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« Reply #150 on: <08-20-13/1516:08> »
Looking for work!

Experience: Played mostly 3rd Ed but am familiar with the rules of all editions.
Avaliability: Can post throughout the whole day, check often via mobile. 2 posts a day at very least.
Characters: Instead of posting entire character sheets with info that isn't important for now, I'd rather post some character concepts. I'm up to creating other characters that fit into what the GM needs for the game, and able to build them up in any system the GM would prefer.
  • Aaron - a male native american, shaman. Bastard child of a corrupt corporate boss, who died as a backlash of his own schemes. Distrutful of the "system" (and frustrated by discovering truth too late, as he never inherited anything), he lives the urban landscape as a Shadowrunner ever since.
  • Anne - female human, urban mage. Elegant, stylish, professional and somewhat big ego. Lives as a runner to feed her various vices and tastes ever since she got dropped from magic division of a company, for her lack of care (or ethics) with her abilities.

I'd prefer a more active game, with people able to post daily and/or regularly.
PM me asap, I'm itching to play again!
Also looking for some PbP Shadowrun action!
My post on the runners bbb:


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« Reply #151 on: <08-20-13/1830:39> »

Hello!  I'm a new player to Shadowrun 5th edition looking for a game that focuses on story and characters more than straight combat.  (More Black Trenchcoat than Pink Mohawk, if that's correct?)

Experience: Rusty.  I played Shadowrun 1st/2nd edition, and am reading through 5th edition now to get caught up.
Availability: Frequent.  Able to post a couple of times a day between 7am and 5pm Pacific Time.
Characters: None completed yet, still reading up on the character creation process.  I'm most interested in playing a street sam/sniper, technomancer or rigger, but am open to other roles.


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« Reply #152 on: <08-26-13/1813:19> »
Name/Alias: Siouxsie/Songbird         
Status: Looking for Work
Background: A street rat, born and raised, Songbird used to make money to feed himself and his Kid sister by busking.  Until the day she was kidnapped by a new thrill-gang to ensure his cooperation in their plans.  Fortunately, he and his sister were rescued by a bunch of druids who had taken a distinct offense to the gang's behavior.  Taken in by the druids, he has been being mentored by Uath MacImmoman, one of the leaders of the group.  He still takes care of his sister, even though the druids would be more than willing to take up the job themselves, he's not sure how much he trusts things beyond his experience.  After all, one doesn't encounter many genuinely good people in the Sprawl.         

Appearance: A kid in his late teens, his eyes sometimes seem too old for his face.  He's usually dressed as either a street kid, or one of the couriers you will see all over the place outside the Barrens.         

Race: Human

Physical              Mental              Special
BODY 3                       Willpower 5
Agility 3                        Logic 5                      Essence 6
Reaction 3                   Intuition 5                   Magic 4
Strength 3                   Charisma 5                  edge 4
Physical                                    8 + 1d6
Astral                                       10 + 2d6
Mentor Spirit (Raven)
Home Ground  (I Know a Guy)
Dependents - close family  (Kid Sister)
Physical  4
Mental  7
Social  7
Skill (Specialization) Linked Attributes Total Dice Skill  Attrib.   Mod.   
PISTOLS                            AGI                    7          4      3
DEMOLITIONS                   LOG                  7          2      5
COMPUTER                       LOG                  7          2      5
NAVIGATION                     BOD                  4          1      3
SURVIVAL                            WILL                 6          1      5
TRACKING                         INT                   6          1       5
DISGUISE                            INT                   6          1       5
FORGERY                          LOG                 8          3       5
PALMING                           AGI                   6          3       3
SNEAKING                         AGI                  5           2      3
CON                                   CHA                 12         5      5         2
IMPERSONATION              CHA                 9          4      5
PERFORMANCE                CHA                 9          4       5
ETIQUETTE                        CHA                 6          1       5
NEGOTIATION                   CH                    7          2       5
ARCANA                             LOG                   6          1      5
ASSENSING                       INT                     7          2      5
BANISHING                         MAG                  5          1      4
BINDING                              MAG                  5          1      4
SUMMONING                      MAG                   5         1      4
ALCHEMY                           MAG                   5          1      4
ARTIFICING                        MAG                   5          1      4
DISENCHANTING               MAG                   5          1      4
COUNTERSPELLING         MAG                   6          2      4
RITUAL SPELLCASTING   MAG                   6          2      4
SPELLCASTING                 MAG                   6          2      4

Knowledge Skills & Languages
English                                N
Spanish                               INT                   10         5      5
Or'zet                                   INT                   10        5       5
Seattle Street Gangs           INT                    9         4       5
Sprawl Life                           INT                    9         4       5
Magical Traditions                LOG                  6         1       5
Magical Threats                   LOG                  6          1      5

Item                                                  Quantity          Rating         Notes
Browning Ultra-Power
Spare clip                                                5
Concealable holster
Regular ammo                                       50                                         Browning Ultra-Power
Flash-bang                                                4
Fake SIN (Rating 1-6)                                                   1
Respirator (Rating 1-6)                                                    4
Lined coat
Tag eraser   
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit+Helmet
Commercial Explosive per kg                  2
Detonator cap                                        2
Meta Link
Subvocal mic
Squatter(+30%)                                     2                     1.3
Magical Lodge Materials[force]                                      4

Contact                       Connections Loyalty  Notes
Uath MacImmoman      4                 3            Teacher
Sanctity Rose               3                 2            Decker
Seymour                       2                1             Closet-case

Built using SR5 Street-level rules.

Edited to fix my screw-ups.
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« Reply #153 on: <08-30-13/2253:07> »
Looking for work
Experience: New

I'll present the character sheets if I get hired.

Alias: Zephyr  - Ork - Adept
An ex-Star who left the world of light due to the bureaucracy that threatened to destroy her. She now prefers her own brand of vigilante justice in the shadows.

Alias: Asclepius - Dwarf - Street Doc/Medical Mage
Once a rising star of Evo, an incident leading to the death of his family left him burned and broken. A vision of the spirit Panacea came to him, mistaking her for his lost daughter. He now partakes in running to fund his experiments to rid the world of disease at any cost.

Alias: Roxie - Troll - Disco Decker [SHEET IN PROGRESS]
Disco Roxie is the sassiest lady on the streets, out to spread the disco love. Her vast knowledge of all things explosive and electronic is matched only by her bodacious moves.
The Shadow Sessions


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« Reply #154 on: <09-17-13/0156:42> »
Status: Looking for Work
Experience: I Haven't played SR much, and not at all for a couple editions, but would like to get back into it with 5th.
Availability: I can check the boards reasonably frequently... ~13 days per fortnight, most hours of the day (PDT/UTC-7).
If it becomes necessary to adjourn to something like maptool/IRC/roll20/etc., or just to respond quickly/frequently, my schedule is fairly open.

Characters: (so far)
Stitch: Troll Medic & Face, Better suited toward an RP oriented (rather than an Urban Combat League) game. Not only can she sew a pinkie back together, but can talk like one... Rawr! *snicker*. Standard/experienced runner (50 Karma), SR5 core book only.
[spoiler] Writeup viewable at[/spoiler]
Note: If you've got a runner or few in need of patching up, who has no DocWagon contract and/or a disinterest in the visibility of an extended clinic visit, I'd probably be willing to play her as a walk-on RP role, too, to get them back into your plot.
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« Reply #155 on: <09-19-13/2204:42> »
Looking for Work!

Experience: Been around, but never made it to Prime Runner status
Availability: For PBP, can post multiple times per day, every day.  If switching over to roll20, Skype, etc, times become fluid; based in US Eastern Time Zone.


Ian MacGuinness ("Red Cap"): Elven Reach Fuilleach sniper adept turned revolutionary.  Currently on the run from Tir Na nOg.
August Pienaar ("Fallout"): Human South African ex-merc.  Demolitions expert, a touch racist, a little heavy on the trigger finger.
Rhodes Rashborn ("Road Rash"): Ork sprawl ganger.  Only one way out of the Barrens, and that's over a mound of bodies.
Alexander Sterling ("Ace"): Elven face.  Filthy rich, popular with the ladies, knows everyone.  Knows his way around a gun, too.
Owen Night Owl ("Cross"): Human combat medic.  Former DocWagon extraction team member, looking for his lady love.
Sebastian Beauregard ("Bazz"): Dwarven heavy weapons specialist.  A touch too Cajun for most, has a tendency to call everyone "Boudreaux."
Looking for a PBP or Roll20 game, SR 4 or 5.  I'm not picky.



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« Reply #156 on: <10-04-13/1354:23> »
Player Status: Looking for game
Preferred System: SR4
Willing to Play System: Any.

Characters Available

Alias: FlashGiTz
Concept: Smugler/Face
System: SR5
Availability: None at the Moment.
Location: The Shadow Sessions (Seattle)

Alias: WrongConcept
Concept: Quadraplegic Hacker/Technomancer (Not yet created in "paper")
System: None at the moment.
Availability: Looking for Work!
Location: None at the moment.
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« Reply #157 on: <10-30-13/1056:23> »
Player Status: Looking for game
System: SR5

Characters Available

Alias: Siren
Concept: Combat Hacker
System: SR5
Status: Available

Character sheet available on selection.


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« Reply #158 on: <11-11-13/1500:55> »
Looking for work!

Preferred system: SR5
Willing to play: I'll even learn 1 or 2 if need be!


Rose O'Connor ("Rosette"):  Covertly-augmented elf street samurai who had a cushy gig lined up  bodyguarding a Mafia princess, until a Yakuza hit offed the girl's father before he could bring her in.  Likes long nights out on the town and Ares assault rifles.   Hates the yaks . (Originally built in SR4 with extended core books, will update or backdate)

Inez Fressange ("Scalpel"): Field specialty can be rigging
/decking (just one in SR5), or skillchipped face/covert ops.
Street Doc with aspirations of designing the augmentation suites for celebrities and star Shadowrunners. Runs the shadows to understand the needs of her clients (and pay her med school bills).  Prepared and installed all her own augmentations except headware. (Can be built to suit game)

Quentin Garibaldi ("Duck Hunter" or just "Duck! ): Sniper/hacker who scrounged his way out of the wastelands of Chicago, with extensive augmentations.   Can work almost as fast in AR as VR. (Built for Missions at Origins using draft of SR5 rules, probably needs fixing)

Gillian Howlett ("Lashes"): Physical/social adept face with a past she doesn't talk about and will lie if asked.   Excellent at lying,  great at talking,  monowhips, guns, and dodging. (Built in SR5)
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« Reply #159 on: <11-21-13/2111:53> »
Looking for work!

Preferred system: SR5
Willing to play: SR4 or 5
Posting: GMT , and at least 3-4 per day

in SR 4 , Skarp , Surge Phys Adept

in Sr5 ,
Chartis , Ork Merc , Eastend Ex British Army RMP/Special Branch, gone into the for detection for hire biz.
Steamgirl , steampunk samurai from Iceland.
Venner , Dwarf Combat Mage
Bolton , Ork Face , with a charming way with the Ork Ladies.
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« Reply #160 on: <12-11-13/2148:47> »
Looking for Work

Longtime tabletop RPG veteran of 18 years, looking to branch out. :-X

Current Shadowrunners in Progress:
Genry Von Tresckow- Human Gunslinger Adept
Drave- Elven Drone Rigger
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« Reply #161 on: <12-12-13/2311:57> »

Looking for work!

Experience: Played and GM mostly 3rd and 4th Ed but am familiar with the rules of all editions.
Avaliability: Can post several times a day, as needed.

Characters Concept: I'm flexible on character roles. I have a few ideas but can adapt to any needs of the game. 

Prefer roll: Mage or Deckers / Technomancers. But can play any other role if needed for story balance.

I'd prefer a more active game, with people able to post daily and/or regularly.
PM me asap, thanks.

Check Mate

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« Reply #162 on: <12-18-13/0213:37> »
Preferred System: 4th Ed
Characters: I can make a character at the drop of a hat but my normal playstyle is usually a street samurai.

Me: I myself am a college student but I can post pretty much as many times as necessary during a day. I currently am in two games with friends over voice chat programs and I have played a few 4th ed games. I can adapt to the needs of the gm or players as to posting frequency, etc. If you want to know more about my playstyle shoot me a message.


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« Reply #163 on: <12-20-13/1759:53> »
Looking for work

Hasaki (Adept, Assassin/Infiltrator): SR 4th Ed, 400BP, All Books - Available.
Escaped infiltration expert, new in the city. Dissociative tendencies combined with painkiller addiction (uses them in order to suppress chronical injury pain), yet an effective runner. Looking for work in order to pay bills, keep his equipment up and get a clean yet disposable SIN.
For a complete sheet, see Spoiler below.

[spoiler]Character Sheet (HTML and XPS)[/spoiler]

About myself: Longtime RPG veteran (D&D, SW: SAGA, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Vampire: the Masquerade, Mage: the Awakening, Exalted, various freeform Play By Post games). I used to play SR 2nd Ed years ago, now I'm returning to SR at least for a PBP game. I can post usually at least once a day, a slightly faster-paced game would be perfect though I can adjust to slower pace as well. I can post short paragraphs as well as longer and more thorough posts, depending on other players' preference and situation.


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« Reply #164 on: <01-03-14/2345:05> »
Status: Looking for Work

I only have one fleshed out character concept at the moment:

Jagdkenntnis alias Sammlerin, Samantha Tanis
Mage (Occult Investigator)
True Drake
400 BP

I can post pretty much any time, I’m in college so I have access to a computer for most of the day and am willing to be as active as the GM desires.

I can modify the character sheet (listed as a spoiler) below as needed for the setting or GM’s discretion.

Name: Jagdkenntnis
Alias: Sammlerin, Samantha Tanis
Race: True Drake
Sex: Female
Nationality: Czech
Lifestyle: Low (1 Month, 2000¥)
Build Points Spent: 400
Physical Description:
   Jagdkenntnis’s true form is that of a small Western dragon with a dark purple coloration and yellow eyes. This human-sized dracoform is unusually sleek and slender for the Western variety with a proportionately longer neck, tail, and wingspan. Her 1.6-meter metahuman form is that of a Caucasian elf with a similarly slim build and yellow eyes but with pale skin and purple-tinted, shoulder-length black hair. Like her elven form, her dracoform is on the small side for a Western drake. Since Jagdkenntnis has spent the majority of her life in her true form, communicating via dragonspeech, her metahuman form exhibits a somewhat blunted affect and slight awkwardness in her movement. She is a mere 15 years old, though her elven form has always had the static appearance of a young adult. She wears loose black robes under a lined coat which allow her to quickly strip when shifting form. She often wears goggles and headphones on straps as well as fingerless AR gloves which are improvised to fit her saurian morphology and are therefore useless in her metahuman form. These give her an AR interface with her commlink in her dracoform, since dragonspeech is not picked up by electronics and she has difficulty manipulating devices in her true form.
   Jagdkenntnis was created by the great dragon Schwartzkopf in 2057 to serve as an agent in adding to his stores of knowledge. She was raised by a tutor in a secluded lair near Marienbad in the Czech Republic, though she does not speak a word of Czech. The only physical sentient beings she had met were her caretaker and Schwartzkopf for most of her life. She views Schwartzkopf with filial reverence, always referring to him as “Father.” Though Schwartzkopf has a vast library at the Universitas Carolina Pragensis, Jagdkenntnis was only given limited access to information, forcing her innate curiosity to hone the skills and appetite the great dragon wanted her to develop. She voraciously consumed information of any kind she could get her claws on. Though an avid technophile she knows that any augmentations are virtually non-existent for dracoforms and cannot even use ’trodes for a VR interface unless she is in her metahuman form. She was recently instructed to leave her childhood home and sent off to the western UCAS, Schwartzkopf telling her only that she would know when he wanted her to return.
   Jagdkenntnis, now using the alias “Sammlerin,” has only gone on a few runs thus far, the information buried in the shadows being too tempting a lure to keep her to legal channels. Her fake SIN under the name “Samantha Tanis” says she is a common drake, letting her pretend to be metahuman to the authorities and helping hide her origin and loyalties. She spends most of her down time perusing the Matrix and her new collection of datasofts. Her magical tradition is that of the chaos mage, staunchly adhering to the Unified Magical Theory paradigm and incorporates unconventional technological aids in her magic. She gravitates towards awakened individuals, hackers, and technomancers alike, lusting after what they know or what information they can access. This attention may make these individuals uncomfortable, for she remains in her true form whenever possible, and the presence of even a human-sized dracoform makes most persons at least a little uneasy. She feels highly vulnerable in her weaker metahuman form, reinforcing her reluctance to blend in. Since she was never truly socialized, the alien and psychopathic way a draconic mind works makes it fairly difficult for her to interact with metahumans in general. On top of that, her habit of devouring fallen enemies if she has time does not help. Fortunately her affiliation with Snake results in her avoiding combat if at all possible. She also views all sentient life as a potential asset, further cementing her aversion to unnecessary death at the loss of possible utility. As a creature of cold calculation, she is out of her element when she cannot control her emotions, resulting in reckless behavior during any emotional extreme.
   As a loyal agent of Schwartzkopf, she is somewhat safe from being pressed into the service of other dragons, but she was warned to give them a large berth if possible as dragons’ preference for drake servants is notorious. Some members of Benandanti XXV are aware of her existence, presumably also due to her relationship to her creator. Her hedonistic tendencies are mostly consumed by her curiosity but she is susceptible to other stimulation as well. She has even started to experiment with the sensations of her elven form since her arrival in North America, going so far as to attempt the decidedly non-draconic act of sex for pleasure. Unfortunately for her would-be mate, the excitement and arousal resulted in her reverting to her true form and she ended up eating the poor man. She is currently residing in little more than a cabin on the fringes of the Seattle metroplex, which lets her hunt for food in the nearby wilderness with little risk of discovery in her true form. She has managed to establish a shaky working relationship with a fixer in the Seattle area, giving her access beyond her lack of connections and social skills.


EdgeMagic EssenceInitiative

Positive Qualities
Analytical Mind(5 BP)
Elf(30 BP)
   +1 Agility, +2 Charisma
Magician(15 BP)
Mentor Spirit (Snake)(5 BP)
   +2 Dice for Detection Spells
   +2 to Binding Tests
   −1 Die for Combat Spells
True Drake(125 BP)
   Dragonspeech(5 BP)
   Dual Natured
   Elemental Attack (Fire)
   Enhanced Sense (Hearing)
   Enhanced Sense (Low-Light Vision)
   Enhanced Sense (Smell)
   Enhanced Sense (Thermographic Vision)
   Hardened Armor 6(5 BP)
   Mystic Armor 6(5 BP)
   Natural Weapon (Bite/Claws)
   Regeneration(5 BP)
   Shift (Elf)
   +1 Reach, +4 Body, +5 Strength

Negative Qualities
Distinctive Style (Drake)(0 BP)
Low Pain Tolerance(−10 BP)
Sensitive Neural Structure(−5 BP)
Uncouth(−20 BP)

Active Skills
Astral Combat1
Data Search1
Exotic Ranged Weapon (Elemental Attack)1
Unarmed Combat1

Knowledge Skills (24 Free Points)
Magical Theory5
Mathematics (Statistics)2

Language Skills (3 Free Points)

Chaotic World
Control Thoughts
Improved Invisibility
Mind Probe
Spatial Sense, Extended

Pro User Suite600¥

AR Gloves250¥
Binoculars (Optical)50¥
Datachips (25)25¥
Datasoft 6 (Biology)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Chemistry)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Computer Science)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Databases)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Dragons)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Ecology)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Forensics)60¥
Datasoft 6 (History)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Linguistics)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Literature)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Mathematics)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Magical Groups)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Magical Theory)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Magical Threats)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Magical Traditions)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Occult)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Parabotany)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Parazoology)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Philosophy)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Physics)60¥
Datasoft 6 (Psychology)60¥
Earbuds 330¥
   Audio Enhancement 3300¥
   Select Sound Filter 3600¥
   Spatial Recognizer100¥
Electronic Paper20¥
Fake SIN 4 (Samantha Tanis)4000¥
   Fake License 4 (Hammerli 620S)400¥
   Fake License 4 (Hunting)400¥
   Fake License 4 (Private Investigator)400¥
   Fake License 4 (Spellcasting)400¥
Forensic Kit500¥
Forensic Thaumaturgy Kit500¥
Glasses 4100¥
   Flare Compensation50¥
   Image Link25¥
   Vision Enhancement 3300¥
Goggles 6300¥
   Flare Compensation50¥
   Image Link25¥
   Vision Enhancement 3300¥
Hammerli 620S Light Pistol650¥
   Concealable Holster75¥
   Regular Ammo (60 Rounds)120¥
   Spare Clips (9)45¥
Handheld Sensor
   Directional Microphone
   Laser Range Finder
   Radio Signal Scanner 6150¥
Headphones 3150¥
   Audio Enhancement 3300¥
   Select Sound Filter 3600¥
   Spatial Recognizer100¥
Holo Projector200¥
Lined Coat700¥
Mage Sight Goggles2000¥
   Myomeric Rope (30 Meters)600¥
Magical Lodge Materials 63000¥
Mapsoft 6 (California Free State)30¥
Mapsoft 6 (Native American Nations)30¥
Mapsoft 6 (Seattle)30¥
Mapsoft 6 (Tír Tairngire)30¥
Mapsoft 6 (United Canadian and American States)30¥
Micro Camera (Trideo)100¥
Micro Microphone50¥
Science Kit (Biology)500¥
Security RFID Tags (20)100¥
Stealth RFID Tags (20)
Survival Knife50¥
Transys Avalon Commlink5000¥
   Novatech Navi Operating System1500¥
   Sim Module100¥


Build Point Totals
Active Skills76
Knowledge/Language Skills2(27−27)=0

Books Referenced
SR4A Core Rulebook
Runner’s Companion(Analytical Mind, Distinctive Style, Drake)
The Clutch of Dragons(True Drake)
Street Magic(Chaos Magic, Spatial Sense)
Arsenal(Forensic Kit, Forensic Thaumaturgy Kit, Science Kit)

I have little experience in tabletop or PbP Shadowrun, but am familiar with the Sixth World. I do not own but have access to all of the 4th edition source books.
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