Daily drawing for prizes at, if you review a product!

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« on: <07-04-11/0459:48> »

I have no idea what the prizes are, but I bet it's better than a kick in the junk.

I know I, for one certainly dig it when I can get feedback.  If the feedback comes in a forum post, great, and likewise a private message.  I dig it whenever someone chats with me about what I've written, or double checks about how something should work, or asks me why I wrote what I wrote.  But if the feedback comes in a product review that gets posted on one of the biggest on-line distributors around...all the better.  Not everyone that wants to buy Spy Games hangs out on our forums, and plenty of folks have bought The Way of the Adept that have no idea what my forum handle is. 

So if you've got something to say about a recent Shadowrun product, go forth and review!  Let your voice be heard, and snag yourself a spot in their daily prize drawing while you're at it.     ;)