[SR5] Ripping Reality (Denver Adventure 3)

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« on: (14:45:36/06-10-17) »
New release dropped earlier this week while the forums were down:

Chaos Rising

The Denver sprawl has always been a battleground, but lately it seems to be at war with reality. People are disappearing from the streets, never to be seen again. Strange creatures are materializing out of nowhere, and sometimes they bring entire landscapes with them. Something has gone desperately wrong, and the stakes are so high that two enemies who had been locked in combat are setting aside their fight to find out what is happening and why.

If investigations into bizarre occurrences need to happen, then there are shadowruns to be done. The right team will have the chance to bring in an impressive payday, but they’ll have to navigate their way past old grudges, tainted magic, and creatures of pure destructive power waiting to be turned loose on the sprawl.

Building on plot strands from the previous Denver adventures, Serrated Edge and False Flag, Ripping Reality sends players on a wild ride through a sprawl that seems to be tearing itself apart, giving them a chance to try to keep it together.

Ripping Reality is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

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Any idea how dependent on the previous two adventures this one is?

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Could easily run this as stand alone.
Was on fence at beginning of this trilogy, but this one got me right in the feels for some early edition world shaking runs.
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Thanks -- I never really got into Denver, but the description of this one clicked with me, will give it a try.


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« Reply #4 on: (15:55:55/06-12-17) »
This adventure has me on the fence.  As a bit of metaplot its fairly interesting and a number of the scenes are quite challenging for the players.   But it strikes me more as showcase than an adventure.  Maybe I am missing something, but it seems the thing is organized more to show off stuff other people are doing than to give the players any agency.   And the finale is more a case of the players choosing who is upset with them about stuff outside their control than actually being relevant to the resolution.  There's no indication that success or failure in the "investigation" part of the mission has any effect on the story and in the finale, the big decision is just over how irritated Ghostwalker is with you.  (In theory, you could make a decision that actually affects things, but its made quite clear this is the wrong decision and canon's going to ignore you and your characters should be punished for doing it).

There's lots of good ideas in here, but I don't like how they are used.  It would have worked better, imho, as a campaign like Ghost Cartels or a Missions season with each of those investigative locations being an arc with its own resolution and explicit effects where the characters can really make a difference, then the final event can have the characters be the Greek chorus without feeling like they were irrelevant.

Overall, after reading it I felt more like someone at Catalyst said  "hey, we need to roll out a bit of metaplot.  Let's give the characters a backstage pass to witness it rather than make it a jackpoint article.  YMMV