Where Do We Go From Here?

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Elven Street Sam picks up Aptitude and Exceptional Attribute.  He then buys 8 AGI at CharGen, goes in for Muscle Toner 4.  He buys his chosen weapon skill to a 7 and picks up specialization and then goes in for a Reflex Recorder to further boost his skill.  He hooks his gun up to a SmartLink that uses his DataJack so it cannot be hacked.  And lets just say he has max Wired Reflexes or Move-by-Wire or whatever the BioWare version was (can't remember ATM) so that we get that out of the way.

What else can he get to help him increase his ability to shoot things in the face with that weapon?  Those are the ones that I noticed upon reading, but I am certain I have missed many.  I'm mainly interested in his use of Karma or Ware to make himself better at his chosen specialization, but if there are any mage spells that would help him I am up for hearing about those too. 


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Get your team hooked up with tactical analysis software (tacnet). This gives you +1 to +4 dice depending on the size of your team and they number of sensors you connect to the system. See Unwired for details.

You can also push your Agility further with Metagenetic Improvment (Runner's Companion) and Genetic Optimization (Augmentation). The latter works just like Exceptional Attribute and costs 45,000¥. The former adds +1 to your maximum and base attribute. Because of the 35pt PQ limit, you must play a Changeling (SURGE victim/mutant) to combine it with Exceptional Attribute. Altogether that gives you maximum Agility of 10 (15). I was just working on an elf like that the other day.

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There are some directions you can go. It looks like you have maxed out allot of the potential die pool additions.
Though there are better ways to go, this option allows you to max out internal modifiers first then picking up gear and qualities later on through game play
I have this suggestion for player generation:
Exceptional attribute (agility) 20 BP: Raises meta max and augmented max by +1
Surge Class 2 10 BP
     Meta genetic improved attribute (agility) 20BP: Raise’s both current rating and meta max and augmented max +1
Restricted gear: synaptic boosters (ESS 1.5 cost 240,000$): gives you +3 reaction and +3 IP at beginning of game. It is a large ticket price but worth it because gaining it later will take allot of runs.

Other gear that optimizes this build is much cheaper and can be gained through game play. (see below)

 Negative quality to help with cost of Booster would be:
In debt: +30= (45,000$ in debt + 10% monthly for 30,000$ that you can either use in generation or carry over to the game)

Agility for an elf is now 3/10 (12) so it would be 85 BP to max this Attribute out. but I would suggest spending 60BP for a final rating of 9/10 (12 augmented max)
Take Muscle toner level 2 (ESS .4 cost 16,000$): now we have agility at 11 at character Gen.

Skills I would take which ever you want to specialize in. For me it is revolver.
Skill Pistols (revolver +2) 6 for 26BP
Now we are looking at 8 + 11 = 19 Die pool.
Then for Contacts take Armor (connection 2/loyalty 1) for 3BP
Now you have access to weapon modifications at character generation: (If GM allows)
Weapon: Rutger super hawk smart-gun (500$) [6P -2 penetration SS/SA 8(cy)]
Upgrade: Firing selection change (Small modification Availability: 4R page 150-151 Arsenal) Adding SA (+300$), increased cylinder 6 to 8 rounds (+500$),  
30 rounds (300$=100$ per 10 shots) EX explosive rounds; Adds +1 DV and -1 penetration to weapon
Glasses or contacts with smart link (Availability: - 25$ or 4 50$ with +4R and +500$)

Now our final beginning Elf has combat die pool of 21 with a SA rutger with 6P -2 penetration and 4 IP

Now future upgrades:
Martial Arts level 2: Krav magra allowing ready weapon as free action/take aim as free action (20 Karma + instruction cost)
Aptitude (20 Karma)

Skill increase:
Pistols: to 7 (14 karma)
Genetic optimization: Agility (gene tech) (ESS: .3; Cost 45,000$ +1 to natural and augmented max for agility)
Muscle tone to level 4 (ESS .4 cost 16,000$)
Reflex recorder (pistols) (ESS: .1; Cost 10,000$)
 So future combat die pool increases to 25.


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This question seems to be completely answered.^^ From the magical side, i could only add some perception-spells that lower the distance-modifiers...nothing else seems left.


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Tracer Ammo