w/ Extended Clip)
(w/ Gas-Vent 2 System)
w/ Fire Select Change (FA)
w/ Underbarrel Weight
w/ Personalized Grip
w/ Skinlink
w/ Smartgun System
- Spare Clips x2
Colt M23
w/ Sling
w/ Foregrip
w/ Gas-Vent 3 System
w/ Personalized Grip
w/ Skinlink
w/ Smartgun System
- Imaging Scope (Magnification)
-Space Clips x3
Ruger 100
Ruger Super Warhawk
Explosive Rounds (Holdouts) x70
Explosive Rounds (Light Pistols) x290
Regular Rounds (Light Pistols) x8
Stick-n-Shock Rounds (Light Pistols) x60
Explosive Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x6
Regular Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x95
Explosive Rounds (Machine Pistols) x367
Explosive Rounds (Assault Rifles) x307
APDS Rounds (Assault Rifles) x160
Regular Rounds (Sports Rifles) x8
Survival Knife
Concealable Holster x2
Hidden Gun arm Slide x2
Quick-Draw Holster x2
Armor Vest
-Fire Resistance R6
-Chemical Protection R3
Vashon Island Synergist Longcoat Ensemble (tailored, jewlery, and addition white shirt and jacket
-Concealable Holster
Form Fitting Half Body Suit
Armor Jacket
-Fire Resistance R6
-Insulation R6
Armor Vest
Identification and Licenses
Fake SIN (Mitchell Danvers) R4
Fake License (Driver's) R4
Fake License (Bodyguard) R4
Fake License (Conceal Carry) R4
Fake License (Cavalier Scout) R4 x2
Fake License (FS 600) R4 x2
Fake License (Ares Crusader) R4 x2
Fake License (Colt M23) R4
Fake SIN (Cameron Davis) R4
Fake License (Bodyguard) R4
Fake License (Cavalier Scout) R4 x2
Fake License (FS 600) R4 x2
Fake License (Ares Crusader) R4 x2
Fake License (Colt M23) R4
Fake SIN (Jonathan Moore) R2
Hermes Ikon
Iris Orb
-Sim Module
Commlink Accessories
AR Gloves
Basic+ Suite
(Analyze R3, Browse R3, Command R1, Edit R3)
Encrypt R3
Visual Sensors
Contact Lenses R3
-Flare Compensation
-Image Link
Tag Eraser
Armorer Tools Kit
Survival Kit
Medkit R6
Stimulant Patch R3 x2
Clothing (Off-the-Rack Suit)
Zen x10
Novacoke x5

Honda Spirit

Darrel "Tinkerer" Hillbourne (Weaponsmith)3/5
Enrique Ortega (Drug Dealer)2/1
SSG Jeffery Ulrich (Arms Dealer)4/1
Sarah Barefoot (Shaman)2/1

Weaponsmith C: 3 L: 5
Darrel “Tinkerer” Hillbourne, Dwarf Male, 20, has always had a love of guns and a passion for taking them apart and making them better. Had he been born with a SIN, Hillbourne could’ve become a premier weaponsmith for an corporation. Having been born SINless in the Barrens, however, Hillbourne has to eke out a living by arming the gangs and other criminal elements in Redmond. Hillbourne and O’Connor have been close friends since childhood, and their six year separation did little to diminish their bond.
Drug Dealer C: 2 L: 1
Enrique Ortega, Orc Male, 20, is a two bit drug dealer that deals mainly in Zen. O’Connor, from time to time, needs to get away from his shitty life, and when he does he calls Ortega for a few hits of Zen. Ortega is as one dimensional as they come. Every single stereotype there is of drug dealers has been distilled to their purest form in Ortega. He’s as sleazy and shifty as the most caricatured media character.

Arms Dealer C: 4 L: 1
O'Connor was given an introduction to Staff Sergeant Ulrich as part of his payment for one hell of a run.

Shaman C: 2 L: 1
O'Connor was introduced to Sarah Barefoot by his teammate Sam Torley. O'Connor sought her assistance in helping him initiate.

Background: Patrick O’Connor was born, June 10th, in the slums of Redmond to Relena O'Connor a prostitute and junkie. His mother did little to care for him, and he was lucky if her pimp didn't beat him up for “looking at him funny.” The only escape he had from his shitty existence where his beloved action movie, especially the trideo remakes of John Woo films. He always dreams of the day he’d be that badass and wouldn’t have to take shit, or beatings, from anyone ever again. Perhaps because of his home life, O’Connor came into his Talent as a physical adept at an early age, and spent his childhood honing his body to be agile and his reflexes to be quick so as to avoid injury. He didn’t realize that he was an adept for a long while, he’d always attributed his Talent to simply being a badass. Along the way he picked up his combat skills by sheer virtue of surviving the Barrens.
               At the age of twelve O’Connor ran away from home and fell in with a local gang, The Azure Fists. The AF is a moderate sized gang, but packed quite the punch from boasting an unusual number of physical adepts in their ranks. During the first preliminary trial of his gang initiation, O’Connor was tasked with playing look out while the gang lifted merchandise from a warehouse. It turned out that the gang’s hacker wasn’t nearly as good as he thought and a silent alarm was tripped. Lone Star was at the scene in minutes. In the scramble to escape one of the gang members tripped O’Connor and left him as a diversion while the rest of the gang got away.
               Being SINless, O’Connor wasn’t even given a trail. He was thrown to the mercies of the prison system, spending four in what passed for juvie and two in penitentiary. He spent the next six years plotting his revenge on the gang that had betrayed him. At age eighteen, O’Connor was spit up by the prison system right back into the Redmond Barrens. O’Connor hit up his childhood friend, Darrel Hillbourne, as kids they’d both been fascinated by firearms. As an adept, O’Connor had focused his gift on augmenting his combat prowess. As a mundane, Hillbourne focused his talents on building and modifying firearms. Hillbourne set O’Connor up with a gun and found him some work using that gun. After about a year of doing freelance odd jobs for the local powers, O’Connor had enough money to get some serious hardware and decided to start settling his old score with the Azure Fists.
               He hit one of their hangouts and hit it hard. When he was done, there was about a dozen bodies and a flaming building. In an uncanny bit of coincidence, that same night another party hit several of the gang’s upper echelon, taking out their targets along with their families and friends. O’Connor hadn’t been quiet about his attack on the gang, and most, including the Azure Fists, believe he was also responsible for the brutal targeted killings as well. The unknown party was content to let O’Connor take the heat for their actions, and O’Connor didn’t really mind it himself. If the gang was going to be coming to him, then it would save O’Connor the trouble of going to them. Now that his personal war was on, O’Connor became a shadowrunner to finance it.

Personality: O’Connor has two main sides; cocky and sullen. His ability to practically Matrix-dodge bullets while laying down withering hails of return fire has made O’Connor arrogant in the extreme. He views all other gunslingers as his inferiors and isn’t afraid to tell or show them that. When he isn’t bragging about his abilities, O’Connor continually replays his betrayal and imprisonment in his mind, while plotting the next step of his vengeance against the Azure Fists.
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== Info ==
Street Name: BlackJack
Name: Jake White
Movement: 15/37, Swim: 6
Karma: 2
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 2
Public Awareness: 0
Elf Changeling M Age 27
Height 6'2 Weight 175
Composure: 5
Judge Intentions: 6
Lift/Carry: 9 (75 kg/50 kg)
Memory: 9
Nuyen: 2755

== Attributes ==
BOD: 4
AGI: 6 (8)
REA: 5 (6)
STR: 3 (5)
CHA: 3
INT: 3
LOG: 5 (7)
WIL: 2
EDG: 2
MAG: 3

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   4.00
Initiative:                8 (9)
IP:                        1 (2)
Astral Initiative:         6
Astral IP:                 3
Matrix Initiative:         6
Matrix IP:                 2
Physical Damage Track:     10
Stun Damage Track:         9

== Active Skills ==
Blades                     : 4 (Knives)       Pool: 12 (14)
Chemistry   :  3      Pool: 10
Climbing                   : 2                      Pool: 11
Con                        : 3 (Fast Talk)                      Pool: 6 (8)
Gymnastics                 : 5 (Parkour)   Pool: 19 (21)
Infiltration               : 3 (Urban)                      Pool: 12 (14)
Locksmith                  : 4                      Pool: 12
Palming                    : 5 (Pickpocket)                      Pool: 17 (19)
Perception                 : 3                      Pool: 6
Pistols                    : 4 (Semi-Automatics)                     Pool: 12 (14)
Running                    : 4                      Pool: 13
Shadowing                  : 4 (Tailing                      Pool: 7 (9)

== Knowledge Skills ==
Alcohol                    : 1                      Pool: 4
Area Knowledge: Seattle                     : 3      Pool: 6
Bars and Clubs                      : 3                      Pool: 6
Chemistry                      : 3                      Pool: 10
Drug Dealers             : 4                      Pool: 11
Drugs            : 2                      Pool: 9
English                : 4                      Pool: 7
Shadow Community                 : 4                      Pool: 7
Sperethiel      N

== Contacts ==
Vex (Fixer) (4, 4)
Skeez (Drug Dealer) (3, 3)
Fingers (Fence) (5, 5)

== Qualities ==
Balance Receptor
Changeling (Class II SURGE)
Low-Light Vision
Allergy (Common, Moderate, Gold)
Data Shadow (Rating 2)
Day Job (20 hours/week)
Distinctive Style
Incompetent (Leadership)
Incompetent (Tracking)

== Adept Powers ==
Improved Reflexes 1
Light Touch 2
Nimble Fingers
Improved Ability (Non-Combat) (Palming)
Improved Ability (Non-Combat) (Gymnastics)

== Lifestyles ==
Low  2 months

== Armor ==

Armor Jacket              8/6
Chameleon Suit
  +Chemical Protection Rtg 5
  +Chemical Seal
  +Fire Resistance Rtg 5
  +Insulation Rtg 5
  +Nonconductivity Rtg 5
  +Ruthenium Polymer Coating
  +Thermal Dampening Rtg 5
Full Body Armor Helmet
  +Micro-Transceiver (Rtg 6)
== Weapons ==
Ares Predator IV
   +Concealable Holster
   +Smartgun System
   +Skin Link
   Pool: 14 (16)   DV: 5P   AP: -1   RC: 0
Vibro Knife
  +Personalized Grip
    Pool: 13 (15)  DV: 5P
  +Personalized Grip
    Pool: 13 (15)  DV: 4P
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 7   DV:32S   AP: -   RC: 0

== Commlink ==
Erika Elite (3, 4, 3, 3)
   +Iris Orb
  +Analyze (Rtg 6)
  +Browse (Rtg 6)
  +Edit (Rtg 6)
  +Encrypt (Rtg 6)
  +Scan (Rtg 6)
  +AR Gloves
  +Sim Module (Cold)
  +Optimization (Encrypt)
  +Micro-Transciever (Rtg 6)
  +Hardening (Rtg 6)
  +Personality Software
  +Holo Projector
== Gear ==
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols) x100
Autopicker (Rtg 6)
Medkit (Rtg 6)
DocWagon Contract: Basic
Grapple Gun
  +Stealth Rope
  +Catalyst Stick
Fake SIN (Rtg 3) (Jack White)
Fake License (Rtg 2) (Ares Predator IV)
Fake License (Rtg 2) (Vibro Knife)
Chemistry Kit
5 Kamikaze
10 Long Haul
5 Psyche
5 Bliss

== Vehicles ==
Suzuki Mirage(Racing Bike)
   +Vehicle Sensor    [/spoiler]
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Name: High Ball
Uses: Face/Social Infiltrator
Notes:400 BP most books. Chummer file available on request.

[spoiler]== Info ==
Street Name: High-Ball
Name: Hennesy Rogue
Movement: 10/25, Swim: 5
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Human Male Age 49
Height 1.93m Weight 89kg
Composure: 10
Judge Intentions: 13
Lift/Carry: 6 (45 kg/30 kg)
Memory: 5
Nuyen: 0[/spoiler]

[spoiler]== Attributes ==
BOD: 3
AGI: 3
REA: 4
STR: 3
CHA: 7
INT: 4
LOG: 2
WIL: 3
EDG: 2
MAG: 4

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   5
Initiative:                8 (11)
IP:                        1 (2)
Astral Initiative:         8
Astral IP:                 3
Matrix Initiative:         8
Matrix IP:                 1
Physical Damage Track:     10
Stun Damage Track:    10[/spoiler]

[spoiler]== Active Skills ==
Artisan                    : 1                      Pool: 5
Blades                     : 1 [Swords]             Pool: 4 (6)
Con                        : 4                      Pool: 21
Disguise                   : 4                      Pool: 11
Etiquette                  : 4                      Pool: 20
Infiltration               : 4                      Pool: 7
Intimidation               : 1                      Pool: 14
Leadership                 : 4                      Pool: 20
Negotiation                : 4                      Pool: 20
Palming                    : 4                      Pool: 7
Perception                 : 6                      Pool: 10
Shadowing                  : 4                      Pool: 8

== Knowledge Skills ==
Art                        : 4                      Pool: 6
Bars and Clubs             : 2 [High-Class]         Pool: 6 (8)
English                    : N                      Pool: 0
French                     : N                      Pool: 0
Literature                 : 3 [Poetry]             Pool: 5 (7)
News                       : 1                      Pool: 5
Politics                   : 1                      Pool: 3
Sperethiel                 : 4 [Speak]              Pool: 8 (10)[/spoiler]

[spoiler]== Contacts ==
André La Fevré (Fixer) (5, 3)[/spoiler]

[spoiler]== Qualities ==
Changeling (Class II SURGE)
Combat Paralysis
Distinctive Style
First Impression
Infected: Vampire
Infertile Infected (Infection Power)
Privileged Family Name
SINner (Standard) (Hennesy Rgoue)[/spoiler]

Adept Powers
[spoiler]== Powers ==
Commanding Voice
Facial Sculpt Rating: 1
Improved Ability (Non-Combat) (Con) Rating: 1
Keratin Control
Kinesics Rating: 2
Master of 1000 Faces
Melanin Control
Voice Control[/spoiler]

Critter Powers
[spoiler]== Critter Powers ==
Allergy (Sunlight, Moderate)
Allergy (Wood, Severe)
Dietary Requirement (Metahuman Blood)
Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell, Thermographic Vision)
Essence Drain
Essence Loss
Immunity (Age, Pathogens, Toxins)
Induced Dormancy (Lack of Air)
Mist Form
Natural Weapon (Bite: (STR/2+1)P, AP 0, -1 Reach)

[spoiler]== Armor ==
Berwick designer fashion (Mortimer of London)0/0
   +Color Changing
   +Ruthenium Polymer Coating
Mortimer of London: Ulysses Line7/5
   +Chemical Protection 4
   +Color Changing
   +Gel Packs
   +YNT SoftWeave
SecureTech PPP Armor (Ensemble)2/4

[spoiler]== Weapons ==
   Pool: 2   DV: 3P   AP: -   RC: 0
Gentleman's Cane Sword
   +Advanced Safety, Spring Trigger Spike
   +Custom Look Rating 2
   +Personalized Grip
   Pool: 4 (6)   DV: 6P   AP: -   RC: 1
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 2   DV: 2S   AP: -   RC: 0[/spoiler]

Martial Arts
[spoiler]== Martial Arts ==
Arnis De Mano
   ++1 DV on Blades attacks
   +inflict dmage when making Called Shot to disarm

[spoiler]== Commlink ==
Disposable Commlink (1, 2, 1, 3)
   +Disposable Commlink OS
Hermes Ikon (4, 4, 3, 3)
   +Biometric Lock
   +Hardening Rating 6
   +Novatech Navi
   +AR Gloves
   +Contact Lenses Rating 2 [Image Link, Skinlink]
   +Nonstandard Wireless Link Rating 3
   +FTL Matrixware Power Suite [Analyze 3, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4, Purge 4, Scan 2]
   +Empathy Software Rating 4
   +Lie Detection Software Rating 4
   +Fake SIN (Mr Charles Alexander) Rating 4 [Certified Credstick, Gold 6, Certified Credstick, Standard, Fake License 4 (Gel Packs), Fake License 4 (Ruthenium Polymer Coating), Fake License 4 (Nonstandard Wireless Link)]
   +Subvocal Microphone[/spoiler]

[spoiler]== Gear ==
Gentleman's Cane w/ Anchor and Sword Options
Glasses Rating 4
   +Camera, Micro Rating 1 [Thermographic]
   +Image Link
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
   +Vision Magnification
   +Earbuds Rating 2 [Audio Enhancement 3; Select Sound Filter 2; Skinlink]
Scent-masking Cigarette x20

== Lifestyles ==
High  1 months [/spoiler]
PbP Legend:
Narrative | Thought | Speech | Matrix | Astral


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Exiled Tir Ghost: Beltre "Eidolan" Celste

Metatype: Elf (Base)
BOD: 5
AGI: 7(10)
REA: 3(7)
STR: 1(3)
CHA: 3
INT: 5
LOG: 2
WIL: 3
Edge: 2
Restricted Gear X3
High Pain Tolerance X1
Combat Monster
In Debt X1
Athletics Group 2
Automatics 6
Longarms 4
Pistols 4
Infiltration 4
Perception 2
Armorer 2
Pilot Groundcraft 3
Reflex Recorder (Automatics)
Muscle Toner Rating 3
Muscle Augmentation 3
Move-By-Wire rating 1
Reaction Enhancers 2
Dermal Sheath Rating 2
Impanted Commlink
Cyber Eyes 2
   Thermographic Vision
   Flare Compensation 3
   Vision Enhancement 3
   Low-Light Vision
Cyber Ears 1
   Audio Enhancement 3
   Spatial Recognizer 1
Knowledge Skills
Sperethiel N
English 5
Tir na nOg Politics 4 (Professional)
Tir Ghost Protocols 6 (Professional)
Corporate Security 3 (Interest)
Arcana 3 (Interest)
Medium Military Armor 14/12
   Ruthenium Polymer Coating
   Auto Injector
   Non-Conductivity 3
   Chemical Seal
   Environment Adaptation (cold)
   Chemical Protection 4
   Massaging Liners (if allowed)
   Thermal Dampening 5
Military Helmet 2/2
P93 Praetor
   Gas Vent 3
   Internal Smartgun
   Personalized Grip
   Advanced Safety (electro-shock)
   Ceramic and Plasteel 1
Ruger Super Warhawk
   Internal Smartlink
   Increased Cylinder
   UB Grenade Launcher
   Internal Smartlink
   Lightweight Materials
   Rigid Stock&Shock Pad
   Grenade Link
Ares Desert Strike
   Internal Smartlink
   Long Barrel
   Rigid Stock&Shock Pad
   Detachable Scope
   Ceramix and Plasteel 1
   Easy Manual Breakdown
   Sound Suppressor
   Thermal Suppressor
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit 6/6 x3
Thundercloud Morgan
   Ares MP LPG
      internal Smartlink
Toyota Gopher (renting via Lifestyle)
10 uses of Nitro
Autopicker 6
Maglock Passkey 4
Oxysys Artificial Gills
Survival Kit
Climbing Gear
Medkit 5
Rappelling Gloves
Transys Avalon 4/4
Custom OS 4/4
Common User Programs
Fake SIN 4
Fake Licenses 4
Jean Anne/ Smuggler 4/3


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AROsmith, troll hacker

Chummer Sheet
[spoiler]== Info ==
Street Name: AROsmith
Name: Sage Summers
Movement: 15/35, Swim: 7
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 1
Public Awareness: 0
Troll (Fomori) Female
Composure: 7
Judge Intentions: 6
Lift/Carry: 13 (90 kg/60 kg)
Memory: 7
Nuyen: 0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 6 (7)
AGI: 4
REA: 5 (9)
STR: 5 (6)
CHA: 2
INT: 4
LOG: 2
WIL: 5
EDG: 2

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   0.075
Initiative:                9 (13)
IP:                        1 (3)
Matrix Initiative:         9
Matrix IP:                 3
Physical Damage Track:     13
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Active Skills ==
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 3
Animal Training            : 0                      Pool: 3
Archery                    : 0                      Pool: 3
Armorer                    : 1                      Pool: 5
Artisan                    : 0                      Pool: 3
Automatics                 : 0                      Pool: 3
Blades                     : 0                      Pool: 3
Climbing                   : 0                      Pool: 5
Computer                   : 4                      Pool: 9
Con                        : 0                      Pool: 1
Cybercombat                : 0                      Pool: 1
Data Search                : 4                      Pool: 9
Demolitions                : 0                      Pool: 1
Disguise                   : 0                      Pool: 3
Diving                     : 0                      Pool: 6
Dodge                      : 0                      Pool: 8
Electronic Warfare         : 4                      Pool: 9
Escape Artist              : 0                      Pool: 3
Etiquette                  : 0                      Pool: 1
First Aid                  : 0                      Pool: 1
Flight                     : 0                      Pool: 5
Forgery                    : 0                      Pool: 3
Gunnery                    : 0                      Pool: 3
Gymnastics                 : 0                      Pool: 3
Hacking                    : 6                      Pool: 11
Hardware                   : 4                      Pool: 9
Heavy Weapons              : 0                      Pool: 3
Infiltration               : 1                      Pool: 5
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 1
Intimidation               : 0                      Pool: 1
Leadership                 : 0                      Pool: 1
Locksmith                  : 0                      Pool: 3
Longarms                   : 0                      Pool: 3
Navigation                 : 0                      Pool: 3
Negotiation                : 0                      Pool: 1
Palming                    : 0                      Pool: 3
Parachuting                : 0                      Pool: 6
Perception                 : 1                      Pool: 5
Pilot Ground Craft         : 0                      Pool: 8
Pilot Watercraft           : 0                      Pool: 8
Pistols                    : 4                      Pool: 8
Riding                     : 0                      Pool: 8
Running                    : 0                      Pool: 5
Shadowing                  : 0                      Pool: 3
Software                   : 4                      Pool: 9
Survival                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Swimming                   : 0                      Pool: 5
Throwing Weapons           : 0                      Pool: 3
Tracking                   : 0                      Pool: 3
Unarmed Combat             : 1                      Pool: 5

== Knowledge Skills ==
Augmentation               : 2                      Pool: 6
Classic Rock               : 2                      Pool: 6
Local: East End            : 2                      Pool: 6
Matrix Communities         : 4                      Pool: 8
Matrix Security            : 6                      Pool: 10
True-Crime Trids           : 2                      Pool: 6

== Contacts ==
Dr. Mel (Street Doc) (3, 2)
Hat Trick (Software Pirate) (5, 1)
Rose Brychan (MoM Organizer) (4, 3)
Three-Eyes Malik (Fixer) (4, 1)
Neil (Rent-A-Cab Rigger) (1, 1)

== Qualities ==
Allergy (Uncommon, Severe) (Wasp Stings)
Arcane Arrester
Born Rich
Codeslinger (Hacking on the Fly)
Distinctive Style
Incompetent (Clubs)
Media Junkie (Moderate)
Metagenetic Improvement (BOD)
Restricted Gear (Rating 1)
SINner (Standard) (Sage Summers)
Thermographic Vision

== Lifestyles ==
Mothers of Metahumans apartment building  1 months
   Comforts:      Low
   Entertainment: Squatter
   Necessities:   Low
   Neighborhood:  Low
   Security:      Middle
   Qualities:     Concerned Neighbors [2LP]
                  Easy-Going Landlord [1LP]
                  Workplace [1LP]
                  Affiliated [-3LP]
                  No Privacy, Astral (Rating 1) [-1LP]
                  Nosy Neighbors [-2LP]

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Encephalon Rating 2
Enhanced Protein Exchange, PuSHeD
Obvious Full Arm (BOD 12, AGI 8, STR 11) (Right)
   +Enhanced Agility Rating 3
   +Enhanced Body Rating 5
   +Armor Rating 1
   +Customized Body Rating 7
   +Customized Agility Rating 5
   +Customized Strength Rating 7
   +Enhanced Strength Rating 4
Reaction Enhancers Rating 2
Sleep Regulator
Wired Reflexes Rating 2

== Armor ==
Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit6/2
   +Chemical Protection 6
SecureTech Forearm Guards 0/1
SecureTech Leg and Arm Casings1/1
SecureTech Shin Guards    0/1
SecureTech Vitals Protector1/1
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit   6/6
   +Nonconductivity 6

== Weapons ==
Shock Glove
   +Metahuman Customization
   +Personalized Grip
   Pool: 5   DV: 5S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 1
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 5   DV: 3S   AP: -   RC: 0
Yamaha Pulsar
   +Personalized Grip
   Pool: 8   DV: 6S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 1

== Commlink ==
Meta Link (1, 1, 1, 2)
   +Vector Xim
Novatech Airware (3, 5, 6, 3)
   +Custom Commlink OS [Firewall 6, System 5]
   +Customized Interface
   +Optimization (Exploit)
   +Biometric Lock
   +Armor Case Rating 5
   +Analyze Rating 6 [Copy Protection 1, Ergonomic, Optimization 1, Registration]
   +Browse Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6, Optimization 1, Registration]
   +Command Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Registration]
   +Edit Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Registration]
   +Scan Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Registration]
   +Eurosoft Clavicula [Decrypt 5, Encrypt 5]
   +Disarm Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Registration]
   +Exploit Rating 5 [Copy Protection 6, Mute, Optimization 1, Registration]
   +Biofeedback Filter Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Registration]
   +ECCM Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Ergonomic, Registration]
   +Sniffer Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Registration]
   +Spoof Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Registration]
   +Stealth Rating 5 [Copy Protection 6, Ergonomic, Mute, Registration]
   +Track Rating 1 [Copy Protection 1, Registration]
   +Defuse Rating 5 [Copy Protection 5, Registration]
   +Simrig [Sim Module (Hot)]

== Gear ==
Contact Lenses Rating 2
   +Flare Compensation
Earbuds Rating 2
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
   +Spatial Recognizer
Fake License (Programs) Rating 3
Fake License (Cyberware) Rating 3
Fake SIN (birth name) Rating 3
Gecko Tape Gloves
Glasses Rating 3
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
   +Low Light
   +Image Link
Medkit Rating 6
Micro Sensor
   +Laser Range Finder
Micro Sensor
   +Motion Sensor
Micro Sensor
   +Radio Signal Scanner Rating 1
Optical Tap
Satellite Link
Stealth Tags x20
Tag Eraser

== Vehicles ==
BMW Trollhammer w/ Metahuman Adaptation (Chopper)
   +Metahuman Adjustment, Troll
   +Vehicle Sensor
Micro-Tapper Bug (Microdrone)
   +Microdrone Sensor[/spoiler]

[spoiler]AROsmith (Arrow to her friends) is a British metavariant called fomori; in the right light, she looks like a very tall ork with overgrown teeth, although at 234 cm she's too big to pass as anything but an adult troll. She has messy auburn hair topped by curly ram's horns and a sweet but perpetually slightly concussed-looking face. At 18 years old, Arrow's comfortably into adulthood by troll standards. She's a fan of the retro look, typically wearing ripped jeans and faux-cotton shirts printed with the logos of her favorite 20th-century rock bands. Her right arm is custom-made black chrome, her first and only real piece of street 'ware. Although she does her best to project a tough shadowrunner attitude, the effect is somewhat spoiled by the fact that she's slightly chubby, extremely nearsighted, and usually happily absorbed in her comm like any carefree teenager.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Arrow was born Sage Summers, the beloved and only -- and human -- daughter of a pair of comfortably wealthy white-collar professionals. Although not otherwise a particularly bright kid, she showed an early aptitude for Matrix programming which her parents encouraged by providing her with the best in cutting-edge commlinks and cyberware; nothing but the best for their little girl. Unfortunately, they were also supporters of Humanis and various other quasi-terrorist human supremacy organizations, which made things very awkward when Sage unexpectedly Goblinized into a troll at age 15 after exposure to a freak mana storm. Furious and frightened, her parents threw her out and later quietly had her declared dead.

She actually lasted a few weeks on the streets of the East End before she was found by Rose Brychan, a Mothers of Metahumans house mother who introduced her to the organization and found her a place to stay. Alone in the world with a SIN that no longer matched her face, Sage didn't have a lot of options. She loves true-crime trid shows and grew up in a household where it was taken for granted that most trolls are criminally inclined, so she more or less fell into shadowrunning as a way to support herself. She's hardly an ideal runner, but she's handy with a commlink and tougher than she looks, so she's managed to stay alive so far. (Not, however, without complications; her second ever job ended with her getting her arm ripped off by a security barghest in Islington, for example.)

Her street name is also her hacker handle, a pun on one of her favorite classic rock bands. To anyone who doesn't get the joke, which is almost everybody not in her obscure music fandom, she's just Arrow. [/spoiler]
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Looks good mate, you're first one in with a matrix char. Will get the recruitment post up next week and  get back to you


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Status: Looking For Work

Domino, Metasapient AI Hacker

750 karma, standard gen (no free knowledge skills or contact points), German errata (110 karma racial cost).

Chummer sheet
[spoiler]== Info ==
Street Name:
Name: Unnamed Character
Movement: Special
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 2
Public Awareness: 0
Composure: 10
Judge Intentions: 10
Lift/Carry: 0 (0 kg/0 kg)
Memory: 11
Nuyen: 0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 0
AGI: 0
REA: 0
STR: 0
CHA: 5
INT: 5
LOG: 6
WIL: 5
EDG: 4

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   0
Initiative:                5
IP:                        1
Matrix Initiative:         6
Matrix IP:                 3
Physical Damage Track:     11
Stun Damage Track:         0

== Active Skills ==
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 4
Animal Training            : 0                      Pool: 4
Armorer                    : 0                      Pool: 5
Artisan                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Computer                   : 4                      Pool: 10
Con                        : 1                      Pool: 6
Cybercombat                : 1                      Pool: 7
Data Search                : 4                      Pool: 10
Demolitions                : 0                      Pool: 5
Disguise                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Electronic Warfare         : 4                      Pool: 10
Etiquette                  : 1                      Pool: 6
First Aid                  : 0                      Pool: 5
Hacking                    : 6 [Exploit]            Pool: 12 (14)
Hardware                   : 4                      Pool: 10
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 4
Intimidation               : 0                      Pool: 4
Leadership                 : 1                      Pool: 6
Navigation                 : 0                      Pool: 4
Negotiation                : 1                      Pool: 6
Perception                 : 0                      Pool: 4
Shadowing                  : 0                      Pool: 4
Software                   : 4                      Pool: 10
Survival                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Tracking                   : 0                      Pool: 4

== Knowledge Skills ==
Celebrity AIs              : 2                      Pool: 7
Data Havens                : 4                      Pool: 9
Matrix Games               : 0                      Pool: 0
Matrix Security            : 4                      Pool: 10
Social Networking          : 2                      Pool: 7

== Contacts ==
Adrian 'Ox' Reid (Renraku Security Spider) (5, 5)
Beta Prime (Xenosapient AI) (4, 2)
Blackhawk (Software Pirate) (3, 1)
Mailloux (Guild Leader) (2, 2)
Pulsar (AI) (6, 2)

== Qualities ==
Bad Luck
Codeslinger (Exploit)
Distinctive Style
Incompetent (Pilot Ground Craft)
Media Junkie (Moderate)
Real World Naivete

== Lifestyles ==
Castle Rock  1 months
   Comforts:      Street
   Entertainment: Middle
   Necessities:   High
   Neighborhood:  Low
   Security:      High
   Qualities:     Ultramodern [1LP]
High ("The Box")  1 months

== Weapons ==
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 0   DV: 0S   AP: -   RC: 0

== Gear ==
Nexus (Processor 10)
   +Response (Rating 1)
   +Signal (Rating 6)
   +System (Rating 6)
   +Firewall (Rating 6)
   +Persona Limit (18)
   +Armor Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Ergonomic; Registration]
   +Attack Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Biofeedback Filter Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Black Hammer Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Corrupt Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Disarm Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Medic Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Eurosoft Clavicula [Decrypt 5 [Copy Protection 5; Registration] ; Encrypt 5 [Copy Protection 5; Registration] ]
   +Analyze Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Ergonomic; Registration]
   +Browse Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Ergonomic; Registration]
   +Command Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Edit Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Reality Filter Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Scan Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6; Registration]
   +Exploit Rating 6 [Ergonomic; Optimization 6]
   +Stealth Rating 6 [Ergonomic; Optimization 6]
   +Decrypt Rating 5 [Ergonomic; Optimization 5]
   +Track Rating 5 [Ergonomic; Optimization 5]
   +Sniffer Rating 5 [Ergonomic; Optimization 5]
   +Spoof Rating 5 [Ergonomic; Optimization 5]

== Vehicles ==
Micro-Tapper Bug (Microdrone)
   +Microdrone Sensor[/spoiler]

Status: Looking For Work
Melusine, Troll Hermetic
750 karma, standard gen (no free knowledge or contact points)
Chummer Sheet
[spoiler]== Info ==
Street Name: Melusine
Name: Unnamed Character
Movement: 15/35, Swim: 7
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Troll (Fomori)
Composure: 8
Judge Intentions: 7
Lift/Carry: 11 (75 kg/50 kg)
Memory: 12
Nuyen: 0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 6
AGI: 1
REA: 3
STR: 5
CHA: 3
INT: 4
LOG: 4 (7)
WIL: 5
EDG: 2
MAG: 5

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   5.1
Initiative:                7
IP:                        1
Astral Initiative:         8
Astral IP:                 3
Matrix Initiative:         5
Matrix IP:                 1
Physical Damage Track:     11
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Active Skills ==
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 3
Animal Training            : 0                      Pool: 3
Arcana                     : 1                      Pool: 8
Armorer                    : 0                      Pool: 6
Artisan                    : 0                      Pool: 3
Assensing                  : 4                      Pool: 8
Binding                    : 1                      Pool: 10
Climbing                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Computer                   : 0                      Pool: 6
Con                        : 0                      Pool: 2
Counterspelling            : 4                      Pool: 9
Cybercombat                : 0                      Pool: 6
Data Search                : 0                      Pool: 6
Demolitions                : 0                      Pool: 6
Disguise                   : 0                      Pool: 3
Diving                     : 0                      Pool: 5
Dodge                      : 0                      Pool: 2
Enchanting                 : 1                      Pool: 12
Etiquette                  : 0                      Pool: 2
First Aid                  : 4                      Pool: 11
Flight                     : 0                      Pool: 4
Hacking                    : 0                      Pool: 6
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 2
Intimidation               : 0                      Pool: 2
Leadership                 : 0                      Pool: 2
Navigation                 : 0                      Pool: 3
Negotiation                : 0                      Pool: 2
Parachuting                : 0                      Pool: 5
Perception                 : 0                      Pool: 3
Pilot Ground Craft         : 0                      Pool: 2
Pilot Watercraft           : 0                      Pool: 2
Pistols                    : 1 [Tasers]             Pool: 2 (4)
Riding                     : 0                      Pool: 2
Running                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Shadowing                  : 0                      Pool: 3
Spellcasting               : 6 [Combat]             Pool: 15 (17)
Summoning                  : 4                      Pool: 13
Survival                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Swimming                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Tracking                   : 0                      Pool: 3

== Knowledge Skills ==
Chemistry                  : 2                      Pool: 9
Corp: Evo                  : 1                      Pool: 8
English                    : N                      Pool: 0
French                     : 4                      Pool: 8
Magical Phenomena          : 4                      Pool: 11
Magical Security Procedures : 2                      Pool: 9
Magical Theory             : 6                      Pool: 13
Parazoology                : 4                      Pool: 11

== Contacts ==
Aimee (Barista) (2, 2)
Mad Arkady (Landlord) (3, 1)
Silas Marek (Talismonger) (5, 2)

== Qualities ==
Allergy (Uncommon, Mild) (Penicillin)
Arcane Arrester
Distinctive Style
Mentor Spirit (Artificer)
Metagenetic Improvement (BOD)
Poor Self Control (Compulsive - Moderate Danger) (Investigate Magical Phenomena)
Records on File (birth corp)
Restricted Gear (Rating 2)
SINner (Standard) (birth name)
Thermographic Vision
Weak Immune System

== Spells ==
(Tradition: Hermetic, Resist Drain with WIL + LOG (13))
Alter Memory               DV: (F÷2)+2
Control Thoughts           DV: (F÷2)+2
Detect Life, Extended      DV: (F÷2)+2
Heal                       DV: (Damage Value)-2
Improved Invisibility      DV: (F÷2)+1
Increase Reflexes          DV: (F÷2)+2
Levitate                   DV: (F÷2)+1
Mob Mind                   DV: (F÷2)+4
Mob Mind (Limited)         DV: (F÷2)+4
Physical Mask              DV: (F÷2)+1
Powerball (Limited)        DV: (F÷2)+3
Stunbolt                   DV: (F÷2)-1

== Lifestyles ==
University District  1 months
   Comforts:      Low
   Entertainment: Low
   Necessities:   Low
   Neighborhood:  Middle
   Security:      Middle
   Qualities:     Quiet Neighborhood [1LP]
                  Workplace [1LP]
                  Ambusher's Delight [-3LP]
                  Nosy Neighbors [-2LP]
                  Trigger-Happy Landlord [-1LP]

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Cerebral Booster Rating 3
Enhanced Protein Exchange, Daredrenaline
Trauma Damper

== Armor ==
Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit6/2
   +Chemical Protection 6
SecureTech Forearm Guards 0/1
SecureTech Leg and Arm Casings1/1
SecureTech Shin Guards    0/1
SecureTech Vitals Protector1/1
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit   7/7
   +Gel Packs
   +Nonconductivity 6

== Weapons ==
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 0   DV: 3S   AP: -   RC: 0
Yamaha Pulsar
   +Personalized Grip
   Pool: 2 (4)   DV: 6S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 1

== Commlink ==
CMT Clip (1, 3, 3, 3)
   +Iris Orb
   +Suite: Pro User [Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4]
Meta Link (1, 1, 1, 2)
   +Vector Xim

== Gear ==
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Tasers) x20
Combat Fetish
Cram x3
Earbuds Rating 1
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
   +Spatial Recognizer
Fake SIN (name) Rating 4
   +Fake License (Spellcasting) Rating 4
   +Fake License (Bioware) Rating 4
   +Fake License (Fetishes) Rating 4
Fake SIN (name) Rating 3
Forensic Thaumaturgy Kit
Glasses Rating 4
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
   +Image Link
   +Flare Compensation
   +Vision Magnification
Illusion Fetish
Magical Lodge Materials Rating 4
Medkit Rating 6
Power Focus (Bonded Foci) Rating 4
Psyche x3
Spirit Binding Materials Rating 4
Sustaining Focus (Health) (Bonded Foci) Rating 2
Talislegger Kit[/spoiler]
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Alias: Mask

Mask is Mark Skyborn - Urban Brawl Star "Citizen" turned Shadowrunner

Living in the house of the UCAS Urban Brawl National teams couch, his father. The life in the family was Boring, Combat was Fun,and if your father is one of the best trainers for Urban Brawl,there are really not many options in your life. Mark had spent all her childhood in boot camps and around doing nothing more then exercises, and when he was eligible he was invited to join them too. And to his surprise the young Mark fell in Love with combat, not as much as Urban Brawl, but combat itself. For a few years Urban Brawl Was all his life, he competed in his team Auburn Ramblers in the Local and National Level, and last year he was even invited to the National team for the World Cup. Of course he has a lot of media coverage and is in the spotlight on the street, not only in Auburn, where he is like a hero, but also in whole UCAS.
Even though he had a lot of fame, he did not like the attention he was getting as often his impulsiveness had made him do something that might have ended  looking bad in the press, once after picking a fight in the street with a gang, she did not want to come out of his room for 2 weeks. In this period her strongest wish was to look different change, be some one else,and to his surprise, she could do that. He had found her magic. Now he could be a star for a day, but the rest of the time he could run away from all the attention.
The next year he understood what all his speed meant, he found out that his magic is also letting him be faster and he had a almost magical ability to learn a language, almost in all friendly games he played in a different country he picked up a language from the locals.

Lately the thrill from being in Urban Brawl is not as thrilling as it used to be, so Maria has decided to seek it elsewhere - The Shadows.

20 questions for those who need some help with background (thanx Twitch):

We are shaped by our heritage. Facial features, skin tone, height, build, metatype, even aptitudes are influenced by the genes passed from parent to child. Attitude, too, is taught by parents, informed by their own lives and their cultural heritage. Where does your character come from, what is her lineage, who were her parents, and what did she inherit from them?

Father – Gregor SkyBorn – Hero of 2049 World Cup and the Trainer of the National team of UCAS for the last 15 years. Mark looks like a younger version of his father. From looks he is nothing too distinctive except the coal black hair, but as his father Mark has exceptional Reflexes that helped him to excel at combat the Fact the he inherited his fathers adept abilities as well.

Mother - Amalie Skyborn – Very charismatic and shining in her natural beauty. Magical would be the right word to describe her, and as later a friend from the magical community discovered, she is a social adept.

Both parents are of Caucasian decent and have typical elfish charactics. Mark enjoyed a upbringing in the world of Urban Brawl and fame was a constant companion wherever Mark was going in his childhood.

Parents can be proud of their children or regret ever bringing them into the world. Some are loving, and some are indifferent. All of them are only metahuman and have their own opinions of their children. Assuming they could speak, what would each of your character's parents say about her?

Father – Gregor SkyBorn – Gregor is very proud of his son who has been for two years part of the national team and champion with the Auburn Rumblers
Mother - Amalie Skyborn – Sometimes Mark has the feeling the the social status and the attention of the media is more important to his mother then him and his father, but when he or his father have a bad streak of luck or feel down you can see that she really loves them both and would do anything to help them.

Many people remember certain historical events for the rest of their lives. For those alive in the first decade of the 21st century, it could be the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the Tiananmen Square protests, or the fall of the Berlin Wall, or the attack of 11 September 2001. People remember where they were, and what they were doing when they first heard of these events. Shadowrun history has significant events as well, such as the assassination of President Dunkelzahn, the Crash 2.0, and the emergence of technomancers and artificial intelligences. Pick a few events from recent Shadowrun history and ask where the character was at the time, what does he remember about the event, and what was he doing at the time?

2061 First Shedim sightings. :: UCAS – this was when he was young, he knows of it but at the time he did not understand the significance and why all the grown ups are talking so much about it.

2069 The Deep Laguna manifests under LA .:: Pueblo Corporate Council – Mark was very happy about this as the Game of Urban brawl that was shaduled game did not get canceled but did not get as much attention as it would have been otherwise. This was made even more important as the Game was utter defeat, one of the more devastating as almost half of the team was killed in the play.

Very few people choose to become shadowrunners. More likely, they are thrown into the life by a chaotic and uncaring world. Even if she made a conscious decision to enter the shadows, her decision is influenced by the world around her. How did your character get into shadowrunning, and why did she take that path?

Mark is a thrill seeker, at first Urban Brawl satisfied his hunger for combat, but when it stopped he started to go out on his bike and taking up fights with the local go gangs, it was dangerous and once he was injured quite badly, at this moment he seeked the only one who he knew he could help, his quartermaster of the Aubrun Ramblers (Traves Longsleeve) who got one of his friends to patch him up again. When he was questioned how he got these wounds the quartermaster had a talk with mark and in the end revealed that he actually is using some of his friends in the shadows to get some of the gear for the team. When he got on his feat Traves arranged for mark to be part of some minor Shadowrun actions, of course mark was wearing a mask. When he become the master of 1000 faces he changed his masked helmet for changing his appearance for the shadowrunning.

People have control over their own living arrangements. From the child young enough to use crayons and tape all the way up to the elderly shut-in who plasters her walls with family photos and cat pictures, everyone makes their living spaces more personally pleasing. What is your character's living space like, and what has he added or changed to make it his own?

Mark has been living in his room as long as he remembers so he has a couple of his things laying around, old things new things but there is just one constant, his posters of Bikes. His favorite motorcycle of course the BMW Blitz, and since he had the cash he calls one of them his. He even has upgraded it all so it had no dysfunctional or obsolete components.

Everyone has beliefs, and many beliefs strong enough to be convictions. Some are religious, some are political, some are social, and some are just about why people are here. What does your character believe in, what are her convictions (if any), and why does she hold them?

He believes in Karma. He believes that all good and bad deed will come back hunting or rewarding you.

Everyone has aspects of their personality that grate on someone. Even the best of friends annoy one another from time to time. The flaws in a person’s character are as important as the qualities. What do you dislike most about your character’s personality?

Mark is a beast when it comes to combat. Driving his Bike down the road with 120km/h with only one hand, and with the other shooting his uzi  in short bursts. Some of the time this might end badly.

The Sixth World is considered by many to be spinning out of control. If anyone could exert control over it, it would be the “Big Ten” triple-A mega corps. These transnationals exert a lot of influence on everyday life in the 2070s. Which of the Big Ten does your character hold in the highest (or least low) regard, which does he like the least, and why?

United oil has had some bad luck since the crash 2.0 when it had to drop sponsoring the Auburn Rumblers, from the big budget cut the team is still weakened as it lost many of their big star players.

Horizon has taken interest in the most popular sport in Auburn and started to sponsor their team, many of the players have got new Horizon sponsored agents from the Charisma Associates.

People make acquaintances and friends; we’re hardwired for it. Humans are social animals. This is especially true in the shadows, where often it is not the power you have, but the power you can borrow, and not who you, are but who you know. There’s a story behind each and every one of these relationships. What is the story with your character and her contacts?


It’s Sunday morning, and your character has no commitments until tomorrow afternoon. What does she do for the day?

Mark takes out his bike for a ride, and if it has been a slow week he will seek out the local gang maybe provoking a gang to a race and then evading them or just get involved into a fight on the road.

Your character has a specific skill set, a list of Active and Knowledge skills that define what she knows and her areas of expertise. How did she come to learn those skills, and how did she develop them to those levels?

Knowlage and active skills

Everyone has their limits. People can be dark, but most people’s instinct is to draw the line at certain actions and thoughts, and they keep to their own moral convictions. Is there a moral limit that your character enforces on the jobs she takes, and in what shadow work would she refuse to engage?

My characters seek out jobs that challenge him, just being a baby sitter will not fit him, but taking the kid he is protecting trough hostile territory with only 10 bullets in his clips will be the experience of his life.

If you have an Awakened or technomancer character, consider your character’s tradition and streams. Even within the major established magical traditions and the recently emerged technomantic streams, there is room for personalization. Ask yourself what drew her to that particular paradigm, how does it effect the way she views the world and her magic, how does it translate into choice of mentor spirit or paragon, and how does it affect the appearance of the spirits or sprites you conjure or compile?

Mark is a combination of 2 adepts, social adept and a worrier one, he views his magic as his soul power, not anything else.

While acceptance and bias vary from place to place, augmentations— be they bio-, cyber-, gene-, or nanoware—are increasingly common and available in the Sixth World. However, personal technological enhancement is rarely cheap, and many implants that runners possess are restricted. How did your character come to have the enhancements she has, how were they paid for, and what motivated the choices she made (if she did make the choices)?

No implants

Life as a shadowrunner is by definition outside the bounds of “normal” life. Shadowrunners do not truly fit into the lives of ordinary people, whether they live in slums or mansions. What does your character think of ordinary life, mainstream culture, and those who abide by it?

He thinks of normal life as boring, without urban brawl and shadowruining he would have been bored to death.

Everyone has nightmares. Sometimes, we forget the dream completely on waking. Sometimes, the nightmare haunts us or even recurs. If your character had a lingering nightmare or a deep-rooted fear, what would it be, and why does he find it so terrifying?

Disabilities, losing his arm or legs. This is a nightmere for Mark he would not be able to live with.

People tend to attach sentimental value to items in their possession or people they are close to. They make an effort to keep these close by and safe. What is your character’s “sacred object” or “close one,” and how did they come to be so important to him?

Marks most treasured item is a pedant of his love he lost last year in a revenge killing that resulted in a shootout with a shadowrunner team they had crossed a while back. They were on a date as her past caught up on her, the team actually did not know that Mark was Mask. the resulting shootout was a massacre on the street even thou Mark did not shoot any bystanders and was the one who killed most of the opposing runners his name was tarnished, it almost cost him career in the Auburn Rumblers. in end result Mark got some bad rep, lost the only Girl he has ever Loved and had a hard long time in the public.

One of metahumanity’s greatest assets is its ability to look toward the future and imagine a better life. Even small children have dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. What did your character want to become when he was a child, and what are his goals now?

Mark wants to be the best, the best in urban brawl and on the street, and he tries his best to reach this goal.

A person’s appearance can say volumes about him. From fashion sense, to the colors he prefers, to the way he walks and speaks. Sometimes, his personality determines his appearance, and, sometimes, the appearance he chooses to present the world affects his personality. What does your character look like, and what inspired his choices?

Mark is mostly wearing leather, either his casual suit or his biker Armour, some of the time when he wants to impress people he takes on his Urban brawl team suit of Armour.

Everyone has a name, but a runner’s street name is a representation of his connection to the shadows. Sometimes runners choose their own moniker, but more often it is given to them as a nickname or earned through some (mis)adventure. How did your character come to be known by his street name?

Mark only started to do shadowrunning in a metal mask as his masking abilities were not surfaced yet the name was just a fun joke his old team used as all knew who he really is. When his masking abilities surfaced the name went out of the team joke to street knowledge, as The Mask, the runner of many faces many forms and statures would it be a dwarf or a elf, the mask is the same in all the forms.
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Name: Chuck
Role: Breaking Things and Improvisation
Availability: A lot of the time. EST.
Experience: Completely new
Preferred Campaign Style: Bombastic and Inadvertently Hilarious


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Bio:Born in Aztlan, she and her elf mother migrated to Seattle in 2061 when Mercedes was 11. They tried to get into Tir Tairngire, but were refused, leading to their becoming connected with the Laésa. Her mother did the odd data runs for the group, but Mercedes decided the only way to really control your fate in the shadows was to dictate the rules. When she awakened at 14 with the abilities to charm those around her, she zeroed in and honed those abilities into a razor's edge. Establishing contacts as she played 'tagalong' on some runs, she take the pragmatic view that it's easier to get in and out using words instead of bullets.

Interestingly, I'm modding Mercedes over to 5th and, with the priority system, it turns out she's has A Priority in Skills. She was always on the cheaper side of resources (hence why she runs), but I was able to build out her Attributes/Magic/Race with Priorities B, C, D.


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under construction
New to Shadowrun! Feedback welcome.

Danil 'Strela' Arstatsky, Human Hacker Adept
Name: Danil Arstatsky
Alias: Strela ('Arrow')
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: Russian (Expatriate); Seattle newcomer [or wherever is appropriate for your campaign]
Lifestyle: Advanced Lifestyle - Anarchist Apartment
Comforts: Low, Entertainment: Low, Necessities: High, Neighborhood: Squatter, Security: Medium
Qualities: Feng Shui [5LP] ; Free Access [1LP] ; High Traffic [1LP] ; No Masters [5LP] ; Perfect Roommate [2LP] ;
Crash Pad [-1LP] ; Donut Shop (Rating 1) [-2LP] ; Living by Committee [-2LP] ; Loud Neighborhood [-1LP]
Total lifestyle points: 20, 1 roommate copay 50%; final cost: 5500/month.

Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: Lean and wiry to the point of it seeming almost eerie, Danil's appearance occasionally makes observers question his overall health.
Personality/background XXXXX[/spoiler]

BodyAgilityReaction Strength
255 (7)1
Charisma Intuition LogicWillpower
255 (9)3

Positive Qualities
Adept [5BP]
Speed Reading [5BP]
The Artisan's Way [10BP]
Negative Qualities
Day Job (20h/week) [+10BP]
In Debt (15,000¥): Evangeline (Fixer) [+15BP]
Media Junkie (Moderate) [+10BP]

Active Skills
Cracking Skill Group413
Electronics Skill Group413
Automotive Mechanic110
Industrial Mechanic110

Knowledge Skills ( [Logic (5) + Intuition (5)] x 3 = 30 free points)
Chemistry (Organic)Academic415 (17)
Literature (Eastern Europe)Academic314 (16)
Magical Theory (Conjuring)Academic112 (14)
News (North America)Interest611 (13)
Area Knowledge: SeattleStreet18
Data HavensStreet411
Shadow Community (Rumors)Street18 (10)

Language Skills
Engilsh (Spoken)29 (11)

Adept Powers
Analytics 40.5Geased Power; Way Discount
Improved Ability (Forgery) 30.5625Geased Power
Improved Reflexes 21.25Geased Power; Way Discount
Keen Wits 21.6875Geased Power
Condition Geas: Danil believes his powers to originate from a natural connection he has to the Matrix. He is not prepared to attempt their use without entering VR or AR, and so lives his life perpetually linked in for fear of losing his newfound abilities. He avoids dead zones with almost religious fervor.

Math SPUStandard0.15 (0.075)4500¥Augmentation p39
Obvious Lower Arm (Left)Standard0.45 (0.225)14100¥ (Total)Armor 2, Commlink, Datajack, Shock Hand; SR 338-344
Cerebral Booster 2Standard0.420,000¥SR4 p347
Mnemonic Enhancer 2Standard0.215,000¥SR4 p347
(Cyberware essence costs reduced by 50%)[/spoiler]


Gear (130,000¥)



Build Point totals:  400 = 200 Primary Attributes + 40 Special Attributes + 20 Positive Qualities - 35 Negative Qualities + 20 Contacts + 23 Nuyen + 132 Skills
Sourcebooks: SR4A, Runner's Companion, Augmentation, Arsenal, Unwired, Street Magic & Way of the Adept. Everything can be redone except Way of the Adept, it is integral to the character's functionality.
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Status: Looking for Work

Name: Opti
Human Raven Shaman

I can commit to at least 3-4 posts per day, but on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, probably much more.

I only have access to the 5th core rulebook. I'll post full character build if desired.


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tatus: Looking for Work

X-23 inspired adept (quite identical to the archetype posted on these forums)
I can post most of the time, i'm never far from a computer

B&E and Fighting oriented.

I can adapt her to GM needs as she hasn't been played yet.