The Big Black Book o' Runners

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Cara Yuki
Elven, Astral combatant, Spellcaster, Barghest Trainer
Status: Looking for work

Health: 0 / 9P and 0 / 11S damage
no wound penalty
no Sustaining penalty
Edge: 1 / 1
Spell defense: 8;
Astral combat: 15(w/ foci, Combat sense) Reach +1 DV 6;
Astral Initiative: 10; IP's: 3
Astral Armor: 3; Ballistic Armor: 4; Impact Armor: 1;   
Sustained spells: Combat senseF3, on Focus, Astral armorF3, on Focus.

Siberian orkish smuggler, infiltrator
Status: Currently employed - Urban Brawl 9

Health: 2 / 10P and 0 / 10S damage
0 penalty
Initiative: 14 1/ 3 IP
Edge: 0 / 2
Ballistic Armor: 8; Impact Armor: 6;
Active powers: Agility boost +5 1/10CT, Strenght boost - -/- CT ;
Actual gear

Dwarf Rigger, mechanic, "Chulos" Gang member
Status: Spending another Chulo`s day in Carbonara, repairing their stuff etc.

Kirk Fjordsson
Human Mage, Operations Leadership, Guitar player
Status: Waiting for approval...Killing Tofu

Omar "ME3XST" Gibo
Lagosian Ork, Commo guy, Driver++
Status: Currently employed - Missions 2

Health: 0 / 11 Persona and 0 / 10P and 0 / 11S damage
- penalty
Initiative: 16 1. / 3 IP
Edge: 1 / 2
Ballistic Armor: 8; Impact Armor: 6;
Active Programs:
Biofeedback filter (E)5+
Stealth (E)5+
Analyze (E, AV Resistance 4)5+
Encrypt (E) - Advanced, Node5+
Encrypt (E) - Signal 5+
Scan (E) 5+

Henry O`Tool

Elf, Face, Urban anthropologist
London Calling IC

Joachim "Bypass" Brenner

Human, Forger, Matrix operative
Looking for work

Nina "Doc" Fourleaves

Ork female, Combat Medic

Health: 0 / 10P and 0 / 10S damage
- penalty
Initiative: 14 1/ 3 IP
Edge: 1 / 1
Ballistic Armor: 6; Impact Armor: 4;
Active powers: Agility boost +2 1/4CT, -/- CT ;
Actual gear
Characters IC

Andreas "Steam" Boil

Dwarf male, P.I.
Danger in Dallas
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Status: Looking for Work

Leigh Stark, "Dancer" - female elf Face/Weapon Specialist
Alyssin Roberts, "Radiant" - female human Covert Ops/Sniper
Nicola Fox, "Vixen" - female elf/class III surge ("furry") Smuggler/Tinker/computer specialist
Keighlee Cameron, "Sequoia", female human Bounter Hunter/Street Sam/Enforcer

All four characters are loose concept characters with a general framework of background that can be morphable for individual games. None have been officially created via the game mechanics.

Unemployed and very badly looking for a SR4 game or two (or three) to play in, so posting often shouldn't be a problem. I'm generally fairly strong with grammar and spelling, and can post from short paragraphs to multi-paragraphs, depending on the situation.

I'm a long, long time gamer with plenty of experience with PBEM, PBP and chat-based RPGs on top of the more traditional tabetop games. I will admit to having less experiance with SR4, but played a bunch of SR2 back in "the day". The ShadowRun universe is one of my favorite game universes =)


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Looking For Work

Paul Bernard : A Québécois human adept from a Native American background. Expert tracker and hunter, he's your best bet when it comes to Paracritters and magical threats.
Hank Stevenson : Former field-medic, Hank is a 65 years old first-generation dwarf that is afraid to get old. Now retired with pension from Army, he's running a small  medical shop when he's not running. He keeps running to prove himself he's not going away and that he can keep it up with the younger folks.

I'm kinda new to SR, having only played a couple of runs so far but I'm very good at learning game systems and have extensive RPG background. Never did PbP yet, but again, it should be no problems to learn.
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Looking for work

John "Fun Johnny" McGregor: A Human mage specializing in illusion and tricks.
Eduardo "Druid" Pagan: Human Street Sam/armed scout

I'll post both character sheets in the critique thread to get some help anyway.  I think I have it, but of course all help is appreciated :).
Both characters are 400 BP from just the 20th Anniversary core book, but will be modified once I have the other books.  I'll also build any characters to suit a game.

I'm new to SR, but should be able to post daily without too many issues
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Looking for work:

mage, ex-mercenary, follower of Ra (mentor spirit: Sun), not purely combat, but also knows stealth.  Experience in most hellholes of the sixth world.

More information, see the following matrix address:
"Magic can turn a frog into a prince. Science can turn a frog into a Ph.D. and you still have the frog you started with." Terry Pratchett
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Looking For Work

Archetypes: Street Sammies, PhysAdepts, Magicians,

Skill focuses
are usually balanced between social skills and combat, with a little technology.

Characters: (sheets made upon request. I have the characters saved in a character generator.)

Dustin Morris (no street name yet): Gunslinger Face. Surge Class 2. Glamour and Nasty Vibe. (I couldn't find anything that said they didn't stack.) Carries 4 different pistols for different jobs.

Oliver Denton AKA Searchwarden: Magician that focuses on detection spells and uses a lot of spirits. F4 free spirit pact.

Sam Senton AKA Geez(er): 50 something with the Borrowed Time quality. Wants to earn as much as possible to leave something for his family when he kicks the bucket. Automatic weapons.

Alder Greenwake AKA The Hickory Dickery Doc: Spellslinger that focuses on plants. Requires the most help from GM because of custom spells. carries a wooden staff that's still green, so it's flexible.

 David Williams AKA Itchy Blind physical adept with wicked hearing and motion sense. uses a staff and other clubs. If GM allows, he has a seeing-eye dog, named Mikey. (Mikey is based off my actual guide dog of the same name.)

Jeeves AKA Fisticuffs AKA Mister Cuddles AKA Knuck Adept Bodyguard with the distance punch adpet power. Punches. A lot. Also intimidates people.

Mark Dotka AKA Scrap Orkish Street Sammie, focuses on Shock and Awe and his shotgun.

Player Info
I'm free after 2PM, I'm in Timezone GMT-0500. Wisconsin.

Because I'm legally blind, I'm willing to converse with GM's over the phone if possible. Reading is more difficult than speaking.

I'm not new to SR, but I am new to PBP, so any quick tutorial would be much appreciated.

Books and/or PDFs
Runners Companion,
Runner Havens,
Corporate Enclaves,
Feral Cities,
Runner's Toolkit,
Running Wild,
Street Magic,
Seattle 2072,
SR4 20th A,
Sr4 original,
Digital Grimoire,
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Operator: Employed
Solifuge: Employed

Operator (400 BP) (750 Karmagen) -- Human male, Japanese native. Lightly augmented street sam with above-average social skills.

Solifuge (400 BP) -- Troll male, British native. Based on UmaroVI's martial artist archetype, his social skills are sharper than his customized ceramic knife.

Availability: I work about 30 hours a week and frequent the Internet. I can post 3-5 times a week at the very least.

 Runner's Companion
 Runner Havens
 Street Magic
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Looking for work

My preferred characters are as follows:
1:  Name:  Nexus
     Race:  Ork
     Archtype:  Hermetic Mage
     Sex:  Male
     Location:  Ork Underground
     Bio:  Career runner lives in the Ork Underground. Mild allergy to sunlight, likes pin striped suits and urban brawl matches. Can be
             contacted for work through Fast Eddie.

2:  Name:  Ghost
     Race:  Human
     Archtype:  Face/Street Samurai (an actual street sam too, not a merc with a sword)
     Sex:  Male
     Location:  South Auburn, Seattle Metroplex
     Bio:  Former Renraku Johnson, who managed to disappear when the ARC shutdown, and found his way to the shadows after the
             second crash.  Is a negotiator and team leader when needed.  Close quarters combat specialist.  Can be contacted for work through

Both of these characters are well developed from our tabletop games, but I am willing to remake both of them at 400 BP or a brand new character.  Further bios are available if necessary.  Please contact soon, I need to play some Shadowrun and our group hasn't played in awhile.

I can post 5+ times a week.  I live on the West Coast, so Pacific Time Zone, generally M-F anywhere from 7 AM to about 5 PM or later at night around midnight or later.
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« Reply #23 on: <05-16-11/1619:47> »
Bio:Born in Aztlan, she and her elf mother migrated to Seattle in 2061 when Mercedes was 11. They tried to get into Tir Tairngire, but were refused, leading to their becoming connected with the Laésa. Her mother did the odd data runs for the group, but Mercedes decided the only way to really control your fate in the shadows was to dictate the rules. When she awakened at 14 with the abilities to charm those around her, she zeroed in and honed those abilities into a razor's edge. Establishing contacts as she played 'tagalong' on some runs, she take the pragmatic view that it's easier to get in and out using words instead of bullets.



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« Reply #24 on: <05-17-11/2029:38> »

Can post multiple times per week.

Mossy the Mentat
Disappointing daughter of demanding parents.  Despite additional augmentation, she snapped and fled.  Now, she leads a quiet, rural lifestyle.  She runs the Shadows to make money, to polish her skills, and to prove that she can.
400BP; Ultra-Logic Adept.  Mind Over Matter.  Very flexible.
(30 Race, 195 Attributes, 30 Special Attributes, 78 Skills, 35 Positive 35 Negative Qualities, 50 Gear, 6 Weapon Focus, 11 Contacts)
Shadowrunners are reminded that the Fashion Police are a real organization and will they will be deployed at the first sign of defiance.
Mossy the Mentat Looking for a game.


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« Reply #25 on: <05-30-11/1636:53> »

Name: Tony Richmond
Alias: Slide
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Race: Human
Archetype: B&E / tech specialist / fire support (see
Bio: Nationally (in)famous cyberwear designer and playboy Tony Richmond has moved on from the usual vices of fast cars, fast women and extreme sports to descend into the murky underworld as a Shadowrunner, selling his technical ability and sharp mind (not to mention his more cobat-ready abilities) to the highest bidder. Tony can b a little unethical and often doesn't pay too much mind as to what jobs he takes. As an outspoken transhumanist Tony has few reservations regrding the merging of humans and machines having personally designed elements of his own cybernetic systems even going as far as to construct a pair of matched cyberarms to aid him in his new 'hobby'.
Tony Can be reached primarily through his fixer Flynn Malone

Uploaded a full character sheet here:

I am in GMT zone and have a desk job so depending on work I can usually post several times a day, at least a couple of times in the evenings. I have access to the following rulebooks:
SR4 20th an.
Runners Companion
Street Magic
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« Reply #26 on: <06-01-11/1418:12> »

Name: Sam Hathaway
Alias: Trace
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Race: Elf
Archetype- Hacker
Bio: WIP

I have a full character sheet here: (see

I am in GMT zone and have a desk job so depending on work I can usually post several times a day, at least a couple of times in the evenings. I have access to the following rulebooks:
SR4 20th an.
Runners Companion
Street Magic


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« Reply #27 on: <06-04-11/0354:41> »
Looking for Work
Streetname: Jungle Jim
Metatype: Human (Changeling Monkey/Man)
Archetype: Physad, High Melee Damage
Gender: Male
Status: Looking for work
Availability: Nightly
Location: Seattle, UCAS

Never played PbP, been wanting to though. Willing to adapt or make new char for campaign
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Ex-Street Samurai

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« Reply #28 on: <06-07-11/1620:40> »
 -new to play by post
 -looking to play a Spec-ops or street samurai
 -base book campaign
-almost finished making a character if needed
-willing to make a new one if needed
-im available anytime before 8 on weekdays, and till midnight on weekends (people gotta sleep)


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« Reply #29 on: <06-08-11/2206:24> »

Name: Edward Friday (400 BP)
Alias: Suits
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Race: Human
Concept: Former go-ganger turned Face

Full character sheet:

Name: Uinseann o Domhnail (400 BP)
Alias: Vincent Cassidy
Street Name: Ozidan
Age: 40
Race: Elf
Concept: Ex-Tir Sniper

Full character sheet:

Name: Jasmine Newman
Street Name: Saint J
Age: 27
Race: Human
Concept: Doc Wagon employee/Medic by day, Runner by night

Full character sheet:

Name: Masaru Aichi
Alias: Johnny Hiro
Age: 20
Race: Human
Concept: Speaker's Way Face

Full character sheet:

Books: All of them
Availability: I am a teacher who just started summer break, so I am able to post many times a day.  I have played Shadowrun before but this would be my first PbP game. I am on EST.

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