UKC Campus, Canterbury, Kent, England.

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« on: <09-16-10/1037:47> »
Running a 400BP Shadowrun 4th ed game on Tuesdays 6-11, 5 slots filled (mage/mystic adept, adept getaway driver with bioware, technomancer, stealthy guy and street sam orc). Still willing to take more players (2-3), team could do with a dedicated face, rigger or weapons specialist). I'll be using the Manhatten missions with my own metaplot.
It'll be starting on the 28th, UKC Freshers, Current Students, Ex-Students, Not Students welcome to apply.


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« Reply #1 on: <09-23-10/1744:30> »
Update on this. We have the driver/gun bunny still, the mage of doom, a veteran hacker and old hand and the prettiest face you've ever seen. We now lack an uber stealth guy and a street sam.

Anyone around Canterbury want to be a street samurai? Cmon! We need a mea... err... talented person such as yourself! To attract all kinds of attention... for being so awesome! Please?

*Cries* Or they will shoot at me!