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Hey guys and girls,

So here I am being insomniac and having my inner hamster spinning its little wheel like some crack-head rodent on a move-by-wire system.

I have a gaming session planned this weekend and Iíve been going through what it is Iím setting up to entertain them all with and I thought Iíd share my modus operandi in the off-chance it may prove to be of some use for any of my fellow GMs.  Keep in mind that Iím currently using SR2 and not SR4 as my gaming system and setting.  Yet, most of what appears in the attached file can likely be applied to SR4 with little to no difficulty.

The Runners are going through something of a ďtutorialĒ type game wherein I present to them different aspects of the game-world in a manner which should hopefully enable them to more easily Think Shadowrun.

I decided to take this route after one of the players voiced their concern to me that they thought they may not necessarily be up to the challenge, as he put it.  Not that it was, said he, to do with the difficulties I presented them with so much as having to assimilate the setting, the characters, and bits of material he read while perusing a few of my source-books.

Simply put: he felt as if they were more likely to fail than succeed.

Using that as an opportunity for some fun and shenanigans, I took it upon myself to design a Run that would aid them in facing up to this perceived challenge and Ė more likely than not Ė succeed.

Thoughts, comments, critiques and questions are all welcome.

NOTE: This isnít a ďMissionĒ, nor is it presented in a proper format (Iím no writer).  Itís mostly written as I would write a forum post (I simply judged it to be too long to post here as is), and isnít intended as anything more than me (clumsily) sharing a gaming experience with the community.  That said, feel free to borrow anything and everything from it at your convenience.
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