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Gust -Human
Muscle/Tech/Face - Jack of Three Trades, Master of None

Bear - Troll
Street Sam - Dumb as rocks

I can play by post or jump in on a Skype or Infrno game.  I've only ever played one session before through Skype.  I'm looking for something more regular.

Msg me if you'd like to know more about me or my character.

400 points all books

Race: Human
Attributes 200
Qualities +35, -20
Skills 150
Contacts 13
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Mentor Spirit


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Looking for Work
Covert ops, breaking and entering/master of disguise

Hoping to find a game on here, was wondering if anyone could advise on the best way to go about that? Oh I also have a support role mage made up from a couple years ago when I played in a game before it died off. Hoping to get into a game on here if any are starting or still accepting members.

Name: Richard Trelone
Alias: Whisper
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: American (mixed Germanic/Italian lineage)
Lifestyle: Middle
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: 6' tall with black hair cut short and a permanent 5 o'clock shadow, brown eyes, and normal workday clothes, Whisper looks just like a hundred other people you meet on a daily basis. The only possible feature that would catch your eye would be a large ropey scar across his throat, if his throat was ever visible. He always takes care to wear a hankercheif or high collar shirt, something to cover that scar. A side effect of this is that his voice is raw and scratchy, and requires a conscious effort to push beyond the level of a whisper as Richard has refused to let doctors simply repair his vocal chords. 
Personality/background Whisper is a child of the shadows, he always sits with his back to the wall or else facing a reflective surface, his eyes never stop casing a joint once he enters it and he is always coiled on the inside, ready for a sudden burst of movement. Yet he makes a conscious effort to always look relaxed, normal, and completely part of his surroundings. He has become so good at it that it is hard for anyone to pick him out of a crowd. He feels fierce loyalty for anyone he works with, and hates traitors with a burning passion. He holds a special place in his heart for small children, especially little girls, to such an extent that he refuses to ever endanger them in any way with his actions on a run.

When Whisper was young he worked for la familia in L.A., as was a family tradition. His father had been a member of the syndicate, and his son had followed in his footsteps. Whisper found out at a young age that he had a gift of silence, he could sneak into places his father only dreamed of and it made him a natural born burglar. He lifted precious stones and secret documents with equal ease for the mafia, until his sister came of age and his father was informed that she was being "honored" with a position in one of the Gianelli's brothels. Whisper immediately snuck his family out of their home, and using all of his skills at subterfuge hid them away in an out of the way location, thinking they were safe he returned to L.A. to face down the bosses, hoping to make a deal of his services in payment of his family's debt for their betrayal. He was subdued upon reaching the meet and then dragged back to his home, he had been followed to his hideout thanks to his sister, she had called a friend to let her know she was safe. Whisper watched as the house went up on flames, and he heard his parent's cry's for help just before the knife slid along his throat, and then he saw only black.

He awoke a week later with a local hermit sitting over him, his hands aglow with healing magic. He learned that the hermit had found him moments after the mafia had departed and had barely managed to stem the blood flow and save his life. A search of the ruins revealed only two skeletons, meaning his sister had not died in this fire. Since that day he has kept his eyes incessantly peeled for news of his sister, and held a private hatred of the Gianelli crime family, though in his professional life he never let any hint of his past identity arise.



Positive Qualities
Double Jointed
Negative Qualities
Poor Self Control: Compulsive, OCD needs to ensure all gear is cleaned and prepped at least twice before leaving house or embarking on mission, cannot stand things being out of place
Moderate Allergy: Silver
Lost Loved One: Sister
Big Regret: Failing to be there when his family was killed by the Vory, and not knowing what happened to his sister after that attack.
Incompetent: Archery
Incompetent: Leadership

Active Skills
Electronics Skill Group2
Stealth Skill Group4
Escape Artist1
Throwing Weapons2
Exotic Weapon(mono filament Garrote)3
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Security System Design4
Classic Literature3
Security Tactics3
Language Skills

Adept Powers
Improved Reflexes 23+2 reaction/IP

Muscle Toner.416,000¥

Gear (150,000(16,000 in Bioware))¥)
Glasses Rating 4(Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low Light, Smartlink)775¥
Contact Lenses Rating 2 (Thermographic, Vision Enhancement 3)500¥
Chameleon Suit (Thermal Damping 6, Nonconductivity 3)12,500¥
Lined Coat700¥
Victorinex Memory Knife1250¥
Morrissey Elan Holdout450¥
HK Urban Fighter w/silencer1900¥
Thermal Smoke Grenade x3105¥
Flash Bang x390¥
High Explosive Grenade x3135¥
Mono filament Garrote2000¥
Hidden Gun Arm Slide350¥
Concealable Holster75¥
Spare Clips 4(holdout)20¥
Explosive Rounds 10x10 bullet sealed clips for Urban Fighter1000¥
Regular Rounds x4080¥
Appraisal Tool Kit500¥
Operations Cleanup Kit500¥
Fingernail Data Storage200¥
Ballpoint Microtransceiver(Rating 6)3,000¥
False Bottom Attache Case300¥
Autopicker (Rating 6)1200¥
Cellular Glove Molder (Rating 3)600¥
Keycard Copier (Rating 6)1,800¥
Lockpick Set300¥
Maglock Passkey (Rating 48,000¥
Sequencer (Rating 4)800¥
Mini Welder250¥
Wire Clippers25¥
Plastic Restraints x10010¥
Fake SIN (Rating 4 x3)12,000¥
Fake License (Rating 4) x4 (2 Journalist ID badges, 2 fake Private Investigator Liscenses)1600¥
Hermes Ikon Commlink(Iris Orb Operating System)4,000¥
Subvocal Microphone50¥
Micro transceiver (Rating 6)1200¥
Tag Eraser150¥
White Noise Generator (Rating 6)300¥
Micro Sensor (Microphone) x10500¥
Micro Sensor (Camera) x5500¥
Micro Sensor (Radio Signal Scanner rating 6) x5900¥
Gecko Tape Gloves250¥
Respirator (Rating 6)600¥
Grapple Gun500¥
Catalyst Stick120¥
Stealth Rope (1,000 meters)850¥
Climbing Gear200¥
Rappelling Gloves70¥
Medkit (Rating 4)400¥
Trauma patch500¥
Latex Face mask x52500¥
Disposable Syringe x10100¥
6 Doses Narcojet400¥

Fixer (Tankz)3/2
Mafia Capo (Vinnie the Hammer)4/2
Blogger(Corporate scandal/gossip) (Charlotte Evans)4/2

Build Point totals:  405 = 400 + 35 - 30 (210 Attributes + 148 skills= 358 - 5 Qualities= 353 + 17 Contacts = 370 + 30= 400)
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« Reply #107 on: <08-18-12/1101:01> »
Hoping to find a game on here, was wondering if anyone could advise on the best way to go about that? <snip> Hoping to get into a game on here if any are starting or still accepting members.

Your best bet here is to keep watching the PbP forum and applying whenever you see the word "recruitment" or something in its title.
At this moment there's the "[OOC] War in heavens - recruitment open" game thread, though the character you posted wouldn't fit in, it's a special kinda game, Free Spirits only.
Kontact's also got the "[OOC] Chicago Depths: Open Recruitment and Game info thread"... though I have to say I'm not entirely certain about this game's activity...

But most importantly: Keep in checking regularly and apply for games in their own thread.
Games get started but fill up very quickly, a swift reply shows a GM that you're likely to be an active player.
This thread's a useful place for keeping your charsheet, but don't expect GM's to go browing though it looking for players and sending PM's to anyone's who's dropped in a character. If a player can't come up with the effort to track down a game and apply for it, he's probably not involved/interested enough to be a lasting and active player.


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« Reply #108 on: <08-26-12/0248:30> »
Name: Unknown
Alias: Exile
Race: Troll - Minotaur
Sex: Male
Nationality: Unknown
Lifestyle: Custom - About Squatter
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description:Large, and not very smart looking. The most notable feature about him is his eyeband, something you wouldn't expect many trolls looking as bad as he is to be wearing. Other then that, he's short for a troll, being a formori, only about 2.4m tall, weighing in at an above average 240 pounds. He's covered in a short fur, and had two large horns growing out of his head. He doesn't talk much, and when he does you get the idea you could sell him the Brooklyn bridge. He's still a troll though, and he always has eyes on you with that eyeband of his.
Personality/background Exile's reason for quietness, and his complete lack of knowledge of the past, is that he doesn't have much life experience of which to base it off of. He became aware of his existence one day in a Aztechnology facility designed to the advancement of cybermancy. As you can probably guess, he wasn't there for the grand tour. Quite the opposite, as he was quickly informed that his reason for being was to be the perfect subject for being turned into a cyber zombie. This didn't bother him much though, as he quite loved the feel of increased power every time he received a new implant. He was never smart enough to figure out when they were coming or what caused them to be rewarded, so he learned patience, but not much in the way of social skills.

One day though, he awoke in a much different setting. He was lying outside on the streets of Seattle, somewhere he had never been before. All he had were the implants in his body, the clothes on his back, and no reason as to why he was where he was. As he struggled to find something to eat and something to wear, the only thought on his mind was to go back to Aztech and finish the process they had started. He thinks that it will be the purist bliss that anyone has ever felt, to finally become one with his implants in a way that nobody can understand.

After wandering the streets for a while, a gang of local thugs rolled up on him, accusing him of being in their neighborhood, and making fun of him for looking so weak. He felt instant hatred at these people accusing him of being weak while they possessed no genetic improvement. They didn't expect such a vicious response from such a weak and defeated looking troll, and as he left their bodies behind, he knew he at least had enough money to get through the night now. He slowly stole and odd-jobbed his way up above nothing more then a common street urchin, but because of his complete lack of social skills, he isn't able to get much further. Every night when he goes to bed , the last thing he thinks about is the day he'll be back in the Aztech building.


104 (6)5 (7)9 (11)
301.57 (9)

Positive Qualities
Goring Horns
Metagenetic Improvement - Body
Restricted Gear - 1
Type O System
Negative Qualities
Distinctive Style
Predjudice (Specific, Biased) - Non-augmented meta-humans
Records on File - Up to GM discretion.

Active Skills
Exotic Melee Weapon - Horns1
Unarmed Combat 6
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Area Knowledge: Seattle2
Combat Tactics - Urban2
Underworld - Robbery2
Language Skills

Commlink.22,000¥Commlink in Gear, Skinlinked
Eyeband.55,850¥Eye Recorder, Image Link, Smart Link, Flare Comp, Thermo Vision, Low-Light Vision, Eye Light, Protective Cover (refletct)
Wired Reflexes - 2332,000¥+2 reaction, +2 initiative passes
Bone Density Augmentation - 4.380,000¥+4 body to soak, Unarmed deals physical
Muscle Augmentation - 2.114,000¥+2 Strength
Muscle Toner - 2.116,000¥+2 Agility
Pain Editor.1540,000¥Ignore stun, +1 wWllpower, -1 Intuition, -4 Perception (Toggled)
Platelet Factories.0525,000¥If take 2+ damage, ignore one
Symbiotes.120,000¥+2 heal tests, +20% Cost of Life

Gear (250k -234,850 ¥)
Armor Jacket + Insulation 11,050¥
Clothing x 240¥
Form-Fitting Full-Body Suitr1600¥
Ak-147 + External Smart Link1,050¥
Certified Credstick, Silver25¥
CMT Clipr300¥
Earbuds Rating 1 - Select Filter 1210¥
Erika Elite Commlink2,500¥
Novatech Navi Operating System1,500¥
Gas Mask200¥
Beer Bottles x 315¥
Fake Sin Rating 2 - Jack Sparrow2000¥
Fake Licence Rating 2 - Wired Reflexes200
Fake Licence Rating 2 - Muscle Augmentation200¥
Fake Licence Rating 2 - Muscle Toner200¥
Fake Licence Rating 2 - Smartlink200¥
Fake Licence Rating 2 - Shock Frills200¥
Fake Licence Rating 3 - AK-147300¥
Fake Licence Rating 2 - Smartgun System, External200¥
Doc Wagon - Basic5000¥
65 Regular AR Rounds130¥
Vector Xim Operating Systemr200¥

Giovanni (Gang Contact)2/1

Build Point totals:  400 = 45 (Metatype) + 190 (Primary Attribute) + 20 (Special Attribute) + 35 (Positive Qualities) - 35 (Negative Qualaties + 3 (Contact) + 50 (Nuyen) + 20 (Skill Group) + 72 (Active Skills).
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« Reply #109 on: <09-01-12/1559:52> »
Orc Adept
Strength 3   Charisma 2      Edge 3
Body 5      Intuition 4       
Agility 5      Logic    3
Reaction 5   Willpower 5

Magic 5:
Improved reflexes 2
Improved hacking 3
improved intimidation 2
Improved automatics 2

Poor self control (Vindictive)
In debt 20,000 nuyen
Day job 10 hours/week
Local fame
Restricted gear

Group Contact: The Armadillos
A collection of hackers, riggers, and tecnomancers who studied under Theresa or the current owners of the Armadillo bar.
Connection 3    Area+2      Matrix +2   Membership+1
Loyalty 4

Hacking 6 (9 )    
Automatics 3 (5 )       
Electronics group 4
Electronic warfare 1   
Athletics groups 1   
Clubs 3   
Perception 3
Intimidate 3 (5 )

Knowledge skills:
Matrix security 6
Seattle street gangs 4
Engineering/Computers 4/6
Seattle Area/puyallup 2/4
cybernetics 1
Language Orzet/cityspeak 1/3
Language English Native


Jack has a gift for technology. If he had been born to a corporate family he probably would have gone to MIT&T and been a well paid corporate computer expert. He didn't. He grew up in the puyallup barrens. He was small (for an orc)  so learned that his best protection was a strong rep for repaying any slight. He technical expertise focused on weapons primarily. He didn't expect to live long, but he was going to be damn sure that he wouldn't go out without a fight - and a long line of broken bodies attests to what he does to people who don't manage to actually kill him. It wasn't until he was discovered by the owners of the Armadillo bar that his horizons were broadened.  The owners take in people with a gift for matrix work and train them - to honor the deceased bartender who took them in and helped them when they needed it.

It turns out Jack's gift for technology extends to computers - and especially hacking.

His technology training is now complete - and they gave him a cutting edge com and software to boot (no one every gave jack anything before). Jack still doesn't expect to live very long -  he's made enemies over his short life and payback's a bitch - but he is committed to repaying the folks at the Armadillo before he dies.

Custom comm: System 6 Firewall 6 Signal 5 Response 6    Custom interface. Optimization: Hacking.
Sim module, satellite link, trodes, AR gloves.

Programs: Command 6, Spoof 6, Browse 6, Browse 3, stealth 6, sniffer 6, Analyze 6 (ergonomic), encrypt 6 (ergonomic), scan 6 (ergonomic), empathy software 6 (ergonomic),  lie detection software 6, edit 3, track 3, decrypt 3, hack 5 (mute), hack 6 (mute, pirated), agent 3 .

Ares Alpha Assault Rifle (Melee hardening, custom look 2, gas vent 3, personal grip (firearm), personal grip (melee), shock pad, underbarrel weight, ammo skip (for grenade launcher).
40 rounds Ex-Ex ammo. 40 rounds gel rounds.  30 rounds stick-n-shock.
2x thermal smoke grenades, 2 frag grenades, 2 flash bangs.

AZ 150 Stun baton with personal grip

Armor: 13/11 (FFBA full body suit - non-conductive 6, Armored vest, PPP helmet, PPP shin guard, PPP forearm guard, PPP vitals protector)

Contacts (Smart link, image link, camera)
Credit stick (Standard)

Jack lives in an apartment above the Armadillo bar:
1 month custom low lifestyle
low comforts,  street entertainment (if you can't spoof entertainment, you need to spend more time studying), low necessities, squatter neighborhood, low security.
living by committee (since he lives above the bar, what he does at home is the owner's business)
crash pad (students and other grads also have keys to the apartment)
black hole (other Armadillos borrow whatever is lying around - jack doesn't mind as long as they return it)
free access
feng shui (the Armadillo doubles as a matrix education center)
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« Reply #110 on: <09-04-12/2017:49> »
Time Zone: GMT.

I'm able to post at least once a day, and I have all the SR4A books as of 7th January.


Dove: Medical Mage
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« Reply #111 on: <10-16-12/1617:43> »
Character for Liberated Wealth PbP.  :)

Name (real):  Rachel O’Toole
Name (fake SIN1, r4): Ursula Hertzhog, UCAS citizen
Name (fake SIN2, r3): Samantha Delavine, Horizon citizen
Alias: Rache
Race: human
Sex: Female
Nationality: UCAS
13 LP total, 3800¥/month (1 month bought)
Location: Everett, Seattle

She rents a 100 square metre, 2-bedroom top floor apartment in an old building on 172nd street SW, not far from the junction with 36th avenue W in Everett.  It is not in the best of neighbourhoods, but due to the proximity of the Alderwood mall (only 10 minutes on foot) there is some security, as KE patrols the area around the mall to some extent.  She has also spent a bit more on good locks and a decent firewall for the home node.  Inside it is cozy with cheap but good furniture and some good AR paint.

Karma received: 0
Karma remaining: 0


EdgeMagic EssenceInitiative

Positive Qualities
mage (15)
 Astral Chameleon (5)
First Impression (5)
Mentor Spirit (5) (Owl: +2 on perception and assensing, +2 on spirits of man, -1 on combat spells)
Perceptive (1) (5)

Negative Qualities
Lost Loved One (sister) (-5)
SINner (Standard) (-5)
Gremlins (1) (-5)
Records on File (Lone Star) (-10)
Compulsive - Mild (clean crime scene) (-5)
Incompetent (ritual spellcasting) (-5)

Active Skills
Conjuring Skill Group4
Data Search1
First Aid1
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
police procedures4
forensic procedures4
Lone Star3
Seattle navigation3
Crime syndicates 3
interrogation procedures3
street drugs2
classical music2
magical theory4
Language Skills

Stunbolt (F/2)-1
Stunball (F/2)+1
Heal DmgDV-2
Increase Reflexes (F/2)+2
Improved Invisibility (F/2)+1
Armor (F/2)+3
Magic Fingers (F/2)
Sterilize (F/2)+2
Analyze Truth (F/2)
Detect Life (F/2)

Hermes Ikon34
Novatech Navi43
Programs: analyse 6 (ergonomic, optimization 2), browse 4, edit 4, encrypt 4, purge 4, scan 4

Sony Emperor32
Iris Orb33
Programs: analyse 4 (ergonomic, optimization 2), browse 2, edit 2, encrypt 2, purge 2

armored vest (YNT SoftWeave) 660¥
Form-fitting half-body suit (nonconductivity 3, fire resistant 3) 1800¥
Actioneer business clothers 1500¥
Zoé executive business suit (short jacket, blouse, skirt) 1700¥
docwagon basic 5000¥
defiance EX shocker (gecko grip) 250¥
Ares predator IV (personalised grip, gecko grip) 550¥
pistol ammo (90 rounds regular, 15 capsule rounds) 225¥
taser darts (20 rounds regular) 100¥
spare clips (6 pistol) 25¥
narcoject (15x in capsule rounds) 750¥
commlink accessories: satlink, subvocal microphone, AR gloves 800¥
Earbuds r3 (audio enhancement 2, select sound filter 1) 430¥
Glasses r4 (image link, flare compensation, low light, smartlink) 775¥
tool kits (forensic, forensic thaumaturgy) 1000¥
fake SIN rating 4 + 4x fake licence rating 4 5600¥
fake SIN rating 3 + 4x fake licence rating 3 4200¥
magical lodge materials r6 3000¥
2x lael in disposable syringes 380¥
mage sight goggles + cable 2060¥
respirator rating 5 500¥
survival kit 100¥
medkit rating 6 600¥
slap patches (5x tranq r5, 5x stim r4, 2x trauma) 2000¥
tag eraser 150¥
sustaining foci (manipulation r3, health r2) 50000¥
Professional camera 800¥
Pocket mage library r3 1800¥
chemicals (5x C-squared r4, 5x fingerprint dust, 5x luminol) 360¥
security restraints (10x plastic)
flashlight 25¥
fingernail data storage 200¥
mage cuffs 1000¥

James Dermott (Talistmonger)3/1
Melissa Firebird (trid mage)2/3

James Dermott: A 45-year old talismonger living near Lake Serene in Everett, he knows Eye from her Lone Star days.  She helped solve a case where he was the victim.  He has a small shop and while he makes some things himself, he buys quite a lot from corporations.  He knows a lot about magic in all of its forms and he also knows quite a lot of people in the magical scene of Everett and occasionally he gets mages in contact with fixers.

Melissa Firebird: A 31 year old human female adept, she a street cop who was taken over by Knight Errant.  They have worked together a lot during the tempo troubles and know each other quite well, also off-duty.

Physical Description: An average looking woman, she normally has long hair done up in a simple pony tail.  On runs, she often wears loose fitting clothes with armour.
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Length: 1m69
Weight: 63 kg
Age: 26
Metatype: human
Sex: F

Rachel was born as second daughter of a Lone Star homicide investigator and a supermarket worker.  While there wasn’t much room for luxuries, they still lived a comfortable life and their parents, even though they were working hard, tried to spent some quality time with their children.  Her childhood was quite idyllic until she turned 13.  During a fight on the school yard she was involved in she suddenly dropped one of the others.  The investigation after the event indicated that she was awakened as a mage.  She was put in a special program for mages in highschool and wanted to go to university.  But this was too expensive.  So Lone Star stepped in and paid for the courses in exchange for her coming to work for them after graduating.  She had no real problem with that, as she had always been intrigued by her father’s stories about investigations.

After graduating she went to the Lone Star Police Academy, where she was trained as a forensic specialist, although she did get the general courses as well.  After graduating she was placed in the homicide division in Tacoma. (regulations prohibited her from serving with family and her father was in Downtown).  It didn’t take long for her to see her first body.  That first case was pretty straight forward and the forensic evidence was only to support the confession they had gotten.

In the following years she gained a reputation as a good specialist who could find out very much with very few clues.  Her magical potential also continued to grow and she added spells to her repertoire that helped her finding clues, but due to the shortage of mages she would also due other things, like help with interrogations.  She wouldn’t be in the room itself, but she would be behind the mirror with a spell that would tell her where the suspect was lying.  She would then compare notes with the interrogator later.

When the tempo scare began in 2071, Lone Star put all resources on high alert.  Rachel was also part of this and while she still did mostly forensics, she did saw a lot of combat during this period, including a couple of raids on tempo dens.  She got a couple of spells to help her during those, including spells to drop raging tempo addicts.  But not all went well.  In May her sister went missing.  As she was family of two Lone Star people they did try to find the person responsible, but to no avail.  She did try to find her after her hours, even though it was against regulations for people to be involved in investigations concerning family it was often done and mostly allowed.  But in this case something went wrong and she accidentally contaminated a crime scene.  As Lone star had just lost the Seattle contract, she was fired because of this incident.  Knight Errant wasn’t interested in her, so she was let go.  Luckily for her mages were also wanted in the shadows as well and as forensic mage she wasn’t as well known as some street cops where.  Her training made her well suited for certain types of jobs and she also knew what she had to do to remove all traces from a crime scene, which she always did rigorously.

Karma Point totals:  750 = 345 stats + 130 magic + 215 skills + 70 qualities – 70 qualities + 42 resources + 18 contacts
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"Magic can turn a frog into a prince. Science can turn a frog into a Ph.D. and you still have the frog you started with." Terry Pratchett
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« Reply #112 on: <10-17-12/1013:20> »
Farothel, when you mentioned that Rachel had a Mentor Spirit, you should mention which one exactly.


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« Reply #113 on: <10-17-12/1148:14> »
Farothel, when you mentioned that Rachel had a Mentor Spirit, you should mention which one exactly.

You're right, forgotten.  Corrected now.
"Magic can turn a frog into a prince. Science can turn a frog into a Ph.D. and you still have the frog you started with." Terry Pratchett
"I will not yield to evil, unless she's cute"


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« Reply #114 on: <10-19-12/0124:43> »
Still being Worked on

Alias: Ruben, Flameskin,
Race: Naga
Sex: Male
Nationality: Unknown
Lifestyle: Medium

Karma Spent: 0/0
Physical Description: 8.5 meters long,  Flame-Like scales,


4/8 (10)3/4 (6)4/7 (10)4/9 (12)
4/7 (10)4/6 (9)4/6 (9)5/7 (10)
2/55/668/14 (19)

Positive Qualities
Mentor Spirit-5bp
^Artificer ^
Mystic Adept -10 BP
Biocompatibility -10BP
Negative Qualities
Flashback +5(10) <Trigger Humani Policlub>
Combat Monster +10 BP

Active Skills
Knowledge Skills ( 24 Free Points)
Language Skills

Adept Powers
Sustinence.253hrs Sleep 1 Meal Day.
Piercing Strike.75-3 AP to all Unarmed Combat
Killing Hands.5Unarmed Combat can Deal Physical damage and effect Astral Beings.



Gear (XXXXX¥)


Build Point totals:  400bp = XXXXX + XXXXX - XXXXX

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« Reply #115 on: <12-17-12/0146:26> »
Player: Looking for work.
EST US. Can post between 4pm and 1am, but prefer if the game stuck to a schedule. I'm known to forget otherwise with schoolwork.
Flexible in post-style (either sessions over a chat client or pure pBp).
I'm a complete newb, but I've done pBp before for another game.
I would prefer a Matrix-heavy role/archetype; Techno, Rigger, Decker, or any support role. Am open to GM's advice though, as I realize thiese are probably not newb friendly (I'd rather dive in, and I'm a comp sci major in University).
Books: SR4, 4th Augmentation, 4th Contacts, 4th Arsenal, 4th Emergence, 4th Runner's, SR4A, and Sixth World Almanac, as well as a few issues of the Shadowrun Supplemental.
Also, unless detrimental to the game, most of my chars will have a Bostonian flair. Knowledge of the Boston metroplex, vested interest in the Red Sox, etc.
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Love that dirty water. Looking for Work pBp.


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{Health: 2 / 10P and 0 / 9S damage}

[spoiler=Questionnaire]We are shaped by our heritage. Facial features, skin tone, height, build, metatype, even aptitudes are influenced by the genes passed from parent to child. Attitude, too, is taught by parents, informed by their own lives and their cultural heritage. Where does your character come from, what is his lineage, who were his parents, and what did he inherit from them?

Biological Mother – Hilja Schröder-Neumann: Caucasian. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Died giving birth to Fang.
Biological Father – Christian Schröder-Neumann: Caucasian. Brown-haired and brown eyed. Did not want to raise what he viewed to be the cause of his wife's death and abandoned Fang on the streets.

Parents can be proud of their children or regret ever bringing them into the world. Some are loving, and some are indifferent. All of them are only metahuman and have their own opinions of their children. Assuming they could speak, what would each of your character's parents say about him?

Father: Would consider Fang a criminal, a freak of nature, and an abomination. To this day he still feels that it’s entirely Fang’s fault that Hilja died.
Mother: While she had self-centred tendencies, Hilja had been looking forward to having a child. Had she been alive today, she would worry about Fang’s career choice and hope he stayed safe.

Many people remember certain historical events for the rest of their lives. For those alive in the first decade of the 21st century, it could be the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the Tiananmen Square protests, or the fall of the Berlin Wall, or the attack of 11 September 2001. People remember where they were, and what they were doing when they first heard of these events. Shadowrun history has significant events as well, such as the assassination of President Dunkelzahn, the Crash 2.0, and the emergence of technomancers and artificial intelligences. Pick a few events from recent Shadowrun history and ask where the character was at the time, what does he remember about the event, and what was he doing at the time?

Year of the Comet – When haley’s Comet passed by: Fang was in his room and reading when he felt an odd burning sensation. It slowly grew to be unbearable and he began screaming as he felt parts of his body stretch painfully, legs breaking, everything burning with sheer pain. He eventually blacked out from the pain and wouldn’t know anything until he woke up later in the hospital.  The children at the orphanage, whom he had not really spent time with, were frightened by this new monster and would hide when he approached. Eventually they would become used to it, but this behaviour caused Fang to spend most of his life on the Matrix, growing more proficient with it as the months passed.

Very few people choose to become shadowrunners. More likely, they are thrown into the life by a chaotic and uncaring world. Even if he made a conscious decision to enter the shadows, her decision is influenced by the world around him. How did your character get into shadowrunning, and why did he take that path?

Fang left Germany when he was old enough to avoid being forcibly recruited into Saeder-Krupp. However he soon realised that trying to find an ordinary job as a Changeling, no matter where he was, was a difficult task. He eventually met his lover at a nightclub, and his lover reluctantly directed him to the concept of a Fixer, and the Shadowrunning career.
The fixer was reluctant at first to take on an unproven newbie, but when said newbie was able to demonstrate his prowess as a technomancer, he took the changeling on board as one of the few matrix specialists he was linked to. In turn, he helped Fang manage to get a couple of jobs in the Auburn area as part of other teams. Other times Fang himself was a secondary ally, able to provide information as needed. It paid.

People have control over their own living arrangements. From the child young enough to use crayons and tape all the way up to the elderly shut-in who plasters her walls with family photos and cat pictures, everyone makes their living spaces more personally pleasing. What is your character's living space like, and what has he added or changed to make it his own?

Fang’s “den” tends to be tidy on the basis of not owning much in the way of personal items. While not all that comfortable in meatspace, it was safe and did provide him with a home. Greater benefits, however, could be seen in the Matrix. The place housed a resonance well, and was amazingly in tune with the matrix. Logging in to cyberspace felt like heaven when at home, and he found his resonance activities so much more potent.

Everyone has beliefs, and many beliefs strong enough to be convictions. Some are religious, some are political, some are social, and some are just about why people are here. What does your character believe in, what are his convictions (if any), and why does he hold them?

Fang tends to be somewhat jaded in his beliefs. Equality went out of the window from being a changeling, he never put stock into religions and tends to view his paragon as a sort of mentor, and he doesn’t care about politics as it might interfere with staying alive.
Despite that, he does have a few convictions. He’s always loyal to a team that he works with, as long as they don’t betray him. He’s loyal and loving of his long term boyfriend, and will do anything his partner asks. Beyond loyalty he doesn’t put convictions in much else except to not judge until having gathered more information.

Everyone has aspects of their personality that grate on someone. Even the best of friends annoy one another from time to time. The flaws in a person’s character are as important as the qualities. What do you dislike most about your character’s personality?

Fang can be somewhat naïve at times. Any kind of betrayal is usually met with shock and surprise no matter how many signs there may have been. He also can be rather shy at first meetings and won’t voice his own opinion unless asked.

The Sixth World is considered by many to be spinning out of control. If anyone could exert control over it, it would be the “Big Ten” triple-A mega corps. These transnationals exert a lot of influence on everyday life in the 2070s. Which of the Big Ten does your character hold in the highest (or least low) regard, which does he like the least, and why?

Despite his fear of it, Fang tends to hold Saeder-Krupp with some form of regard, having grown up in Germany near the borders of the megacorp. The sheer power that Lofwyr wields is impressive in his eyes, and he can’t help but be in awe of just what measures had to be taken to avoid Saeder-Krupp whilst he was an adolescent.

People make acquaintances and friends; we’re hardwired for it. Humans are social animals. This is especially true in the shadows, where often it is not the power you have, but the power you can borrow, and not who you, are but who you know. There’s a story behind each and every one of these relationships. What is the story with your character and his contacts?

Jason Smith – Fixer: Fang’s lover informed Fang about Jason as a possible Fixer when Fang agreed to the idea of being a shadowrunner. Jason himself was an elf, and surprisingly charismatic. He initially expressed disdain over Fang when the changeling first approached him, until Fang begged for a chance to prove his abilities. Jason agreed, he didn’t have much in the way of matrix specialists, and told Fang to hack Jason’s commlink. A few moments later and Jason found his commlink informing him that it was rebooting as ordered by an account that didn’t exist. He accepted that Fang could do the basics of an average security system, and listed him as a basic matrix specialist.
Axel “Shade” Nitrel – Lover: Fang’s lover is another changeling like Fang himself, taking on a more wolf-like appearance. He himself isn’t a shadowrunner, rather he’s more of a barkeep. It was one of the few jobs he could get, and he managed to charm his way into it. When he met the gloomy Fang at the nightclub he worked at, he took the younger changeling under his wing, first giving him a place to stay, then later affection to keep him happy. When Fang expressed a need to work, he hesitated, then mentioned Jason. At that point Fang became a shadowrunner, and soon managed to get his own place. The two still spend as much time as possible together when Fang isn’t on a job.

It’s Sunday morning, and your character has no commitments until tomorrow afternoon. What does he do for the day?

He makes sure that he’s fully stocked on any gear he might require for tomorrow’s commitment. Then he usually will go down to the night club to spend time with his lover. If his lover is unavailable, then his time will usually be spent browsing the media in the matrix.

Your character has a specific skill set, a list of Active and Knowledge skills that define what he knows and his areas of expertise. How did he come to learn those skills, and how did he develop them to those levels?

Having spent almost his entire life on the Matrix, fang honed and practiced his skills, first as a hacker, then later his other skills involving data retrieval and analysis. His skills in finding things in meatspace are a result of honing the enhanced senses that SURGE granted him. His hearing, his nose, and simply his ability to pay attention to things visually.
His infiltration and running skills were more from trying to avoid people who didn’t take kindly to ‘freaks’.

Everyone has their limits. People can be dark, but most people’s instinct is to draw the line at certain actions and thoughts, and they keep to their own moral convictions. Is there a moral limit that your character enforces on the jobs she takes, and in what shadow work would she refuse to engage?

Fang will refuse to take on a job that might hurt a child.

If you have an Awakened or technomancer character, consider your character’s tradition and streams. Even within the major established magical traditions and the recently emerged technomantic streams, there is room for personalization. Ask yourself what drew him to that particular paradigm, how does it affect the way he views the world and his magic, how does it translate into choice of mentor spirit or paragon, and how does it affect the appearance of the spirits or sprites you conjure or compile?
Before the Crash happened, Fang liked to play games on the matrix. He still does, just not as often now. Some of the games were remakes from some time ago, and the characters within affect the appearance of the sprites he interacts with now. His sprites are seen as allies, even friends.
He views himself as lucky to have the skills. The matrix never felt so comfortable and alive before. As an Info Savant, he found himself seeing everything as a form of information, and that it could be used appropriately as such. While his skills at remembering things on the  fly weren’t spectacular, he could easily find any information he needed to know on the ‘trix.

Life as a shadowrunner is by definition outside the bounds of “normal” life. Shadowrunners do not truly fit into the lives of ordinary people, whether they live in slums or mansions. What does your character think of ordinary life, mainstream culture, and those who abide by it?

He finds himself somewhat envious of those who could simply stay in the mainstream culture. He even feels this of Shade at times, though not very often.

Everyone has nightmares. Sometimes, we forget the dream completely on waking. Sometimes, the nightmare haunts us or even recurs. If your character had a lingering nightmare or a deep-rooted fear, what would it be, and why does he find it so terrifying?

Fang fears two things. The first being the loss of Shade. He’s grateful that Shade isn’t a ‘runner, given how dangerous a career it might be; yet he still fears that Shade might be used against him, or killed because of something he did. As such he tries to cover up his jobs as much as possible and redirect any information away from indicating Shade was linked to him in any way.
The second nightmare would be of the Matrix going down and never returning. The matrix has been a comfort zone, a sanctuary, for almost his entire life. Losing it now, he wouldn’t know how to handle it. He already feels uneasy and  panicky when in a dead zone.

People tend to attach sentimental value to items in their possession or people they are close to. They make an effort to keep these close by and safe. What is your character’s “sacred object” or “close one,” and how did they come to be so important to him?

<See info on Shade>

One of metahumanity’s greatest assets is its ability to look toward the future and imagine a better life. Even small children have dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. What did your character want to become when he was a child, and what are his goals now?
When Fang was a child, he didn’t know what he wanted to become. He didn’t care, as long as he had the matrix available to him.
Now? Now his only goal is for him and Shade to survive the Sixth World.

A person’s appearance can say volumes about him. From fashion sense, to the colors he prefers, to the way he walks and speaks. Sometimes, his personality determines his appearance, and, sometimes, the appearance he chooses to present the world affects his personality. What does your character look like, and what inspired his choices?

Fang looks like a coyote walking upright on two legs. From the muzzle, the ears and the eys, to the fur covering his body, the digitigrade legs and the fluffy tail. On top of that he tends to favour his chameleon coat to keep out of sight of those that might hurt or be scared of him, other times he tends to wear a futuristic jacket and pants combo in black, lined with pale blue.

Everyone has a name, but a runner’s street name is a representation of his connection to the shadows. Sometimes runners choose their own moniker, but more often it is given to them as a nickname or earned through some (mis)adventure. How did your character come to be known by his street name?

Fang’s name was actually a nickname given to him by his fixer. Jason noticed that Fang tended to bare his namesake rather than actually smile; other times doing it while proving a point. Eventually teams began picking up on it too, until it became a moniker attributed to him.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=charsheet]Name: Maxwell Kojote
Alias: Fang
Race: Human (Changeling)
Sex: Male
Nationality: German
Lifestyle: Advanced Low.
In Tune.
Resonance Well.
AI in Residence
No Forwarding Address
This isn’t Big Bob’s Autos
Sprite Magnet (rank 1)
Karma Spent: 250


EdgeResonanceEssenceInitiative (Matrix)
28610 (14)

Positive Qualities
Analytical Mind
Paragon (01)
Changeling (Class III SURGE)
-   Animal Pelage (Camo Fur)
-   Claws
-   Fangs
-   Functional Tail (Balance)
-   Vomeronasal Organ

Negative Qualities
Dependent (Nuisance)
Media Junkie (Mild)
Reality Impaired
Virtual Personality (Rating 1)
Allergy (Uncommon, Moderate) (Silver)
-   Distinctive Style
-   Extravagant Eyes
-   Impaired Attribute (STR)
-   Impaired Attribute (BOD)
-   Unusual Hair

Active Skills
Electronics Skill Group4
Compiling6 (+2 Machine)
Electronic Warfare2
Hacking6(+2 Exploit)
Perception5(+2 Hearing)
Registering5(+2 Machine)

Language Skills

Complex Forms
Complex Form Notes
Shield 8
Analyze 8
Browse 8
Command 8
Disarm 8Mute Program Option
Exploit 8Mute Program Option
Stealth 8

Submersion Grade:2

Gear (XXXXX¥)
Chameleon Suit8000¥
Mossberg AM-CMDT6000¥
Internal Smartgun System1000¥
Pilot Upgrade Rating 11000¥
Propulsion System, Limping3000¥
Satellite Link500¥
DocWagon Contract: Basic5000¥
Fake SIN: Rating 4 (Maxwell Kojote)4000¥
Fake License: Rating 4 (Chameleon Suit)400¥
Fake License: Rating 4 (Mossberg AM-CMDT)400¥
Fake License: Rating 4 (Smartgun System, Internal)400¥
Fake License: Rating 4 (Pilot Upgrade Rating 1)400¥
Fake License: Rating 4 (Smartlink)400¥
Fake SIN: Rating 4 (David Schwarzfell)4000¥
Glasses (Rating 4)825¥
Low Light
Image Link
Vision Magnification
Renraku Sensei1600¥Response 2, Signal 4
Renraku Ichi600¥System 2, Firewall 2
Linguasoft (Rating 3) (English)1500¥
Copy Protection (Rating 3)
Mapsoft (Rating 5) (Auburn)25¥
5 VR Games250¥
Headphones (Rating 3)550¥
Spacial Recognizer
Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
110 Regular Ammo (Shotguns)220¥
2 Medkit (Rating 6)1200¥
5 Fiberoptic Cable25¥
Optical Tap100¥

Jason Smith - Fixer3/3

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Fang (Auburn Logrolling)


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The RainDragoons Bar
Under construction :D

The Sammy Corner




Tech Lounge


Magic Carpet





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Hey all. I am still new-ish to the PbP style games. Don't have any characters generated at this time, though I do have a few ideas bouncing around. And I am more than willing to work with the GM as far as character gen goes (such as potential background tie-ins, archetypes, etc.). I prefer to play characters that are fun to play, and that the party enjoys (not necessarily likes mind you). The only archetype that I don't have much (any) experience with is the Hacker / Technomancer role.

Currently have access to most of the books, and can post frequently. Questions, comments, concerns? Just PM me and I'll get back quickly.


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Sam is dead ...
when you haven't heard from him for a while you all turned to your respective senses be it camera, astral or human eyes (or surged for that matter) and sped to look after him inside the car.
Dead ... at first you though he just went away quietly, that his heart couldn't take the stress of dayjob, nocturnal runs, nosleep life anymore - you recall he wasn't acting like himself in the tunnels lately, catching bullets, replying late when asked.. Omar recall he's seen through the drone cameras him loosing a fight to a pair of goons... things that just shouldn't happen. But on closer inspection, he wasn't on the other side yet.... more like turned off.
His head dangerously hot at the spot you knew his cerebral implant was.

{Health: 0 / 10P and 0 / 10S damage, NO Wound penalty, NO Stun penalty} | {Edge: 4/ 4} {Defense: 4; Initiative: 12; IP's: 3} |
{Ballistic Armor: 10; Impact Armor: 8 ; Mods : Thermal Dampening (4); Nonconductivity (4); Skinlink} |

Infiltrator/Demolition expert + face features

Former Corp [The Draco Foundation] spec. Op. Who faked his death.

Name: Sam Mule
Alias: Sam Race: Human
Sex: Male   Age: 21
Nationality: UCAS
CAS Sector Loft - Low lifestyle(4 weeks paid)
3K' s Safehouse in the Warrens - Low lifestyle(4weeks paid)

Karma Spent/Total Karma: 46/51
Nuyen: (Left after chargen= 0¥ Starting Nuyen= 400¥ - 22,500¥ In Debt+10935(M1)+10000(DJ)+9750(M2)- 18125(buying stuff)+3750(Smuggling)+6300(M3)-2190(Rent)-10345(shopping)+10800(M4)+5000(DJ)= On Hand 6025¥
Motto: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and expect nothing!
Street cred: 2
+1 for removing a rooting evil underneath of Denver
+1 From KoffeKlutch massacre
Factions relations (this will give you a bonus dices to any social roll with members of that faction):
 +2 Casquilho Mafia
 +2 Kirillov Vory
 +1 Wuxing
 -1 Fronts Gang


Sam was sold to the Corp as a child or maybe he is some sort of freakish experiment of a kind, the fact is Sam himself does not remember how it came to be, that he grew up in the Spec. Op. training facility in the „The Draco Foundation” Corp.

As far as Basic education is considered Sam got his fill. He not only did get the basic skills of Disguise, Infiltration and Demolitions, but also Basic Psychology and social interaction skills. The Corp even insisted him to have the mundane Math and natural sciences class. Languages, on the other hand, where fun to learn.

The Every day knowledge is not a thing you can get inside a secluded corp. compound. Mostly you get what you need and you need a lot of information on your targets. And the typical targets are criminal organization, mostly Yakuza and Triads, but many Mafia families have been targeted too.

Sam has no problem eradicating the Baddies, but his definition of baddies is a subject of discussion. Morals are the better part of this argument. Sam always tries to go for a non-lethal solution, but being a demolition expert it is not always easy. Sam’s Decision to fake his death to get rid of the corp. has been mostly because of the more unconsidered bombing tasks he was given in China town and other places where important Criminal Ringleaders commute.

After faking his death Sam has been working of his debt to a Mr. Johnson who not only lends him the [so desired, but most likely not his own] funds for doing it, but helped to make it happen. But this deal never came to fruition, because the Johnson vanished, just as Sam was prepared for his first mission. 20 Kg of plastic explosives and no targets, that will not end well.

Sam did improve his close combat skills just as he had the first use of them. The next task that challenged him was born in a realm that is filled in mist to his eyes, the matrix, or even more precise the “Res-something” or how Mouse used call it… Oh right Resonance. This job had a strange wibe around it, but it paid well, and Sam got a new SIN as a special force officer, witch is rather lucky as it opens a lot of doors for him.
The job itself was not hard, at least for him, but his team mates really took a beating, no wonder they could not hold their emotions back and even killed a few of the innocent people, Sam on the other hand avoided to kill anyone and it is something he is very proud about.

Talking a Gang into joining the Vory, could have been the most nerve wrecking job Sam had done up until then, and the relationship drama unfolding in the middle of it did not help either. It was luck that the Gang was easily scared of their superior skill and equipment and surrendered without a fight, then Sam was not sure what the causalities would have been in that case.

As a surprise the Johnson, who had helped Sam to fake his death, reappeared and had a message for Sam. “Droco knows, they have your file and they plan to …” more he could not say as a bullet pierced his throat. Sam made a rush retreat and got lucky, the strike force from Draco missed him completely, or maybe they let him go, who knows, but from now on Sam will be a prime target for them.

A small trip to the Tunnels under Denver proved the first and foremost rule of survival to Sam Predator and prey, better to be the predator. He had gone soft, the recent success had made him believe he was the best there is, let him get overconfident and make some big mistakes. He was lucky to have survived the Metro car and the Blood mage. Will he have learned his lesion or will he still act all high and mighty?

Once seen you will remember him because of his Cyber Goth style, good thing you won't see him, at least, until its too late.
As a Day job he works in the Lunar Nocturne as a Bartender and if necessary as a bouncer, but that happens rarely in this kind of establishment


401.4756/12 IP 1/3

Positive Qualities
Restricted Gear
Restricted Gear
First Impression

Negative Qualities
Record on File (Draco Foundation)
Day Job (2500¥/20hrs) ["Lunar Nocturne"]

Active Skills
Influence skill Group3
Athletics Skill Group1
Close combat skill Group1
Electronics skill Group1
Disguise [spec. in cosmetic]6
Infiltration [spec. in urban]4
Demolitions [spec. in plastic]4
Pistols [spec. in SA]5
Dodge [from skillsoft]4(6)
Knowledge Skills
Corp - The Draco Foundation4
Criminal - Denver Gangs3
Criminal - Yakuza2
Criminal - Triads2

Language Skills

[R]Move-by-Wire System Rating 2[R]385,000¥+2 initiative pass, +4 reaction, +2 dodge skill,Skillwire Rating 4
Reaction Enhancer (2)0.620,000¥+2 reaction
Muscle Augmentation (2)0.414,000¥+2 strength
Cerebral Booster (2)0.420,000¥+2 logic
Radar Sensor (4)0.312,000¥Visibility modifiers ultrasound, penetrate 20 Barrier Structure ratings, detect persons, their cyberware, weapons
Sleep Regulator0.1510,000¥ sleep 3 hr/day or 48 hr awake with no modifiers
Skillwire Expert System0.13,000¥Can use edge for re-rolls on skillwire tests
Muscle Toner (2)0.416,000¥ +2 agility

Form-Fitting Body Armor Half-Body Suit4/1none
Chameleon Suit 6/4Thermal Dampening(4), Nonconductivity(4), Skinlink
Forearm Guards0/1none
SecureTech Helmet0/2none
Street Clothes0/0none
CommlinkRe/Si/Fi/SyOperation SystemMods
Erik Fjordson Commlink5/5/4(6)/4Upgraded Sam's OSorigial<Response 5,Signal 5, System 4, Firewall 6>
Commlink Soft-, hardwarepriceNotes
Biofeedback filter R44000Soft
Stealth R44000Soft
Exploit R44000soft
Encrypt R44000Soft original - Encrypt 5
Analyze R44000Soft original - Analyze 5
Browse R44000Soft original  - Browse 5
Command R44000Soft original  - Command 5
Edit R44000Soft original - Edit 5

CommlinkRe/Si/Fi/SyEF Com OSMods
Renraku Sensei2/4/6(4)/4Iris Orborigial<Response 5,Signal 5, System 5, Firewall 5>Biometric Lock, Armor Case 5
Commlink Soft-, hardwarepriceNotes
Biofeedback filter R44000Soft
Stealth R44000Soft
Exploit R44000soft
Analyze R44000soft
Browse R44000soft
Command R24000soft
Edit R44000soft

Activesofts R440000¥Dodge level 4
Subvocal Microphone           50¥–4 dice pool modifier to be heared in an audio Perception Tests     
Fake SIN (Sebastian Leer)                 (4)  4000¥Fake System Identification Number - Sebastian Leer
3x Fake License  R41200¥(concealed and carry; restricted weaponry;armour and accesory) - Sebastian Leer
Fake SIN (ZDF Officer Harald Black)                 (5)  15000¥Fake System Identification Number - Harald Black
VertigoColt ManHunterAdditional Clip, Melee Hardening, Skinlink, Smartgun System, Personalized Grip, Laser Sight
Concealable Holster75¥accesory
50x EX-Explosive Ammunition 255¥ammo
50x Gel Ammunition 255¥ammo
4x Spare Clips 25¥accesory
SilentColt ManHunterAdditional Clip, Melee Hardening, Skinlink, Smartgun System, Personalized Grip, Laser Sight
Concealable Holster75¥accesory
48x Stick'N'Shock Ammunition 255¥ammo
50x ASPD Ammunition 255¥ammo
4x Spare Clips 25¥accesory
Streetline SpecialStreetline Specialnone
6x Regular Ammunition ammo
ZapdosYamaha PulsarShock Pad, Melee Hardening, Skinlink, Smartgun System, Personalized Grip, Chameleon Coating
Concealable Holsteraccesory75¥
32x Taser Dart 255¥ammo
5x Spare Clips 25¥accesory
Sensory enchanmentspriceNotes
Goggles                     300¥
   -Vision Enhancement      R3  300¥adds 3 dice to visual Perception Tests
   -Vision Magnification           100¥zoom magnifies vision by up to 50 times(optical or electronic enhancement)
   -Thermographic100¥Enables infrared vision, helps spot living beings in darknes darkness, check motor or machine has been running lately, and to track heat footprints.
   -Flare Compensation           50¥No modifers from blinding flashes, glare and heat flashes.
   -Image Link           25¥displays visual information in the field of vision or user’s retina
   -Smartlink           500¥interacts with a smartgun system for visual aid
Headphones             50¥300¥
   -Audio Enhancements       (3)300¥adds 3 dice to Listening Perception Tests
   -Select Sound Filter      (3)600¥allows the to block out background noise and focus on specific sounds, 3 groups
   -Spatial Recognizer100¥receives +2 dice pool modifier Perception Tests to find the source sound.
B&E GearpriceNotes
Gecko Tape Gloves           250¥Climbing help
Autopicker R              (6) 1200¥open locks
Maglock Passkey           (4)8000¥open maglocks
2x Microwire  100m           100¥
2x Standard Rope 100m          100¥
Combat Load Vest           300¥holds your stuff
White Noise Generator     (6) 300¥helps hide sounds
Gas Mask           100¥immune to airborne toxins, diseases
[R]18x Plastic explosives[R]  1800¥
16x Radio Detonator           800¥
20x Timer Detonator           700¥
19x Neuro-Stun           1200¥
19x Gas Grenade           400¥
8x Flash-Bang Grenade     300¥
8x Laes cigarette     450¥


Jeffry "Jef" Fernandez, "Lunar Nocturne" Club Owner, Possibly Awaken.
Connection Rating: 3 Loyalty: 2
Uses: Secure Location to meet at, Latest buzz and information, Link to the Magic community.
Places to Meet: "Lunar Nocturne"
Contact: Commlink

Tabitha “Tabby” Morgan
, Denver fixer, Changeling Female
Connection Rating: 3 Loyalty: 2
Uses: Corporate Procedures, Run offers and information, Identifying affiliations.
Places to Meet: CAS Sector Clubs
Contact: Commlink

Dean Costello, Casquilho Hacker, Human Male
Connection Rating: 2 Loyalty: 1
Uses: Fake SINs and licenses, Lawyer, Hacking jobs and data searches
Places to meet: Marcel’s; Tower of Babel; Casquilho imports
Contact: Commlink

Miguel Sanchez, Casquilho Fixer, Ork Male
Connection Rating: 3 Loyalty: 1
Uses: Mafia activities; BTL smuggling; Hiring muscle for street jobs
Places to meet: Marcel’s; Tower of Babel; Casquilho imports, UCAS dive bars; Ganger hang-outs
Contact: Commlink

Nikolai Kirillov Aurora Warrens Vor, Human Male
Connection Rating: 4 Loyalty: 1
Uses: Information on Vory practices, assistance with any extra-legal activities in the Aurora Warrens
Places to meet: Wherever he asks, but typically in the Warrens.
Contact: Commlink

Eliza Khanduri PCC:CAS coyote, Elf female
Connection Rating: 3 Loyalty: 2
Uses: Information on Koshari practices, assistance crossing the CAS: PCC border, current smuggling activities.
Places to Meet: Smuggling bars, Koshari establishments, Tunnels near the CAS:PCC border
Contact: In person, commlink

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^ enchantments;
^ radar;
^ smart-gun
^ bio-monitor
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